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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Fountainmage Washed UpBlackrock-US8388Not updated
2Skoose  Blackrock-US5988Not updated
3Eightroad DefenestrateBlackrock-US5896Not updated
4Valziel  Blackrock-US5894Not updated
5Jetstreak RivenBlackrock-US4995Not updated
6Ruhye RivenBlackrock-US4993Not updated
7Nadalift ReformBlackrock-US4991Not updated
8Chaksuu IlluminatìBlackrock-US4986Not updated
9Taral  Blackrock-US4890Not updated
10Boosh  Blackrock-US4795Not updated
11Loredd SupernovaBlackrock-US4699Not updated
12Crow ReformBlackrock-US4671Not updated
13Flame ReformBlackrock-US4397Not updated
14Eriis HellBlackrock-US4396Not updated
15Azglok HellBlackrock-US4394Not updated
16Kôrlic Strange LandBlackrock-US4354Not updated
17Walajanilu DefenestrateBlackrock-US4297Not updated
18Junghana Standard DeviationBlackrock-US4292Not updated
19Kallìk AmplifyBlackrock-US3997Not updated
20Casawn DefenestrateBlackrock-US3997Not updated
21Khamakazi Pipe Wrench FightBlackrock-US3990Not updated
22Wounder Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US3989Not updated
23Cownado NevermoreBlackrock-US3987Not updated
24Papasmokes Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3898Not updated
25Ragesong Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3897Not updated
26perféktion DefenestrateBlackrock-US3896Not updated
27Japi TherapistsBlackrock-US3895Not updated
28Gorram Try HardsBlackrock-US3894Not updated
29Jurlok  Blackrock-US3894Not updated
30Lukieslock Really Bad PlayersBlackrock-US3891Not updated
31Lyrabelacqua HellBlackrock-US3886Not updated
32Massive  Blackrock-US3886Not updated
33Avadk Bank of AvaBlackrock-US3880Not updated
34Sicz EmeritusBlackrock-US3799Not updated
35Coztoomba Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US3798Not updated
36Rufio OutragedBlackrock-US3797Not updated
37Pyro RivenBlackrock-US3794Not updated
38Raxious MontblancBlackrock-US3791Not updated
39Sazab PantheonBlackrock-US3787Not updated
40Qualiti  Blackrock-US3786Not updated
41Nafell Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US3784Not updated
42Zëan ReformBlackrock-US3783Not updated
43Shackie TriboBlackrock-US3777Not updated
44Shoggoth Really Bad PlayersBlackrock-US3696Not updated
45Meanoi SKPBlackrock-US3696Not updated
46Roy MontblancBlackrock-US3696Not updated
47Smartypants Happy FridayBlackrock-US3695Not updated
48Carebearone  Blackrock-US3695Not updated
49Toxin DRAKKARBlackrock-US3694Not updated
50Okap Ctrl ZBlackrock-US3692Not updated
51Pryydrom Pryydrom Fan ClubBlackrock-US3691Not updated
52Dìrequaza LurkBlackrock-US3691Not updated
53Smoothgroove Happy FridayBlackrock-US3689Not updated
54Oliviaz Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3689Not updated
55Elémental  Blackrock-US3688Not updated
56Initzero DefineBlackrock-US3688Not updated
57Blurbus SynthesisBlackrock-US3679Not updated
58Killtrocity Champions of DraenorBlackrock-US3676Not updated
59Isania TeamworkBlackrock-US3642Not updated
60Happysmiles Soft EnrageBlackrock-US3599Not updated
61Grimdeeds  Blackrock-US3598Not updated
62Zampini Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3597Not updated
63Styx Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US3596Not updated
64John DefenestrateBlackrock-US3592Not updated
65Firebadger The Scourge of LordaeronBlackrock-US3592Not updated
66Lostthought DefineBlackrock-US3588Not updated
67Zenthor DefenestrateBlackrock-US3497Not updated
68Amaranthinè Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3399Not updated
69Kieren  Blackrock-US3398Not updated
70Pewkachu OutragedBlackrock-US3398Not updated
71Hòngo Something NovelBlackrock-US3398Not updated
72Darkzîlla DesolationBlackrock-US3398Not updated
73Entitle OutragedBlackrock-US3396Not updated
74Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3395Not updated
75Rizzin OutragedBlackrock-US3395Not updated
76Lunches DefenestrateBlackrock-US3391Not updated
77Magdalena HellBlackrock-US3391Not updated
78Kirarasuka  Blackrock-US3385Not updated
79Psyran HellBlackrock-US3384Not updated
80Litta MontblancBlackrock-US3376Not updated
81Docoa MilbonBlackrock-US3373Not updated
82Oxyra  Blackrock-US3370Not updated
83Zaelynn Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3364Not updated
84Archarys Really Bad PlayersBlackrock-US3358Not updated
85Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US3300Not updated
86Phizz VehementiBlackrock-US3300Not updated
87Wombatdied SKPBlackrock-US3299Not updated
88Biyashi RETARSIONBlackrock-US3296Not updated
89Zorika TurksBlackrock-US3295Not updated
90Nêcrotize Shots FiredBlackrock-US3293Not updated
91Endless ReformBlackrock-US3292Not updated
92Anastazii Friendship and RainbowsBlackrock-US3221Not updated
93Forcebreaker  Blackrock-US3196Not updated
94Fizzkik RavenwolfBlackrock-US3194Not updated
95Kaoeslol DefenestrateBlackrock-US3193Not updated
96Shot ReformBlackrock-US3178Not updated
97Hancom MontblancBlackrock-US3176Not updated
98Impulser NonoobsBlackrock-US3164Not updated
99Enrager DefenestrateBlackrock-US3159Not updated
100Darckli DefenestrateBlackrock-US3100Not updated

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