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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draka-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gylku Eternal RetributionDraka-US4002Not updated
2Rol Order of IlluminatusDraka-US3888Not updated
3Faelien SanctuaryDraka-US3698Not updated
4Arkaea Burning SensationDraka-US3691Not updated
5Malrath SanctuaryDraka-US3483Not updated
6Katehumble SanctuaryDraka-US3391Not updated
7Patsdeath  Draka-US3000Not updated
8Hemme  Draka-US2794Not updated
9Contender TheoryDraka-US2391Not updated
10Brastion Eternal RetributionDraka-US1699Not updated
11Valhallà Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US1698Not updated
12Bruttiss  Draka-US1688Not updated
13Demonicforce SanctuaryDraka-US1685Not updated
14Faellx SanctuaryDraka-US1592Not updated
15Pyrofrost ScrubstepDraka-US1490Not updated
16Galdrin Robot Ninja Doom PiratesDraka-US1383Not updated
17Krispyroll Edict of WarDraka-US1296Not updated
18Seanachaí SanctuaryDraka-US1084Not updated
19Hallogen SanctuaryDraka-US991Not updated
20Viperx Group TwoDraka-US973Not updated
21Shankangchu The OutcastsDraka-US898Not updated
22Arthoss Limited EditionDraka-US898Not updated
23Demyelinate SanctuaryDraka-US895Not updated
24Schlagen WindrunnerDraka-US888Not updated
25Eleronogoth  Draka-US885Not updated
26Rosedragon TheoryDraka-US884Not updated
27Tetraquark SanctuaryDraka-US796Not updated
28Archavald Death RowDraka-US790Not updated
29Kiiri  Draka-US785Not updated
30Micklav SanctuaryDraka-US699Not updated
31Ulrezaj SanctuaryDraka-US696Not updated
32Rukei  Draka-US692Not updated
33Himan SanctuaryDraka-US691Not updated
34Darkerworg Group TwoDraka-US689Not updated
35Insanitywolf  Draka-US688Not updated
36Patthekiller  Draka-US688Not updated
37Alekalen Full CircleDraka-US680Not updated
38Dasbootses BloodbathDraka-US678Not updated
39Frylock Burning SensationDraka-US675Not updated
40Ignorance The HorsemanDraka-US675Not updated
41Enceladus  Draka-US599Not updated
42Karynos Clean SlateDraka-US587Not updated
43Buddamax Burning SensationDraka-US576Not updated
44Strongbowe Burning SensationDraka-US567Not updated
45Naofa The Iron BrigadeDraka-US498Not updated
46Revculter PandaemoniumDraka-US425Not updated
47Darkane AnemiaDraka-US399Not updated
48Mirae You Killed My TurtleDraka-US398Not updated
49Sicus TheoryDraka-US397Not updated
50Thade Sursum VestriDraka-US395Not updated
51Zulmoka RavenguardDraka-US394Not updated
52Aeducan Kitty Cat Death SquadDraka-US394Not updated
53Shownomercy AnemiaDraka-US393Not updated
54Sollomon SanctuaryDraka-US393Not updated
55Pollex Rolling ThunderDraka-US392Not updated
56Jinkee Burning SensationDraka-US391Not updated
57Shyzyhra Eternal RetributionDraka-US391Not updated
58Blastus TheoryDraka-US388Not updated
59Decided Easily DistractedDraka-US387Not updated
60Rufin AnemiaDraka-US383Not updated
61Brondra  Draka-US382Not updated
62Shomall Egotistic BehaviourDraka-US382Not updated
63Medion  Draka-US381Not updated
64Mochachee InnuendoDraka-US381Not updated
65Glaul  Draka-US363Not updated
66Hugemofoz Game of thronesDraka-US360Not updated
67Moota SanctuaryDraka-US299Not updated
68Mookaduka Group TwoDraka-US298Not updated
69Warraxe  Draka-US297Not updated
70Aleríon Order of IlluminatusDraka-US297Not updated
71Vicount Order of IlluminatusDraka-US297Not updated
72Elkastaria Mystic WarriorsDraka-US296Not updated
73Corbantis  Draka-US296Not updated
74Deathpoacher hardcore killersDraka-US296Not updated
75Recensored Death comes RegardlessDraka-US292Not updated
76Ookeridid Death comes RegardlessDraka-US292Not updated
77Fian Burning SensationDraka-US289Not updated
78Intoodeep Group TwoDraka-US289Not updated
79Demoro The Blood WolvesDraka-US287Not updated
80Kogá SanctuaryDraka-US284Not updated
81Panana Edict of WarDraka-US266Not updated
82Demonhunt  Draka-US198Not updated
83Bighungre TheoryDraka-US198Not updated
84Vladnar HearthguardDraka-US198Not updated
85Overclocked Zug LifeDraka-US195Not updated
86Quietusllil  Draka-US192Not updated
87Stylos Eternal RetributionDraka-US170Not updated
88Physcopath Just Release AlreadyDraka-US162Not updated
89Gizamaluke RemissionDraka-US161Not updated
90Arun Clean SlateDraka-US97Not updated
91Exrememaster Kitty Cat Death SquadDraka-US90Not updated

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