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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodfeather-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Shanaya The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU5894Not updated
2Mangust Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU5397Not updated
3Ðïo  Bloodfeather-EU5390Not updated
4Symphonyx TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU5390Not updated
5Eressëa ExceptionBloodfeather-EU4494Not updated
6Mongar ExceptionBloodfeather-EU4390Not updated
7Tyrdan Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU3799Not updated
8Dokken N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU3791Not updated
9Nälkäesko WickermenBloodfeather-EU3783Not updated
10Zylwa Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU3697Not updated
11Mollarí ExceptionBloodfeather-EU3599Not updated
12Raxana Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU3595Not updated
13Underhill WickermenBloodfeather-EU3594Not updated
14Solutions N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU3482Not updated
15Lusic Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU3416Not updated
16Zytan The Hounds Of JusticeBloodfeather-EU3395Not updated
17Cecíl Tea PartyBloodfeather-EU3391Not updated
18Yor CasualclysmBloodfeather-EU3388Not updated
19Jousijukka Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU3382Not updated
20Dwel ExceptionBloodfeather-EU3288Not updated
21Tommylôl ExceptionBloodfeather-EU3191Not updated
22Háwké ExceptionBloodfeather-EU3182Not updated
23Bobjohnny ExceptionBloodfeather-EU2994Not updated
24Arathene Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU2798Not updated
25Frostí Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU2675Not updated
26Apelp Sinners IncBloodfeather-EU1993Not updated
27Ahrims NightRidersBloodfeather-EU1986Not updated
28Jaladriel ExceptionBloodfeather-EU1878Not updated
29Krieg ExceptionBloodfeather-EU1796Not updated
30Ensïferum TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU1676Not updated
31Voora TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU1399Not updated
32Arandos The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU1396Not updated
33Funelock TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU1297Not updated
34Ðie ExceptionBloodfeather-EU1198Not updated
35Xzki  Bloodfeather-EU999Not updated
36Snusman AbstractBloodfeather-EU996Not updated
37Reave ExceptionBloodfeather-EU995Not updated
38Shenmue  Bloodfeather-EU994Not updated
39Darkjukka Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU985Not updated
40Blasphemer TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU980Not updated
41Zape TKOBloodfeather-EU971Not updated
42Salaatti Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU889Not updated
43Ryner ExceptionBloodfeather-EU888Not updated
44Pröbasher  Bloodfeather-EU884Not updated
45Klampe A Thousand and TwoBloodfeather-EU796Not updated
46Sshenkie ExceptionBloodfeather-EU795Not updated
47Kovatchi  Bloodfeather-EU791Not updated
48Virgill  Bloodfeather-EU788Not updated
49Grantyjax ExceptionBloodfeather-EU698Not updated
50Skorradeath Dread DuskBloodfeather-EU695Not updated
51Fabrication Twilight KeyBloodfeather-EU693Not updated
52Funeralfeast TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU690Not updated
53Zatok ClosureBloodfeather-EU688Not updated
54Veliana DàrksunBloodfeather-EU687Not updated
55Îluvatar  Bloodfeather-EU687Not updated
56Voidlisa Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU682Not updated
57Çai Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU677Not updated
58Mirandy A Thousand and TwoBloodfeather-EU674Not updated
59Alepa  Bloodfeather-EU670Not updated
60Ozyorkbourne UnchainedBloodfeather-EU599Not updated
61Maferath MehBloodfeather-EU568Not updated
62Thetreebeard N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU498Not updated
63Okiá ExceptionBloodfeather-EU497Not updated
64Loladinus Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU489Not updated
65Moonac Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU399Not updated
66Annajak The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU399Not updated
67Taylorxo ExceptionBloodfeather-EU399Not updated
68Tyriah MehBloodfeather-EU393Not updated
69Thanthalas ExceptionBloodfeather-EU388Not updated
70Melgibs TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU383Not updated
71Clunger CompanionsBloodfeather-EU381Not updated
72Mortti Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU377Not updated
73Shadowburn ExceptionBloodfeather-EU375Not updated
74Pandie ExceptionBloodfeather-EU371Not updated
75Monquisher ExceptionBloodfeather-EU369Not updated
76Mato Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU366Not updated
77Sacrydia N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU359Not updated
78Cloudnine ExceptionBloodfeather-EU298Not updated
79Regent Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU296Not updated
80Niksa Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU296Not updated
81Beugelzeug WickermenBloodfeather-EU296Not updated
82Abraxez ExceptionBloodfeather-EU296Not updated
83Cinde Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU296Not updated
84Burakazama ExceptionBloodfeather-EU292Not updated
85Kazumí ExceptionBloodfeather-EU290Not updated
86Archjin ExceptionBloodfeather-EU287Not updated
87Dotbot ExceptionBloodfeather-EU286Not updated
88Druidicious  Bloodfeather-EU279Not updated
89Revoll TKOBloodfeather-EU188Not updated
90Natashâ ExceptionBloodfeather-EU118Not updated
91Ilùvatar  Bloodfeather-EU99Not updated

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