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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Barthilas-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Nippslol AscensionBarthilas-US6992Not updated
2Hecarion RatsBarthilas-US6894Not updated
3Kevybevy AscensionBarthilas-US6779Not updated
4Dktydi Blue LabelBarthilas-US6597Not updated
5Angrist RatsBarthilas-US5986Not updated
6Maxasauraus SealedBarthilas-US5978Not updated
7Hypezz AscensionBarthilas-US5899Not updated
8Ofnu  Barthilas-US5896Not updated
9Baconish AscensionBarthilas-US5798Not updated
10Chuxxie AscensionBarthilas-US5791Not updated
11Kald RatsBarthilas-US5650Not updated
12Arima AscensionBarthilas-US4895Not updated
13Rams RatsBarthilas-US4892Not updated
14Providus VorfreudeBarthilas-US4782Not updated
15Buterballs OMG Lazers Pew Pew PewBarthilas-US4775Not updated
16Chuckles AscensionBarthilas-US4698Not updated
17Babywish H O M EBarthilas-US4682Not updated
18Dogivet Blue LabelBarthilas-US4496Not updated
19Randomno VortexBarthilas-US4494Not updated
20Orcward Full ThrottleBarthilas-US4390Not updated
21Magnious StylinBarthilas-US3997Not updated
22Kerbs VortexBarthilas-US3990Not updated
23Helium AudacityBarthilas-US3981Not updated
24Tenten Vulgar Display of PowerBarthilas-US3949Not updated
25Chazz EnigmaBarthilas-US3899Not updated
26Cesily Blue LabelBarthilas-US3898Not updated
27Younghov  Barthilas-US3897Not updated
28Charlixcx  Barthilas-US3897Not updated
29Jiqqa  Barthilas-US3897Not updated
30Lurker Blue LabelBarthilas-US3897Not updated
31Kenpo AscensionBarthilas-US3896Not updated
32Plugin  Barthilas-US3896Not updated
33Plugins Swims in LavaBarthilas-US3896Not updated
34Strobby DevourBarthilas-US3894Not updated
35Lorindien CalibreBarthilas-US3891Not updated
36Bennz RatsBarthilas-US3799Not updated
37Firao RatsBarthilas-US3798Not updated
38Wigss Well EquippedBarthilas-US3797Not updated
39Aokiie AscensionBarthilas-US3796Not updated
40Fwo Well EquippedBarthilas-US3794Not updated
41Demïse Blue LabelBarthilas-US3794Not updated
42Taidyox VortexBarthilas-US3792Not updated
43Putress AudacityBarthilas-US3791Not updated
44Zurog TempusBarthilas-US3783Not updated
45Ziphz  Barthilas-US3782Not updated
46Cail SparkBarthilas-US3781Not updated
47Honzo EnigmaBarthilas-US3779Not updated
48Rokazi InfámousBarthilas-US3699Not updated
49Sleepzyo Unreal ReduxBarthilas-US3698Not updated
50Minxmin Band of RaidersBarthilas-US3697Not updated
51Dev The Stylish FewBarthilas-US3695Not updated
52Battlerifle EventideBarthilas-US3695Not updated
53Rts AscensionBarthilas-US3694Not updated
54Giggishot VortexBarthilas-US3688Not updated
55Nenenene  Barthilas-US3687Not updated
56Gulder Blue LabelBarthilas-US3685Not updated
57Archiüs InvictaBarthilas-US3685Not updated
58Capslöck Well EquippedBarthilas-US3681Not updated
59Annihilation PrimalBarthilas-US3663Not updated
60Infestör OrayaBarthilas-US3627Not updated
61Barryson Pop CultureBarthilas-US3599Not updated
62Sixshadows AscensionBarthilas-US3598Not updated
63Gearshift AscensionBarthilas-US3595Not updated
64Sacricarl The Eagle Reigns SupremeBarthilas-US3594Not updated
65Anthiall  Barthilas-US3587Not updated
66Tùrtlè EnigmaBarthilas-US3587Not updated
67Ðetected EnigmaBarthilas-US3586Not updated
68Aìsa OmnipotëntBarthilas-US3496Not updated
69Pottato CRANKEDBarthilas-US3428Not updated
70Keal AsterixBarthilas-US3419Not updated
71Asunå Band of RaidersBarthilas-US3399Not updated
72Mudkips Victrix MortalisBarthilas-US3398Not updated
73Amspl RatsBarthilas-US3396Not updated
74Goochinator Deus Ex MachinaBarthilas-US3396Not updated
75Chahk NochocolateBarthilas-US3395Not updated
76Xcalibur Jims MowingBarthilas-US3394Not updated
77Crel  Barthilas-US3392Not updated
78Nippre Bad LatencyBarthilas-US3392Not updated
79Flawless AscensionBarthilas-US3390Not updated
80Fozqt GundibabeBarthilas-US3387Not updated
81Flame StylinBarthilas-US3386Not updated
82Notapet Straw Hat PirateZBarthilas-US3386Not updated
83Depress LCDBarthilas-US3385Not updated
84Squaricles  Barthilas-US3385Not updated
85Raszack Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US3380Not updated
86Dresh MinigameBarthilas-US3380Not updated
87Comapazine The Stylish FewBarthilas-US3378Not updated
88Okaloc SymbiosisBarthilas-US3342Not updated
89Discarded VortexBarthilas-US3300Not updated
90Fragility Vestige of EquinoxBarthilas-US3299Not updated
91Feateous Controlled KaosBarthilas-US3299Not updated
92Fizzlepop Unreal ReduxBarthilas-US3298Not updated
93Bademonium The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3298Not updated
94Tzuke PrimalBarthilas-US3298Not updated
95Luì VortexBarthilas-US3295Not updated
96Mandiss Vestige of EquinoxBarthilas-US3291Not updated
97Sargaron EnigmaBarthilas-US3287Not updated
98Assertion When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US3242Not updated
99Alr Unreal ReduxBarthilas-US3200Not updated
100Etuliela Blue LabelBarthilas-US3199Not updated

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