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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Defias Brotherhood-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Idarani KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU8793Not updated
2Kebabinious FairyTailDefias Brotherhood-EU8398Not updated
3Lastator KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU7898Not updated
4Accendia PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU7895Not updated
5Petos Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU7891Not updated
6Lyngø PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU7396Not updated
7Bonbon Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU6897Not updated
8Gjabe Sound of SilenceDefias Brotherhood-EU6779Not updated
9Drakai GROMDefias Brotherhood-EU6690Not updated
10Lynaiah Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU6599Not updated
11Feviria Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU5999Not updated
12Kastes VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU5698Not updated
13Taimaishu The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU5696Not updated
14Omegatron Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU5398Not updated
15Tialen Hourglass of BloodDefias Brotherhood-EU5394Not updated
16Usera BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU4998Not updated
17Aysenqt Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU4979Not updated
18Wasabi Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU4892Not updated
19Wando High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU4892Not updated
20Kééma KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU4886Not updated
21Simuus BOROWIKIDefias Brotherhood-EU4882Not updated
22Golgata  Defias Brotherhood-EU4794Not updated
23Silvena Blazing SkiesDefias Brotherhood-EU4689Not updated
24Nikls SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU4680Not updated
25Maevamthiel Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU4495Not updated
26Polohest Pandemonium CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU4492Not updated
27Lilou Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU4474Not updated
28Solaran Laughing CoffinDefias Brotherhood-EU4399Not updated
29Genocidos  Defias Brotherhood-EU4399Not updated
30Ewik NightfallDefias Brotherhood-EU4387Not updated
31Yj Happy Little SquirrelsDefias Brotherhood-EU4376Not updated
32Gadock The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU4298Not updated
33Garbag Hourglass of BloodDefias Brotherhood-EU4200Not updated
34Drakas SanítyDefias Brotherhood-EU4175Not updated
35Eyniel KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3997Not updated
36Slaniah ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU3983Not updated
37Aningaaq  Defias Brotherhood-EU3982Not updated
38Neomea Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU3899Not updated
39Hertog Azure VanguardDefias Brotherhood-EU3899Not updated
40Miruvor Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3896Not updated
41Pottí  Defias Brotherhood-EU3894Not updated
42Firemastérx DementiaDefias Brotherhood-EU3893Not updated
43Ghanjo Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3891Not updated
44Outmatch SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU3891Not updated
45Wìllo VARGDefias Brotherhood-EU3891Not updated
46Mcgonagall Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3889Not updated
47Síkk Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3879Not updated
48Gierwyn CratarcDefias Brotherhood-EU3879Not updated
49Xandris BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU3799Not updated
50Jádè KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3799Not updated
51Lensai The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU3799Not updated
52Henzill Sound of SilenceDefias Brotherhood-EU3797Not updated
53Reginaldd The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU3796Not updated
54Pharetrea The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3795Not updated
55Twiggen Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU3793Not updated
56Grìím PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU3793Not updated
57Youshi The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3793Not updated
58Zyrtecx The Dark WarlordsDefias Brotherhood-EU3791Not updated
59Frostingale SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU3790Not updated
60Barathoz  Defias Brotherhood-EU3788Not updated
61Preyseeker Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3787Not updated
62Launja The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU3785Not updated
63Shirl BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU3782Not updated
64Lamir InvictusDefias Brotherhood-EU3782Not updated
65Herpi ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU3767Not updated
66Ryzanna Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3698Not updated
67Thetha The Soulflayer SyndicateDefias Brotherhood-EU3697Not updated
68Shaipan FrostwolvesDefias Brotherhood-EU3697Not updated
69Duret The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU3697Not updated
70Craw Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3696Not updated
71Visthral The Forgotten GrimoireDefias Brotherhood-EU3696Not updated
72Equillium The Reaping BoltsDefias Brotherhood-EU3696Not updated
73Zubi Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3696Not updated
74Kateon The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3695Not updated
75Shroomie The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3692Not updated
76Mardako Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU3691Not updated
77Thirós ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU3691Not updated
78Terrorcore KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3682Not updated
79Flopdot Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU3677Not updated
80Shiradin The Tempered SunDefias Brotherhood-EU3674Not updated
81Daryen NeroDefias Brotherhood-EU3670Not updated
82Plaaggeest High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU3599Not updated
83Cabita ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU3598Not updated
84Hulaine SanítyDefias Brotherhood-EU3595Not updated
85Toni Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3558Not updated
86Tamai ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU3498Not updated
87Bloen  Defias Brotherhood-EU3498Not updated
88Madh  Defias Brotherhood-EU3498Not updated
89Gromdag LoncaDefias Brotherhood-EU3498Not updated
90Fockus Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3496Not updated
91Xiofrith Midnight OrderDefias Brotherhood-EU3495Not updated
92Zathoroz Band of the BraveDefias Brotherhood-EU3494Not updated
93Lianlu Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU3492Not updated
94Leah The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3479Not updated
95Banaru Fear the RabbitDefias Brotherhood-EU3474Not updated
96Mélisandra VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU3415Not updated
97Jaydilla House HodorDefias Brotherhood-EU3399Not updated
98Mallöy ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU3399Not updated
99Cycobi Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU3399Not updated
100Matlingend  Defias Brotherhood-EU3399Not updated

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