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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bladefist-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Pectorals InsurgencyBladefist-US4697Not updated
2Ash InsurgencyBladefist-US4694Not updated
3Zoraine  Bladefist-US3991Not updated
4Jínx InsurgencyBladefist-US3892Not updated
5Junìe Friction AddictionBladefist-US3888Not updated
6Kazashi CataclysmBladefist-US3789Not updated
7Joredan United We StandBladefist-US3788Not updated
8Segap SeraphymBladefist-US3784Not updated
9Artymia InsurgencyBladefist-US3696Not updated
10Gamamage UnrestBladefist-US3689Not updated
11Votto Friction AddictionBladefist-US3399Not updated
12Thugshotz Lightly RoastedBladefist-US3398Not updated
13Flakesqt InsurgencyBladefist-US3394Not updated
14Womanda ShinigamiBladefist-US3389Not updated
15Arsurin Friction AddictionBladefist-US3373Not updated
16Nerfgun InsurgencyBladefist-US3370Not updated
17Dirichlet  Bladefist-US3299Not updated
18Tsumugiya InsurgencyBladefist-US3279Not updated
19Knîghtfall ShinigamiBladefist-US3194Not updated
20Rÿan ForewarningBladefist-US3194Not updated
21Icèlance UnrestBladefist-US3100Not updated
22Miriska InsurgencyBladefist-US3100Not updated
23Rattlehéad InsurgencyBladefist-US3100Not updated
24Damnationz InsurgencyBladefist-US3014Not updated
25Ogudei UnleashedBladefist-US3012Not updated
26Sìf OutspokenBladefist-US3000Not updated
27Velinari InsurgencyBladefist-US2898Not updated
28Liuhui The Army of WuBladefist-US2897Not updated
29Cruelsbbgf InsurgencyBladefist-US2798Not updated
30Huglifecm  Bladefist-US2779Not updated
31Knuckles InsurgencyBladefist-US2685Not updated
32Hiñata TheBossFactoryBladefist-US2598Not updated
33Lostkiller  Bladefist-US2396Not updated
34Halanin  Bladefist-US2396Not updated
35Honidas  Bladefist-US2388Not updated
36Weemix CataclysmBladefist-US1888Not updated
37Multen  Bladefist-US1799Not updated
38Ryuk InsurgencyBladefist-US1797Not updated
39Zooie OutspokenBladefist-US1794Not updated
40Dacian Final FinalBladefist-US1791Not updated
41Treffs Hordeland SecurityBladefist-US1783Not updated
42Panda InsurgencyBladefist-US1783Not updated
43Vipermorte ShinigamiBladefist-US1698Not updated
44Quesodilla InsurgencyBladefist-US1696Not updated
45Triiviium Lightly RoastedBladefist-US1695Not updated
46Axisan OutspokenBladefist-US1595Not updated
47Chugnorris Hells LegacyBladefist-US1591Not updated
48Stunningly CataclysmBladefist-US1579Not updated
49Phoenïx InsurgencyBladefist-US1499Not updated
50Kasurigama Final FinalBladefist-US1425Not updated
51Saronite InsurgencyBladefist-US1391Not updated
52Denadrerus Saints of ExodarBladefist-US1373Not updated
53Nëji OutspokenBladefist-US1298Not updated
54Mindwalker Knights of the TemplersBladefist-US1297Not updated
55Nagron UnrestBladefist-US1199Not updated
56Eizi  Bladefist-US1188Not updated
57Overhung Final FinalBladefist-US1079Not updated
58Fireflys InsurgencyBladefist-US994Not updated
59Brütalitatio Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US991Not updated
60Dockholliday Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US990Not updated
61Plågüéd  Bladefist-US988Not updated
62Marducas Facta non VerbaBladefist-US983Not updated
63Chuckliddell  Bladefist-US976Not updated
64Troublesome  Bladefist-US892Not updated
65Enüm Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US889Not updated
66Flx Saints of ExodarBladefist-US888Not updated
67Armin lords of battleBladefist-US881Not updated
68Clams UnrestBladefist-US881Not updated
69Steezin Lightly RoastedBladefist-US881Not updated
70Ziggs Dragon CoveBladefist-US798Not updated
71Nìxey InsurgencyBladefist-US798Not updated
72Senntasiadtf VicariousBladefist-US796Not updated
73Kalfu  Bladefist-US796Not updated
74Decìmus Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US795Not updated
75Bluëbërry The Dragons PrideBladefist-US794Not updated
76Hellxbringer ExaltedBladefist-US792Not updated
77Yahmon CataclysmBladefist-US792Not updated
78Sinisterally Those Once LoyalBladefist-US791Not updated
79Pràe CataclysmBladefist-US785Not updated
80Moes Friction AddictionBladefist-US782Not updated
81Lucritzorye UnleashedBladefist-US781Not updated
82Touchin CataclysmBladefist-US752Not updated
83Shoebear MajesticBladefist-US699Not updated
84Deathpwnu  Bladefist-US697Not updated
85Calimait Legions of the HordeBladefist-US696Not updated
86Fearmeh UnrestBladefist-US696Not updated
87Brofessional  Bladefist-US693Not updated
88Syrri InsurgencyBladefist-US693Not updated
89Vexess Friction AddictionBladefist-US691Not updated
90Raeknoth UNITYBladefist-US690Not updated
91Elegos UnrestBladefist-US689Not updated
92Felfairy  Bladefist-US685Not updated
93Malvric UnrestBladefist-US684Not updated
94Aerilandis The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US681Not updated
95Schultz CataclysmBladefist-US680Not updated
96Xarri InsurgencyBladefist-US675Not updated
97Nightruin Saints of ExodarBladefist-US673Not updated
98Itsoylol InsurgencyBladefist-US671Not updated
99Maharis Friction AddictionBladefist-US669Not updated
100Undonë Vile IntentBladefist-US668Not updated

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