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Bleeding Hollow-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sotasty ResonateBleeding Hollow-US8798
2Moruff Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US7893
3Iceyflare Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US6899Not updated
4Deci  Bleeding Hollow-US6677Not updated
5Dieudeflèche Street Corner HordeBleeding Hollow-US5891
6Nazre ResonateBleeding Hollow-US5498
7Swagmachine Not a Big DealBleeding Hollow-US5496
8Monkiac  Bleeding Hollow-US4995Not updated
9Potsu ResonateBleeding Hollow-US4994
10Burnbabyburn GTFO my bracketBleeding Hollow-US4978
11Aravis Dyslexic PenguinsBleeding Hollow-US4799Not updated
12Nicesniper House ForsakenBleeding Hollow-US4794Not updated
13Gluons The Kitten MafiaBleeding Hollow-US4793
14Gallu Stay ThirstyBleeding Hollow-US4698
15Cormagg AddictionBleeding Hollow-US4696
16Spazzie A Farewell To KingsBleeding Hollow-US4693
17Entrerie HysteriaBleeding Hollow-US4677
18Brùtè FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US4594
19Jvgg Team DadBleeding Hollow-US4587
20Purpshkurp SummitBleeding Hollow-US4496
21Ivlassacre Bad ExampleBleeding Hollow-US4495Not updated
22Dorkk PapercutBleeding Hollow-US4423
23Keiponia Team DadBleeding Hollow-US4398
24Pestitschek  Bleeding Hollow-US4395
25Hodorsmash  Bleeding Hollow-US4391
26Turribl Second StringBleeding Hollow-US4388Not updated
27Evilmon Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US4300
28Bootycrust HODORS PLAYHOUSEBleeding Hollow-US3993Not updated
29Zekkè AddictionBleeding Hollow-US3991
30Skidds KORE RELOADEDBleeding Hollow-US3987
31Badgear  Bleeding Hollow-US3896Not updated
32Aphasion No ExcusesBleeding Hollow-US3894
33Tyga SummitBleeding Hollow-US3894
34Coldvibes  Bleeding Hollow-US3893Not updated
35Glucklich  Bleeding Hollow-US3893
36Pnash AddictionBleeding Hollow-US3893
37Hodari Team DadBleeding Hollow-US3888
38Lucassia Glass Case Of EmotionBleeding Hollow-US3884
39Jul DONT FALLBleeding Hollow-US3884
40Fattymogu TeamBossModeBleeding Hollow-US3882
41Leôqt  Bleeding Hollow-US3882Not updated
42Bízkit Hero SquadBleeding Hollow-US3854
43Daieon Team DadBleeding Hollow-US3801
44Shuyaz Team DadBleeding Hollow-US3799
45Grizel ResonateBleeding Hollow-US3796
46Kalterast Potato Tasting CrewBleeding Hollow-US3796
47Gnomehuge Chillin and KillinBleeding Hollow-US3796
48Cynosura Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US3796
49Dartss The Exalted LegionBleeding Hollow-US3796
50Tiv  Bleeding Hollow-US3794
51Rawrorcsmash Ars Brute SquadBleeding Hollow-US3784Not updated
52Markie  Bleeding Hollow-US3758
53Wandii  Bleeding Hollow-US3697Not updated
54Nelik  Bleeding Hollow-US3697Not updated
55Graphic Krabpeoples PeoplesBleeding Hollow-US3697
56Bushmills Graphic ViolenceBleeding Hollow-US3696Not updated
57Darknut Team DadBleeding Hollow-US3694
58Similac Not a Big DealBleeding Hollow-US3694
59Roxxargo Stay ThirstyBleeding Hollow-US3694
60Xvv Potato Tasting CrewBleeding Hollow-US3694
61Chiel Recovering AltoholicsBleeding Hollow-US3693
62Sikwit Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US3690
63Ebezee Second StringBleeding Hollow-US3690
64Gnorlish AddictionBleeding Hollow-US3687
65Dejanos Particle ScienceBleeding Hollow-US3684Not updated
66Themage Not a Big DealBleeding Hollow-US3599
67Häunted  Bleeding Hollow-US3599Not updated
68Hallowink Krabpeoples PeoplesBleeding Hollow-US3599
69Jackxfrost NyansenseBleeding Hollow-US3598
70Summery BloodsphereBleeding Hollow-US3597Not updated
71Kamakazix  Bleeding Hollow-US3591
72Zombieguts The Kitten MafiaBleeding Hollow-US3590
73Sighlent  Bleeding Hollow-US3579
74Freâkky JustTheTipBleeding Hollow-US3499
75Hanswolo GTFO my bracketBleeding Hollow-US3498
76Bazzbee The Darkest KnightsBleeding Hollow-US3498
77Bläckmist TeamBossModeBleeding Hollow-US3490
78Zanorath  Bleeding Hollow-US3487
79Zlyva ResonateBleeding Hollow-US3478
80Rootrooster Ars Brute SquadBleeding Hollow-US3462Not updated
81Jaythekilla  Bleeding Hollow-US3399
82Trophychild Whats on TapBleeding Hollow-US3399
83Majinrostro Team DadBleeding Hollow-US3398
84Maelstrøme The Ethereal HorizonBleeding Hollow-US3398
85Wowslayer Eternal ResolutionBleeding Hollow-US3398Not updated
86Druntuk Keyboard TurnersBleeding Hollow-US3398
87Jcehdo NyansenseBleeding Hollow-US3398
88Mop VantageBleeding Hollow-US3397
89Hawken RudeBleeding Hollow-US3396Not updated
90Meec  Bleeding Hollow-US3395
91Swaggnaros ResonateBleeding Hollow-US3392
92Gotmilky Adrenaline PrimeBleeding Hollow-US3391Not updated
93Brokedown AddictionBleeding Hollow-US3388
94Xetar Fållen OblivionBleeding Hollow-US3388
95Pewpewlazorz Not a Big DealBleeding Hollow-US3385
96Morgána HazeBleeding Hollow-US3384
97Aus The OutsiderBleeding Hollow-US3382
98Dominatric No ImaginationBleeding Hollow-US3382
99Lothgro Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US3380
100Ulaehi AddictionBleeding Hollow-US3374

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