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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cho'gall-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Tutelage Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US3996Not updated
2Acks Distinct AdvantageCho'gall-US3798Not updated
3Corviis OmensCho'gall-US3796Not updated
4Toríto Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US3699Not updated
5Shôôter Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US3698Not updated
6Havalina Shambler MilkCho'gall-US3697Not updated
7Cryogenian Well Do It LiveCho'gall-US3690Not updated
8Wiredmana Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US3594Not updated
9Huntadin Morior InvictusCho'gall-US3487Not updated
10Citizencain Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US3399Not updated
11Toniix Graveyard ShiftCho'gall-US3397Not updated
12Lockdotz MaliceCho'gall-US3383Not updated
13Kirijölith Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US3383Not updated
14Hades The AbandonedCho'gall-US3196Not updated
15Kerosine  Cho'gall-US3151Not updated
16Hadise MaliceCho'gall-US3100Not updated
17Diabsoulé Solve et CoagulaCho'gall-US3000Not updated
18Ronec VivicideCho'gall-US2887Not updated
19Andare Alton MassiveCho'gall-US2696Not updated
20Mehf DEViANCECho'gall-US2679Not updated
21Kaagnakx Questionable IntentCho'gall-US2382Not updated
22Arcasha  Cho'gall-US2380Not updated
23Tarô OmensCho'gall-US1994Not updated
24Balsteiger Warlords of DraenorCho'gall-US1979Not updated
25Slappyhaps VoidCho'gall-US1897Not updated
26Skuggi SnackhouseCho'gall-US1890Not updated
27Zubzur PermutationCho'gall-US1882Not updated
28Snipermcgee MaliceCho'gall-US1799Not updated
29Kaaglock Questionable IntentCho'gall-US1799Not updated
30Duhást Good PlayersCho'gall-US1793Not updated
31Drallin  Cho'gall-US1782Not updated
32Pernilla Prestige WurldwideCho'gall-US1778Not updated
33Wraithh Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1691Not updated
34Xanthilia DOES NOT KNOW THE FIGHTCho'gall-US1595Not updated
35Shougo Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1592Not updated
36Cavictarus AbandonedCho'gall-US1499Not updated
37Bajingobomb  Cho'gall-US1496Not updated
38Rugo Trinketing SapCho'gall-US1494Not updated
39Poos  Cho'gall-US1490Not updated
40Lightbulb Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US1486Not updated
41Obeilisk Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1397Not updated
42Nahtasha Shambler MilkCho'gall-US1396Not updated
43Emospec Massive Drain BamageCho'gall-US1394Not updated
44Shahrukh Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1366Not updated
45Kirosa  Cho'gall-US1359Not updated
46Autism Kill SecuredCho'gall-US1292Not updated
47Frostbolt MaliceCho'gall-US1286Not updated
48Zoic MaliceCho'gall-US998Not updated
49Zlex Nerf IncCho'gall-US996Not updated
50Undaunted Morior InvictusCho'gall-US996Not updated
51Lrv  Cho'gall-US996Not updated
52Sïlkysmooth MaliceCho'gall-US994Not updated
53Deathwínd Cant Brew LuckydoCho'gall-US993Not updated
54Hairymacaque NopeCho'gall-US993Not updated
55Dreadskie Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US991Not updated
56Lolfest Cinder and AshCho'gall-US990Not updated
57Rektt one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US990Not updated
58Venòm Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US985Not updated
59Forsakenpeon Morior InvictusCho'gall-US985Not updated
60Äzrael  Cho'gall-US899Not updated
61Bluelawls OmensCho'gall-US899Not updated
62Skulldra LimitlessCho'gall-US898Not updated
63Jèssicà MaliceCho'gall-US897Not updated
64Gawdric Lusting on TrashCho'gall-US885Not updated
65Malokai Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US878Not updated
66Milhouze  Cho'gall-US799Not updated
67Doomspire LeviticusCho'gall-US797Not updated
68Warlôck Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US796Not updated
69Ivyleague  Cho'gall-US795Not updated
70Dk MaliceCho'gall-US791Not updated
71Theremo  Cho'gall-US791Not updated
72Barbarix  Cho'gall-US787Not updated
73Zàce Agent of KhaosCho'gall-US776Not updated
74Nyssathyr RefugeeCho'gall-US699Not updated
75Creok Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US697Not updated
76Irmo Agent of KhaosCho'gall-US697Not updated
77Dasan Cinder and AshCho'gall-US697Not updated
78Hunterb Shambler MilkCho'gall-US695Not updated
79Parcea Super SeriousCho'gall-US693Not updated
80Demonox Distinct AdvantageCho'gall-US693Not updated
81Essentia Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US693Not updated
82Gegee Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US692Not updated
83Txa VivicideCho'gall-US692Not updated
84Bacterial Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US690Not updated
85Fear  Cho'gall-US689Not updated
86Angryloin Solve et CoagulaCho'gall-US687Not updated
87Aokiji Morior InvictusCho'gall-US686Not updated
88Korrvas Horde Land SecurityCho'gall-US686Not updated
89Magnús MaliceCho'gall-US685Not updated
90Squêeb Nerf IncCho'gall-US682Not updated
91Hyler Regressive ProgressionCho'gall-US674Not updated
92Zalaeste Chain ReactionCho'gall-US673Not updated
93Knuclerot Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US671Not updated
94Ryokan Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US596Not updated
95Nirkatna Dark UprisingCho'gall-US592Not updated
96Feylong  Cho'gall-US497Not updated
97Tryggs Flavour CountryCho'gall-US496Not updated
98Wakazashi Free Candy VanCho'gall-US429Not updated
99Hudouken  Cho'gall-US422Not updated
100Antarah Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US399Not updated

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