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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Famaroki  Draenor-EU9892Not updated
2Topfrostdog Carnage IncDraenor-EU7599Not updated
3Ripfatpanda MystDraenor-EU6959Not updated
4Ashirha Appetite for DestructionDraenor-EU6893Not updated
5Nimrot Carnage IncDraenor-EU6598Not updated
6Pÿro The UniqueDraenor-EU5998Not updated
7Oneglory New EraDraenor-EU5981Not updated
8Lovedoc DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU5898Not updated
9Wargoná LucidDraenor-EU5799Not updated
10Eiwo Burning EmbersDraenor-EU5794Not updated
11Hordos Ðrunk n ÐishørderlyDraenor-EU5686Not updated
12Fearxzy MessDraenor-EU5594Not updated
13Tsabue  Draenor-EU5585Not updated
14Staxie MaliceDraenor-EU5342Not updated
15Cazzador Dark IntentDraenor-EU4999Not updated
16Xassibate AdrenalineDraenor-EU4975Not updated
17Fettjag JujuDraenor-EU4899Not updated
18Derwinn AscendanceDraenor-EU4895Not updated
19Leflour  Draenor-EU4895Not updated
20Daddyzhul MessDraenor-EU4798Not updated
21Sata BKBDraenor-EU4795Not updated
22Arkbabe Nox AeternaDraenor-EU4698Not updated
23Infernis The Empire Strikes FirstDraenor-EU4697Not updated
24Gorudor Dark DeceptionDraenor-EU4693Not updated
25Nåvíi AbsurdumDraenor-EU4692Not updated
26Hjärntumör ProminenceDraenor-EU4688Not updated
27Atradis Boom TimeDraenor-EU4686Not updated
28Simperfive New World OrderDraenor-EU4676Not updated
29Dazgûl Dark DeceptionDraenor-EU4673Not updated
30Pony Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU4597Not updated
31Lâvoie Celestial EclipseDraenor-EU4597Not updated
32Gazrokk MaliceDraenor-EU4593Not updated
33Tanon Old DogzDraenor-EU4488Not updated
34Xynaeris Burning CoreDraenor-EU4486Not updated
35Voitonic JujuDraenor-EU4399Not updated
36Punq Old SchoolDraenor-EU4399Not updated
37Aayaan SanctionDraenor-EU4399Not updated
38Gwol CrematoriaDraenor-EU4394Not updated
39Simppu Phoenix LegionDraenor-EU4393Not updated
40Morthos Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU4392Not updated
41Deminas Appetite for DestructionDraenor-EU4391Not updated
42Ahile  Draenor-EU4390Not updated
43Leiwo ControversialDraenor-EU4384Not updated
44Mjölkkossa  Draenor-EU4381Not updated
45Cârp Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU4364Not updated
46Kegjitsu Carnage IncDraenor-EU4299Not updated
47Dmns Twenty SevenDraenor-EU4298Not updated
48Wermilion ProminenceDraenor-EU4297Not updated
49Kalto Echo of EternityDraenor-EU4297Not updated
50Toothles Boom TimeDraenor-EU4296Not updated
51Karnatron Old SchoolDraenor-EU4171Not updated
52Amakadimidod Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU4094Not updated
53Bosski  Draenor-EU4011Not updated
54Wilebay ExtensoDraenor-EU3994Not updated
55Swagmachine  Draenor-EU3993Not updated
56Specialßrew Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3993Not updated
57Agimon JujuDraenor-EU3989Not updated
58Hypteria  Draenor-EU3987Not updated
59Wazdoom JujuDraenor-EU3977Not updated
60Meepy Old SchoolDraenor-EU3966Not updated
61Nishao Twisted LogicDraenor-EU3897Not updated
62Derpstar Old SchoolDraenor-EU3896Not updated
63Dotforever The DrafiaDraenor-EU3896Not updated
64Purplebanana The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU3896Not updated
65Manmadé  Draenor-EU3895Not updated
66Bloodboil MaliceDraenor-EU3893Not updated
67Muuri AdrenalineDraenor-EU3893Not updated
68Thunderi MaliceDraenor-EU3892Not updated
69Krakatóa LucidDraenor-EU3890Not updated
70Chooey New EraDraenor-EU3889Not updated
71Ridney The horde stormtroopersDraenor-EU3889Not updated
72Necrophosis Sober KannibalsDraenor-EU3887Not updated
73Leipoo AnnihilationDraenor-EU3886Not updated
74Lianchí Chaos StormDraenor-EU3886Not updated
75Grimlock InfamyDraenor-EU3881Not updated
76Gharadur Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU3799Not updated
77Islingr Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3798Not updated
78Worceht Among AncestorsDraenor-EU3798Not updated
79Lorènzo New EraDraenor-EU3798Not updated
80Smuelqt AureusDraenor-EU3798Not updated
81Bloodypep ControversialDraenor-EU3797Not updated
82Gramno LuceDraenor-EU3796Not updated
83Svora Filthy JuiceDraenor-EU3796Not updated
84Sylvios PurplesDraenor-EU3796Not updated
85Warpblade  Draenor-EU3796Not updated
86Thorgim BKBDraenor-EU3796Not updated
87Happybuddha Twisted SnakesDraenor-EU3796Not updated
88Marîe Eat My CritDraenor-EU3795Not updated
89Ornbalix ØblivionDraenor-EU3793Not updated
90Hemliz  Draenor-EU3792Not updated
91Xenothxyz ImmenseDraenor-EU3789Not updated
92Wiceface Eternal LegionDraenor-EU3789Not updated
93Azelas Twisted LogicDraenor-EU3788Not updated
94Crebow Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU3788Not updated
95Jehra Made in SwedenDraenor-EU3788Not updated
96Vepeter DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU3786Not updated
97Nimdûs Strength of ThorDraenor-EU3783Not updated
98Seienchin Carnage IncDraenor-EU3781Not updated
99Barake AscendanceDraenor-EU3779Not updated
100Pdot The Empire Strikes FirstDraenor-EU3776Not updated

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