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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Trampõszek One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU9999Not updated
2Vesynia PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU6977Not updated
3Multic Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU6895Not updated
4Nergette AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU6378Not updated
5Eleop AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU6100Not updated
6Labedix Error CodeBurning Legion-EU5992Not updated
7Welko AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU5899Not updated
8Erasil Error CodeBurning Legion-EU5898Not updated
9Zinaxx SignumBurning Legion-EU5895Not updated
10Talenlel PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU5786Not updated
11Smq AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU5395Not updated
12Kinría BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU5388Not updated
13Kyrsi  Burning Legion-EU4993Not updated
14Prawiepusty HelladaBurning Legion-EU4898Not updated
15Mistarwah Cold LogicBurning Legion-EU4898Not updated
16Corristo One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU4891Not updated
17Sargion AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4796Not updated
18Amphia Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU4777Not updated
19Newronek AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4697Not updated
20Klepto Will of VengeanceBurning Legion-EU4694Not updated
21Zloodziej Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU4690Not updated
22Weelko AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4689Not updated
23Truedemon BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU4681Not updated
24Zan OtherworldBurning Legion-EU4595Not updated
25Archemida HakurenBurning Legion-EU4498Not updated
26Russelant UnknownsBurning Legion-EU4498Not updated
27Hirriqt AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4497Not updated
28Kaid AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4399Not updated
29Yéri Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU4399Not updated
30Drixi Last WordBurning Legion-EU4399Not updated
31Frionlol  Burning Legion-EU4398Not updated
32Keid AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4397Not updated
33Zolw Good OmenBurning Legion-EU4396Not updated
34Suîtonn One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU4396Not updated
35Omnipotencja How I Met Your MurlocBurning Legion-EU4392Not updated
36Hucio PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU4389Not updated
37Satanik  Burning Legion-EU4388Not updated
38Shinairi GreenEyeBurning Legion-EU4378Not updated
39Roinaarok  Burning Legion-EU4374Not updated
40Blackfuri Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU4367Not updated
41Huzakinomaru EspadaBurning Legion-EU4299Not updated
42Növí One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU4199Not updated
43Snq AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4198Not updated
44Fingerprint AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4077Not updated
45Psyhodad EspadaBurning Legion-EU3999Not updated
46Nazeerah Primori MorteBurning Legion-EU3998Not updated
47Althurius  Burning Legion-EU3995Not updated
48Avcon  Burning Legion-EU3994Not updated
49Agrías The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU3992Not updated
50Feduk Path Of DeathBurning Legion-EU3989Not updated
51Corg Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU3987Not updated
52Volaro SignumBurning Legion-EU3985Not updated
53Kharta Emerald SeaBurning Legion-EU3982Not updated
54Sonus EncoreBurning Legion-EU3981Not updated
55Alcenez Last WordBurning Legion-EU3981Not updated
56Devizzlol Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU3899Not updated
57Kriszî AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3899Not updated
58Chücki PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU3899Not updated
59Colemanr Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3899Not updated
60Solzje Damage IncorporatedBurning Legion-EU3898Not updated
61Sarenus SignumBurning Legion-EU3898Not updated
62Defrosted From The AshesBurning Legion-EU3897Not updated
63Ars OtherworldBurning Legion-EU3896Not updated
64Gumsi Born to wipeBurning Legion-EU3896Not updated
65Hatha AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3895Not updated
66Jxx The KnifeBurning Legion-EU3891Not updated
67Bleyxia AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3890Not updated
68Eylan Lanthir EstelBurning Legion-EU3889Not updated
69Watchmeclick Friendly FireBurning Legion-EU3882Not updated
70Gravvx Dracones MortiferisBurning Legion-EU3858Not updated
71Devotkys Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3799Not updated
72Frugi The KnifeBurning Legion-EU3798Not updated
73Sanqui AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3797Not updated
74Sagivolante  Burning Legion-EU3797Not updated
75Kilgorn BellatorisBurning Legion-EU3795Not updated
76Dôdgy Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3795Not updated
77Avaera Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU3795Not updated
78Karain PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU3793Not updated
79Vöngraven EntravenBurning Legion-EU3793Not updated
80Yarrgi Primori MorteBurning Legion-EU3791Not updated
81Holyfighter TomcatsBurning Legion-EU3790Not updated
82Fallstor StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU3790Not updated
83Derathijel The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU3789Not updated
84Bohumil HardÇoreBurning Legion-EU3784Not updated
85Rudmá Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3782Not updated
86Gamdzor TranscendenceBurning Legion-EU3780Not updated
87Ämarok SignumBurning Legion-EU3775Not updated
88Chillbringer One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3761Not updated
89Kioschi Last WordBurning Legion-EU3757Not updated
90Keyd AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3699Not updated
91Enthaise Semper InvictaBurning Legion-EU3699Not updated
92Dogecoin Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU3699Not updated
93Tibral HypnosisBurning Legion-EU3698Not updated
94Basaran Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3698Not updated
95Dahuntas Aurea DraconisBurning Legion-EU3698Not updated
96Karawasz One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3697Not updated
97Krwâwylol Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3696Not updated
98Vheissu StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU3696Not updated
99Crùnchips Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU3695Not updated
100Liljum Last WordBurning Legion-EU3694Not updated

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