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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Morogh-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mirhiban GaiaDun Morogh-EU7295Not updated
2Shîmra Betreutes RaidenDun Morogh-EU6699Not updated
3Nyâ NightforceDun Morogh-EU5397Not updated
4Ællisia GaiaDun Morogh-EU4792Not updated
5Majestro Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU4783Not updated
6Fâtul LunaticsDun Morogh-EU4485Not updated
7Andreij GaiaDun Morogh-EU4394Not updated
8Aquatar Team AquaDun Morogh-EU3999Not updated
9Kunigunde Counter AllianzDun Morogh-EU3983Not updated
10Tyranuros  Dun Morogh-EU3983Not updated
11Gold ErzritterDun Morogh-EU3899Not updated
12Kratus Waifs and StraysDun Morogh-EU3899Not updated
13Ziya Gesangsverein SturmwindDun Morogh-EU3898Not updated
14Unstobubble Running ChickenDun Morogh-EU3895Not updated
15Shaiyà  Dun Morogh-EU3894Not updated
16Gredor HaereticusDun Morogh-EU3892Not updated
17Cleoxina  Dun Morogh-EU3799Not updated
18Kreuzigerin GaiaDun Morogh-EU3794Not updated
19Mahpee Waifs and StraysDun Morogh-EU3782Not updated
20Aura Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU3753Not updated
21Neraia Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU3699Not updated
22Unabashed PegasusDun Morogh-EU3698Not updated
23Whiggles GaiaDun Morogh-EU3695Not updated
24Engelsvieh Me Against The WorldDun Morogh-EU3695Not updated
25Triglaw PrometheusDun Morogh-EU3694Not updated
26Demitri LunaticsDun Morogh-EU3692Not updated
27Lintao KampfrauschDun Morogh-EU3667Not updated
28Zashi MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU3594Not updated
29Icydoll New Orc GankeesDun Morogh-EU3588Not updated
30Madscientist Beasts of PreyDun Morogh-EU3496Not updated
31Domabilis HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU3405Not updated
32Deamen ErzritterDun Morogh-EU3399Not updated
33Venqana Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU3397Not updated
34Crösus MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU3396Not updated
35Gimliforever ErzritterDun Morogh-EU3395Not updated
36Senfino EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU3393Not updated
37Trolololz CasanostraDun Morogh-EU3389Not updated
38Saphi Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU3369Not updated
39Mallen SchattenlogeDun Morogh-EU3363Not updated
40Valdoran SictusembraDun Morogh-EU3190Not updated
41Lichtritter Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU3100Not updated
42Sorby Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU3100Not updated
43Ziroc ErzritterDun Morogh-EU3087Not updated
44Exomer Sinners and SaintsDun Morogh-EU3000Not updated
45Balthâzar HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU3000Not updated
46Angovara LunaticsDun Morogh-EU2798Not updated
47Yin SchattenlogeDun Morogh-EU2798Not updated
48Xßøw Ars MoriendiDun Morogh-EU2697Not updated
49Hunterjack MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU2690Not updated
50Frutton  Dun Morogh-EU2687Not updated
51Revyy Enconada VendettaDun Morogh-EU2497Not updated
52Fireintheho GaiaDun Morogh-EU2390Not updated
53Ramires Dark VisionDun Morogh-EU2299Not updated
54Liviosa MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU2298Not updated
55Nartraron Ultionis SanguinisDun Morogh-EU2295Not updated
56Xíu ErzritterDun Morogh-EU1995Not updated
57Beat Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU1990Not updated
58Soachtäscha  Dun Morogh-EU1973Not updated
59Tocîta Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU1965Not updated
60Malovin Bellum ÆternumDun Morogh-EU1899Not updated
61Mejana NebulaDun Morogh-EU1894Not updated
62Spellinger  Dun Morogh-EU1893Not updated
63Ayunaá Bellum ÆternumDun Morogh-EU1795Not updated
64Farol molôn labeDun Morogh-EU1794Not updated
65Aprøvis InfinitumDun Morogh-EU1792Not updated
66Hellrene  Dun Morogh-EU1792Not updated
67Ithildim NebulaDun Morogh-EU1699Not updated
68Bulino Ante MortemDun Morogh-EU1698Not updated
69Barrelroll Enconada VendettaDun Morogh-EU1697Not updated
70Lokosaran GodmodeDun Morogh-EU1690Not updated
71Ázráél Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU1686Not updated
72Reilol Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU1682Not updated
73Amør Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU1490Not updated
74Tazward  Dun Morogh-EU1489Not updated
75Perryrhodan Musketeers of LíghtDun Morogh-EU1399Not updated
76Jinu essentialDun Morogh-EU1398Not updated
77Nagilum LunaticsDun Morogh-EU1398Not updated
78Neô Guardians of ByakkoDun Morogh-EU1395Not updated
79Araisho la últimaDun Morogh-EU1395Not updated
80Zarhexy  Dun Morogh-EU1392Not updated
81Selotra essentialDun Morogh-EU1390Not updated
82Marajada Panda WarriorsDun Morogh-EU1374Not updated
83Aoyun Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU1299Not updated
84Kreisvater PrometheusDun Morogh-EU1298Not updated
85Tinuvil essentialDun Morogh-EU1297Not updated
86Timbø Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU1297Not updated
87Cowabunga XtremeDun Morogh-EU1295Not updated
88Sünks Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU1295Not updated
89Okturo Running ChickenDun Morogh-EU1197Not updated
90Nucular Betreutes RaidenDun Morogh-EU995Not updated
91Babilonius Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU993Not updated
92Steinbart GaiaDun Morogh-EU992Not updated
93Tìng SelectDun Morogh-EU991Not updated
94Jerema RisenDun Morogh-EU987Not updated
95Dramaskus  Dun Morogh-EU984Not updated
96Xuldan  Dun Morogh-EU982Not updated
97Megingiard EpidemicDun Morogh-EU976Not updated
98Drendus LunaticsDun Morogh-EU970Not updated
99Walhàllà MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU899Not updated
100Backstabftw Enconada VendettaDun Morogh-EU898Not updated

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