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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackmoore-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Helmy Panic IncBlackmoore-EU8689Not updated
2Rustart we got thisBlackmoore-EU7982Not updated
3Zalana SpiritBlackmoore-EU7882Not updated
4Quiley Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU6995Not updated
5Marotech  Blackmoore-EU6798Not updated
6Piwanv MaledictionBlackmoore-EU6584Not updated
7Kalevra Shadows of the DarkBlackmoore-EU6389Not updated
8Justdnceelol SUPERHEROSQUADBlackmoore-EU6180Not updated
9Elvedia WoD LevelingBlackmoore-EU5998Not updated
10Ozos MaledictionBlackmoore-EU5894Not updated
11Cruzia SUPERHEROSQUADBlackmoore-EU5799Not updated
12Darokx  Blackmoore-EU5789Not updated
13Senzeí InfamousBlackmoore-EU5697Not updated
14Messox RagequitBlackmoore-EU5599Not updated
15Cryna evolveBlackmoore-EU5399Not updated
16Sadrax EvolutionBlackmoore-EU5375Not updated
17Mêlt Shâri Thus nor DielBlackmoore-EU5299Not updated
18Dilio ExercitusBlackmoore-EU4899Not updated
19Zéliós Shadows of the DarkBlackmoore-EU4898Not updated
20Savìí InfamousBlackmoore-EU4895Not updated
21Hänkmoody Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU4893Not updated
22Båsh InfamousBlackmoore-EU4892Not updated
23Mællen InfamousBlackmoore-EU4798Not updated
24Cörki we got thisBlackmoore-EU4796Not updated
25Arkol EvolutionBlackmoore-EU4796Not updated
26Ulumuulu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU4794Not updated
27Seelenwînter Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU4790Not updated
28Foin IllusionsBlackmoore-EU4693Not updated
29Paradex Eternity EndsBlackmoore-EU4689Not updated
30Nèolyn parsecBlackmoore-EU4683Not updated
31Sançhéz MiseryBlackmoore-EU4596Not updated
32Niyyu InnervisionBlackmoore-EU4495Not updated
33Caali MythBlackmoore-EU4399Not updated
34Néolyn NoxxicBlackmoore-EU4398Not updated
35Xulin Team PewPewBlackmoore-EU4397Not updated
36Nacsor zerøBlackmoore-EU4395Not updated
37Dontain InfinityBlackmoore-EU4393Not updated
38Luremaster LynXBlackmoore-EU4392Not updated
39Retsusan KamikazeBlackmoore-EU4388Not updated
40Accurater Force for GoodBlackmoore-EU4384Not updated
41Athinâ  Blackmoore-EU4377Not updated
42Gänsekraut SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU4357Not updated
43Reithage needlessBlackmoore-EU4299Not updated
44Dhesideria Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU4296Not updated
45Shangzain KreuzrítterBlackmoore-EU4294Not updated
46Corrigan Söhne des DrachenBlackmoore-EU4195Not updated
47Cremor BellerophonBlackmoore-EU4194Not updated
48Daewyn hominis noctisBlackmoore-EU4188Not updated
49Tarish SeraakBlackmoore-EU4000Not updated
50Jasí SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU3999Not updated
51Mójolock Mojobro CompanyBlackmoore-EU3995Not updated
52Vreakly MythBlackmoore-EU3993Not updated
53Zueý the FinestBlackmoore-EU3993Not updated
54Cptnkaracho zerøBlackmoore-EU3981Not updated
55Trumpy AvengerSBlackmoore-EU3978Not updated
56Kersty From Hell òÓBlackmoore-EU3969Not updated
57Olorín Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU3899Not updated
58Brei Darkest DreamBlackmoore-EU3898Not updated
59Sarvon AternumBlackmoore-EU3898Not updated
60Xxbla IncinerateBlackmoore-EU3898Not updated
61Sincap BellerophonBlackmoore-EU3897Not updated
62Sladerlol AternumBlackmoore-EU3896Not updated
63Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU3894Not updated
64Raasc Rage GmbHBlackmoore-EU3894Not updated
65Kaythline wrath selectionBlackmoore-EU3894Not updated
66Oppi hominis noctisBlackmoore-EU3892Not updated
67Dkrispie TempestBlackmoore-EU3891Not updated
68Wrâthbrîngêr Heroes of WarBlackmoore-EU3891Not updated
69Ruuki UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU3890Not updated
70Weêezy EvolutionBlackmoore-EU3888Not updated
71Intrige CrushedBlackmoore-EU3888Not updated
72Azkádellia IllusionsBlackmoore-EU3884Not updated
73Elêa TempestBlackmoore-EU3882Not updated
74Sérigala Wahnsinn mit MethodeBlackmoore-EU3882Not updated
75Sartura Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU3876Not updated
76Nohara Touretto BologneseBlackmoore-EU3875Not updated
77Sulate NoxxicBlackmoore-EU3799Not updated
78Randomeule  Blackmoore-EU3799Not updated
79Nazuqi Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU3798Not updated
80Executos AvengerSBlackmoore-EU3798Not updated
81Saevi we got thisBlackmoore-EU3796Not updated
82Rìu CrushedBlackmoore-EU3796Not updated
83Bandjo LunacyBlackmoore-EU3796Not updated
84Eluxi wrath selectionBlackmoore-EU3795Not updated
85Viñzeñt HypeBlackmoore-EU3795Not updated
86Donodan Team PewPewBlackmoore-EU3794Not updated
87Stâmpfine zerøBlackmoore-EU3794Not updated
88Volrâth DecuriaBlackmoore-EU3794Not updated
89Emerahl we got thisBlackmoore-EU3793Not updated
90Sailz Die SilberdrachenBlackmoore-EU3793Not updated
91Colakaroler Entropic GravityBlackmoore-EU3792Not updated
92Astven The UnleashedBlackmoore-EU3792Not updated
93Zlatka Ten Men ShowBlackmoore-EU3791Not updated
94Xantira Die ApokalypseBlackmoore-EU3791Not updated
95Vilora  Blackmoore-EU3791Not updated
96Mauêr CHÛBlackmoore-EU3790Not updated
97Tuparios Hordentlich aufs MaulBlackmoore-EU3790Not updated
98Ongell IbrakadabraBlackmoore-EU3786Not updated
99Wauzekeks MythBlackmoore-EU3784Not updated
100Kalinkalin IllusionsBlackmoore-EU3784Not updated

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