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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gangam  Drak'thul-EU8899Not updated
2Bynen  Drak'thul-EU8690Not updated
3Kovara DisbandedDrak'thul-EU7795Not updated
4Aøkiji DualityDrak'thul-EU6689Not updated
5Psionix Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU6688Not updated
6Satherno ValionDrak'thul-EU6599Not updated
7Dalvus Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU6599Not updated
8Prophetka Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU5896Not updated
9Qadesh EkireiDrak'thul-EU5887Not updated
10Ugroman  Drak'thul-EU5796Not updated
11Konislávka Lost KittyDrak'thul-EU5794Not updated
12Leirb EmbodyDrak'thul-EU5699Not updated
13Lotresk DisbandedDrak'thul-EU5696Not updated
14Somhnusna EkireiDrak'thul-EU5395Not updated
15Shadoweed Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU5380Not updated
16Darosha Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU5296Not updated
17Warduso  Drak'thul-EU4997Not updated
18Ivimila INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU4885Not updated
19Mackzter EmbodyDrak'thul-EU4797Not updated
20Vlachulka Lost KittyDrak'thul-EU4792Not updated
21Dipdap EmbodyDrak'thul-EU4695Not updated
22Evenstar EmbodyDrak'thul-EU4695Not updated
23Icedawn Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU4599Not updated
24Syesha Silver LegionDrak'thul-EU4487Not updated
25Fellasindor Defense Of The AncientsDrak'thul-EU4485Not updated
26Julliana Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU4479Not updated
27Maub PraetoriaDrak'thul-EU4390Not updated
28Frantho Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU4375Not updated
29Cutieface WaywardDrak'thul-EU4367Not updated
30Quorrá DualityDrak'thul-EU4350Not updated
31Bragy WaywardDrak'thul-EU4299Not updated
32Maatoha CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICEDrak'thul-EU4298Not updated
33Lefrigo Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU4199Not updated
34Borrisbestie BloodforgedDrak'thul-EU3994Not updated
35Lazyfellôw Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3989Not updated
36Dahakin ForgedDrak'thul-EU3985Not updated
37Ishikawa MIAGDrak'thul-EU3899Not updated
38Sibe Broken PromisesDrak'thul-EU3899Not updated
39Pythôn Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3898Not updated
40Darosh Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3898Not updated
41Nastyfrog Crushing BlowsDrak'thul-EU3897Not updated
42Amatter EkireiDrak'thul-EU3897Not updated
43Kellso Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3896Not updated
44Proxen Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3896Not updated
45Ezekyle Ordo InvictorumDrak'thul-EU3895Not updated
46Premierek Blood ShadowsDrak'thul-EU3894Not updated
47Rogueruzz The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU3894Not updated
48Tristeza The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU3892Not updated
49Kayko Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3889Not updated
50Fotmreroller Tangled WireDrak'thul-EU3889Not updated
51Furiozzo Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU3889Not updated
52Ere Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3888Not updated
53Shootah I Nuevo IDrak'thul-EU3887Not updated
54Outsmarted Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3799Not updated
55Bacoch EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3799Not updated
56Tyreall Orosený BroskvickyDrak'thul-EU3799Not updated
57Miele Bricklayers and MasonsDrak'thul-EU3798Not updated
58Dralor Ordo InvictorumDrak'thul-EU3797Not updated
59Cukrik Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3795Not updated
60Hoomanoid I Nuevo IDrak'thul-EU3790Not updated
61Shiftycow Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3787Not updated
62Woel Forsaken HeroesDrak'thul-EU3780Not updated
63Pepsii DualityDrak'thul-EU3779Not updated
64Zaknaffein EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3699Not updated
65Nejvic ProvenDrak'thul-EU3699Not updated
66Rumgin Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU3698Not updated
67Mummycek Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3698Not updated
68Fazulka ValionDrak'thul-EU3697Not updated
69Oneiron Billionaire Boys ClubDrak'thul-EU3697Not updated
70Caerbannia CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICEDrak'thul-EU3697Not updated
71Zipä Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3697Not updated
72Stayokay Stay EpicDrak'thul-EU3697Not updated
73Baltarus ValionDrak'thul-EU3696Not updated
74Krokous EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3696Not updated
75Lanis SpolocenstvoDrak'thul-EU3696Not updated
76Nitroborn Blood ShadowsDrak'thul-EU3696Not updated
77Yøøkie  Drak'thul-EU3695Not updated
78Crazykillers The Fire ClanDrak'thul-EU3694Not updated
79Thesak  Drak'thul-EU3694Not updated
80Uhiné DisbandedDrak'thul-EU3693Not updated
81Asymptote ParadoxDrak'thul-EU3692Not updated
82Eqileus CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICEDrak'thul-EU3692Not updated
83Banmyname BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU3692Not updated
84Olihen EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3690Not updated
85Acientman Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU3689Not updated
86Labant EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3687Not updated
87Hugs Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3683Not updated
88Syczak Fruit VendorDrak'thul-EU3683Not updated
89Gewlin ParadoxDrak'thul-EU3599Not updated
90Zeelotka Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU3598Not updated
91Sukya EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3597Not updated
92Yônt Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3596Not updated
93Gerithos INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU3596Not updated
94Tryssa Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3590Not updated
95Klouzatica Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3580Not updated
96Lotkomotiva Silver LegionDrak'thul-EU3498Not updated
97Akurane Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3498Not updated
98Vareesy Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3498Not updated
99Brëdly The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU3497Not updated
100Chlupátko Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU3497Not updated

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