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Bloodhoof-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Lockilicious PhenomenonBloodhoof-US7395
2Naudowen SubteraBloodhoof-US4392
3Wrack Godz of WarBloodhoof-US3866
4Hùnkydory Nudist BeachBloodhoof-US3795
5Kimon Godz of WarBloodhoof-US3684Not updated
6Trivvium Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US3597Not updated
7Xargerina Born to be LooneyBloodhoof-US3587Not updated
8Fluxbigbeard Eternall DamnationBloodhoof-US3495
9Runfree Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US3492
10Shirudo PhenomenonBloodhoof-US3491
11Aerodactyl Still BallinBloodhoof-US3399
12Jazzynyc Isle of PandasBloodhoof-US3387
13Antiherø Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US3381
14Iosx InconceivableBloodhoof-US3270
15Darkpaladin The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US3195
16Pandarama Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US3009
17Sakhet Dark PactBloodhoof-US2780
18Ohvercharged PhenomenonBloodhoof-US2494
19Greenleë ClarityBloodhoof-US2363Not updated
20Tivlol Dark PactBloodhoof-US2199
21Knomknomknom Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1897
22Zerreisser The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US1895
23Kruciel  Bloodhoof-US1790Not updated
24Mevan Double RainbowBloodhoof-US1699
25Holy Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US1499
26Ohverhyped PhenomenonBloodhoof-US1398
27Antsu PhenomenonBloodhoof-US1391
28Colga ApparitionBloodhoof-US1388Not updated
29Yoomynameisi The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US1387Not updated
30Thermalwepon Double RainbowBloodhoof-US1385
31Brewmoon Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1292
32Frostbolt The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US1286
33Swiftsong The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US1172Not updated
34Bobryna Dark TwilightBloodhoof-US1059Not updated
35Obyto The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US997
36Assailant  Bloodhoof-US995Not updated
37Colonqt  Bloodhoof-US990
38Salticidae The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US990
39Normandy PariahBloodhoof-US989
40Linkhunter Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US989
41Woodsplitter Tribe GuildBloodhoof-US980
42Iccarrus Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US899
43Latest DownfallBloodhoof-US899Not updated
44Bradwarden Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US898
45Beastmaster Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US896
46Nragê  Bloodhoof-US896Not updated
47Gerric Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US893
48Valseb ËxiledBloodhoof-US892
49Rowlga Tribe GuildBloodhoof-US891
50Procs  Bloodhoof-US887
51Legiòn SubteraBloodhoof-US882
52Dungies Team BBloodhoof-US876Not updated
53Baofuu InconceivableBloodhoof-US798Not updated
54Pandadtf  Bloodhoof-US796Not updated
55Emart Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US796
56Zehntin Double RainbowBloodhoof-US794
57Drakedekay Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US785
58Zadai So ColdBloodhoof-US699
59Fortunate  Bloodhoof-US699Not updated
60Roshi  Bloodhoof-US699Not updated
61Starrot DownfallBloodhoof-US698
62Mightynelf  Bloodhoof-US697Not updated
63Aerro ËxiledBloodhoof-US693
64Grinny heXedBloodhoof-US692Not updated
65Filovirus Dark PactBloodhoof-US690
66Gizoh Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US689Not updated
67Eshen Death Awaits YouBloodhoof-US689
68Tenerochigh SubteraBloodhoof-US688
69Seriously PhenomenonBloodhoof-US686
70Sherlok Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US684
71Sairin MetastasisBloodhoof-US684Not updated
72Thrìse  Bloodhoof-US684Not updated
73Jaime DarkUnholyShadowKnightsBloodhoof-US683
74Rob Warm FuzziesBloodhoof-US682
75Zimortei Warm FuzziesBloodhoof-US682
76Iamnotbald MetastasisBloodhoof-US679Not updated
77Cinicter THE HATEDBloodhoof-US674Not updated
78Achu XecuteBloodhoof-US672
79Whorizon Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US597
80Krindy ClarityBloodhoof-US595Not updated
81Alerius Vow of SilenceBloodhoof-US561Not updated
82Aellîas MetastasisBloodhoof-US495
83Chakrakhan ClarityBloodhoof-US491
84Ugotpwnednub  Bloodhoof-US488Not updated
85Pizzashot nap time kidBloodhoof-US420
86Defilelol Still BallinBloodhoof-US399Not updated
87Thecinical  Bloodhoof-US397Not updated
88Celtia Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US397
89Abusif Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US397
90Pyrotios Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US396
91Aelytah The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US396
92Makkesh DownfallBloodhoof-US396
93Rugl Final AspectBloodhoof-US395Not updated
94Enjoipanda Dark PactBloodhoof-US394Not updated
95Bunnicula SubteraBloodhoof-US392
96Jcmac SadismBloodhoof-US391
97Irbadpally Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US391
98Nogzio Tribe GuildBloodhoof-US390Not updated
99Undeadcobra Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US390Not updated
100Grümar Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US389

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