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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sebatyne H A L OBlackrock-EU6387Not updated
2Hïgh Elite GamerBlackrock-EU5998Not updated
3Darkchief The UnnamedBlackrock-EU5899Not updated
4Iwaslikewtf MadnessBlackrock-EU5897Not updated
5Rázore The UnnamedBlackrock-EU5796Not updated
6Xkrazy Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU5789Not updated
7Gnorxes The UnnamedBlackrock-EU5775Not updated
8Ishtak The UnnamedBlackrock-EU5694Not updated
9Ziggs dpsBlackrock-EU5496Not updated
10Ishaq  Blackrock-EU5299Not updated
11Eøs a few good menBlackrock-EU5000Not updated
12Xhen The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU4985Not updated
13Hollylolly a few good menBlackrock-EU4899Not updated
14Niaty Rise IncBlackrock-EU4896Not updated
15Arcing impressBlackrock-EU4896Not updated
16Lâncelott CM EliteBlackrock-EU4885Not updated
17Jayof Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU4799Not updated
18Stifflee Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU4792Not updated
19Niathal Rise IncBlackrock-EU4782Not updated
20Flashgôrdôn Leopard with a ChainsawBlackrock-EU4695Not updated
21Dietrying Leopard with a ChainsawBlackrock-EU4682Not updated
22Jayoff Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU4682Not updated
23Malfax I Plan B IBlackrock-EU4667Not updated
24Savvy Attack Me I Luv WorldPvPBlackrock-EU4598Not updated
25Smitelol MadnessBlackrock-EU4594Not updated
26Platzpatron Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU4495Not updated
27Zekor REALMPOLICEBlackrock-EU4492Not updated
28Neboel NôFearBlackrock-EU4479Not updated
29Iwaslikewtk MadnessBlackrock-EU4399Not updated
30Ruuky Just my two centsBlackrock-EU4398Not updated
31Mibaa headlineBlackrock-EU4398Not updated
32Astoríus Club der roten RoseBlackrock-EU4397Not updated
33Piwan Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU4397Not updated
34Anduryondon Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU4395Not updated
35Aliesar AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU4393Not updated
36Flenn illunisBlackrock-EU4393Not updated
37Fujita EscapeBlackrock-EU4381Not updated
38Skuro Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU4302Not updated
39Reska Verbotene LiebeBlackrock-EU4296Not updated
40Mishì Reallife ReloadedBlackrock-EU4296Not updated
41Rúffÿ ProudBlackrock-EU4199Not updated
42Cliany Leopard with a ChainsawBlackrock-EU3996Not updated
43Marladon eXoticBlackrock-EU3995Not updated
44Sickitup DemonsBlackrock-EU3992Not updated
45Sukkazne RiotBlackrock-EU3991Not updated
46Mirai Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU3990Not updated
47Kadev UniquêBlackrock-EU3979Not updated
48Bubba RaidClubBlackrock-EU3971Not updated
49Faranea tricks or threatBlackrock-EU3898Not updated
50Yvalanir H A L OBlackrock-EU3898Not updated
51Fìrez Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU3898Not updated
52Telon Rising BloodBlackrock-EU3897Not updated
53Izn Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU3897Not updated
54Traccs The BulwarkBlackrock-EU3896Not updated
55Skoraton Vom HordnungsamtBlackrock-EU3896Not updated
56Jaimee DemonsBlackrock-EU3895Not updated
57Nappa Bloody SeveredBlackrock-EU3895Not updated
58Nyxara Orden der SchattenBlackrock-EU3895Not updated
59Dnxz  Blackrock-EU3894Not updated
60Trollololø  Blackrock-EU3894Not updated
61Maves guarDBlackrock-EU3890Not updated
62Heltobob DemonsBlackrock-EU3887Not updated
63Pasoda  Blackrock-EU3887Not updated
64Waddex guarDBlackrock-EU3887Not updated
65Raysjin  Blackrock-EU3881Not updated
66Ceny Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU3862Not updated
67Nikkiya  Blackrock-EU3799Not updated
68Tenwin AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU3798Not updated
69Hansebenger ExspesBlackrock-EU3798Not updated
70Dyzee Reallife ReloadedBlackrock-EU3798Not updated
71Sniperhand stressfreiBlackrock-EU3797Not updated
72Cryptonomic EpícaBlackrock-EU3797Not updated
73Scoôter guarDBlackrock-EU3796Not updated
74Maginá NukuhlarBlackrock-EU3795Not updated
75Wuota RespawnBlackrock-EU3795Not updated
76Fazor KriegsdonnerBlackrock-EU3795Not updated
77Gnizzlol Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU3793Not updated
78Likun NexBlackrock-EU3793Not updated
79Narkum Little ItalyBlackrock-EU3790Not updated
80Forestpixie AXWELL INGROSSOBlackrock-EU3789Not updated
81Bélizar chromatic desiresBlackrock-EU3786Not updated
82Loreqt SoliDBlackrock-EU3782Not updated
83Zerglol guarDBlackrock-EU3781Not updated
84Fróstbane  Blackrock-EU3769Not updated
85Dotmyway  Blackrock-EU3766Not updated
86Kemo AdoriaBlackrock-EU3765Not updated
87Haitô Malm goes WildBlackrock-EU3699Not updated
88Aztarte The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU3698Not updated
89Burzum SoulEatersBlackrock-EU3698Not updated
90Xevh BananenbiegereiBlackrock-EU3698Not updated
91Hattrick Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU3698Not updated
92Bloodgrin Quelle der LeidenschaftBlackrock-EU3698Not updated
93Hörst AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU3697Not updated
94Akeen CarnivoresBlackrock-EU3697Not updated
95Artyomka For the HordeBlackrock-EU3696Not updated
96Ryfar Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU3695Not updated
97Rockyxy Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU3695Not updated
98Spleexz qwfrxBlackrock-EU3694Not updated
99Dotcom echoesBlackrock-EU3693Not updated
100Xlii AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU3692Not updated

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