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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Killian SpartansDalaran-US6396Not updated
2Serene Moment of SilenceDalaran-US5896Not updated
3Rizzlebeam ReloadDalaran-US4992Not updated
4Shanananana KaizenDalaran-US4597Not updated
5Nymeriastark KaizenDalaran-US4396Not updated
6Hurst KaizenDalaran-US3897Not updated
7Seliza  Dalaran-US3796Not updated
8Karzan Six Feet UnderDalaran-US3793Not updated
9Tradwin OuroborosDalaran-US3783Not updated
10Aevver First Point AriesDalaran-US3698Not updated
11Callmehoss ReloadDalaran-US3588Not updated
12Thorple Natural AffinityDalaran-US3586Not updated
13Doomros PIEDalaran-US3398Not updated
14Lolzapam The Great AdventureDalaran-US3398Not updated
15Deatramak LegitimateDalaran-US3394Not updated
16Bujai OuroborosDalaran-US3389Not updated
17Melacia Apotheosis NowDalaran-US3383Not updated
18Fathomm ReloadDalaran-US3358Not updated
19Palmx Natural AffinityDalaran-US3278Not updated
20Kidster OuroborosDalaran-US3199Not updated
21Thepicshadow PuppeteersDalaran-US3197Not updated
22Madmelta LegitimateDalaran-US3100Not updated
23Rôll ClarityDalaran-US3092Not updated
24Brutalityuk KaizenDalaran-US3022Not updated
25Hannu OuroborosDalaran-US3000Not updated
26Jakerator AscendDalaran-US3000Not updated
27Ashmourne Natural AffinityDalaran-US3000Not updated
28Rattlecage Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US3000Not updated
29Torunperico Six Feet UnderDalaran-US2897Not updated
30Gulmen LegitimateDalaran-US2796Not updated
31Koviko  Dalaran-US1994Not updated
32Neonglory Pak CafanDalaran-US1898Not updated
33Arcaynia Pak CafanDalaran-US1894Not updated
34Gardahkan Pak CafanDalaran-US1883Not updated
35Donnicton LegitimateDalaran-US1696Not updated
36Realysm ReloadDalaran-US1690Not updated
37Terwyn Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US1499Not updated
38Kersanth Moment of SilenceDalaran-US1397Not updated
39Keldrien KaizenDalaran-US1397Not updated
40Vapid OuroborosDalaran-US1393Not updated
41Asketchup  Dalaran-US1372Not updated
42Raf LegitimateDalaran-US1348Not updated
43Maedhras KaizenDalaran-US1298Not updated
44Liradra LegitimateDalaran-US1193Not updated
45Maelous Shadows of EternityDalaran-US999Not updated
46Alvin ReloadDalaran-US998Not updated
47Masonara LegitimateDalaran-US987Not updated
48Dalthuran Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US985Not updated
49Korawr Six Feet UnderDalaran-US978Not updated
50Drakx OuroborosDalaran-US976Not updated
51Pufferfish Knights of WarcraftDalaran-US898Not updated
52Dragoncat Moment of SilenceDalaran-US896Not updated
53Synthetics KaizenDalaran-US893Not updated
54Barial OuroborosDalaran-US892Not updated
55Teronen PIEDalaran-US889Not updated
56Ryují Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US888Not updated
57Waten Pak CafanDalaran-US882Not updated
58Eddel Natural AffinityDalaran-US882Not updated
59Altyera KaizenDalaran-US881Not updated
60Hypersonguy Third WatchDalaran-US798Not updated
61Zeramach LegitimateDalaran-US795Not updated
62Nokimi Night HavenDalaran-US794Not updated
63Rhymetrinla KaizenDalaran-US793Not updated
64Tríbunal Natural AffinityDalaran-US789Not updated
65Cynthal  Dalaran-US787Not updated
66Hathora OuroborosDalaran-US785Not updated
67Deatrak LegitimateDalaran-US699Not updated
68Freezle Nos ConsensioDalaran-US699Not updated
69Aleera Pak CafanDalaran-US698Not updated
70Niseel KaizenDalaran-US698Not updated
71Destrom KaizenDalaran-US698Not updated
72Krusnik OuroborosDalaran-US696Not updated
73Heliolord Natural AffinityDalaran-US695Not updated
74Leval ReloadDalaran-US695Not updated
75Atillathegun Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US694Not updated
76Samjai Final ReckoningDalaran-US693Not updated
77Mälphäs Natural AffinityDalaran-US692Not updated
78Furukawa AnimosityDalaran-US691Not updated
79Obscuris ReloadDalaran-US690Not updated
80Dracamir Knights of Other RealmsDalaran-US682Not updated
81Willpwnyou Pak CafanDalaran-US681Not updated
82Bloodmoor Forsaken FewDalaran-US670Not updated
83Pérseus OuroborosDalaran-US658Not updated
84Stratacaster Natural AffinityDalaran-US598Not updated
85Plagu The Few and the ProudDalaran-US597Not updated
86Plaguemourne KaizenDalaran-US586Not updated
87Cron PIEDalaran-US495Not updated
88Boogerious Six Feet UnderDalaran-US495Not updated
89Aryadne Cry HavocDalaran-US490Not updated
90Marleyson chop cityDalaran-US488Not updated
91Windscythe Six Feet UnderDalaran-US486Not updated
92Jhanos Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US471Not updated
93Ñephthys The Great AdventureDalaran-US435Not updated
94Beys Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US422Not updated
95Amdon OuroborosDalaran-US399Not updated
96Elidra KaizenDalaran-US398Not updated
97Rachaisen KaizenDalaran-US398Not updated
98Sweetsong ReloadDalaran-US396Not updated
99Ârion Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US395Not updated
100Dresden ReloadDalaran-US394Not updated

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