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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Rud  Azralon-US6996Not updated
2Horrendum EndGameAzralon-US6897Not updated
3Crysil Toca do GoblinAzralon-US6889Not updated
4Renegat Assault ModeAzralon-US5888Not updated
5Hakugz oh NOESAzralon-US5798Not updated
6Thamyor LastOneAzralon-US5699Not updated
7Arquious Arathian KnightsAzralon-US5699Not updated
8Kaccatur New MetaAzralon-US5398Not updated
9Madnees ExcidiumAzralon-US5396Not updated
10Aquiless Arathian KnightsAzralon-US4895Not updated
11Innk ManthraAzralon-US4895Not updated
12Chamomile ExcidiumAzralon-US4895Not updated
13Chillie Stack e AoEAzralon-US4891Not updated
14Marco Stack e AoEAzralon-US4889Not updated
15Shake  Azralon-US4885Not updated
16Zodiåc WhostheTankAzralon-US4799Not updated
17Darkviva ExcidiumAzralon-US4699Not updated
18Rochosus Assault ModeAzralon-US4694Not updated
19Dethmold  Azralon-US4690Not updated
20Cäng LastOneAzralon-US4688Not updated
21Winthoor NullAzralon-US4684Not updated
22Alce Søul StealersAzralon-US4680Not updated
23Kmä Horda SAAzralon-US4677Not updated
24Neltharius RetaliationAzralon-US4663Not updated
25Hexentanz ExcidiumAzralon-US4596Not updated
26Khanda Rise AboveAzralon-US4595Not updated
27Mhk DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US4496Not updated
28Kniven  Azralon-US4474Not updated
29Dkinsonia EndGameAzralon-US4396Not updated
30Knurd The Last LegionAzralon-US4396Not updated
31Highmagic  Azralon-US4395Not updated
32Vallière Born To KillAzralon-US4391Not updated
33Velom DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US4381Not updated
34Chequer EndGameAzralon-US4373Not updated
35Watos ShowtimeAzralon-US4299Not updated
36Nilq LastOneAzralon-US4296Not updated
37Annapurnä oh NOESAzralon-US4096Not updated
38Ryuujin Order Of The FlameAzralon-US4013Not updated
39Trollmadruga Silithus PiratesAzralon-US4000Not updated
40Adamanthiüm HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US3996Not updated
41Pigpanda Sabotage IncAzralon-US3994Not updated
42Michelzord EndGameAzralon-US3982Not updated
43Henríque DamnationAzralon-US3980Not updated
44Wildman oh NOESAzralon-US3979Not updated
45Stix WICKED SICKAzralon-US3974Not updated
46Drakeson Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3972Not updated
47Leitowsky CorujasAzralon-US3899Not updated
48Eternalfear KnineAzralon-US3898Not updated
49Battant Blood FuryAzralon-US3897Not updated
50Serejo AesirAzralon-US3897Not updated
51Kemson Hell AngelSAzralon-US3897Not updated
52Avaradrada Os Bandi ConeAzralon-US3897Not updated
53Alopex Mighty DragonsAzralon-US3896Not updated
54Cupid Murloc n RollAzralon-US3896Not updated
55Ossadalf Blood FuryAzralon-US3895Not updated
56Reichel Legiãø dø ApøcalipseAzralon-US3894Not updated
57Creynaix EndGameAzralon-US3894Not updated
58Icebreak Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3894Not updated
59Nikov Prossai GranadoAzralon-US3894Not updated
60Veredictum Bro HymnAzralon-US3893Not updated
61Poporing ShowtimeAzralon-US3893Not updated
62Etna FluxAzralon-US3893Not updated
63Atreÿu WhostheTankAzralon-US3892Not updated
64Ringthebel SinnersAzralon-US3890Not updated
65Nøuway WICKED SICKAzralon-US3888Not updated
66Senx Blood FuryAzralon-US3886Not updated
67Edurøx Orgrim BloodAzralon-US3799Not updated
68Pandaimei CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US3799Not updated
69Yoshimitsu Rise AboveAzralon-US3798Not updated
70Ártemis Stack e AoEAzralon-US3798Not updated
71Coldweaver WiderstandAzralon-US3797Not updated
72Daniie A Rul Shach KigonAzralon-US3797Not updated
73Pulltricide Hell AngelSAzralon-US3797Not updated
74Nouway WICKED SICKAzralon-US3796Not updated
75Bichosolto The Last LegionAzralon-US3796Not updated
76Batimah Ghøst MenaceAzralon-US3794Not updated
77Gragarm ExcidiumAzralon-US3793Not updated
78Zaborg WICKED SICKAzralon-US3793Not updated
79Skoal Der BlutsturmAzralon-US3793Not updated
80Pewpewblast RetaliationAzralon-US3792Not updated
81Plume Toca do GoblinAzralon-US3791Not updated
82Splinther Stack e AoEAzralon-US3791Not updated
83Frk Mechanical ChickenAzralon-US3790Not updated
84Rellyne Toca do GoblinAzralon-US3774Not updated
85Defiarla WhostheTankAzralon-US3772Not updated
86Haziël Killing Is My BusinessAzralon-US3766Not updated
87Kaveraum AxonAzralon-US3762Not updated
88Leffster brb my fish is drowningAzralon-US3699Not updated
89Triconomia EndGameAzralon-US3699Not updated
90Eskima Game øf ThronesAzralon-US3699Not updated
91Trøla Killing Is My BusinessAzralon-US3699Not updated
92Thezookeeper Chaos BrotherhoodAzralon-US3699Not updated
93Deathwraith Blood FuryAzralon-US3697Not updated
94Morghul Booty Bay Surf ClubAzralon-US3696Not updated
95Woods FluxAzralon-US3696Not updated
96Larvos Try HarderAzralon-US3696Not updated
97Tehx LastOneAzralon-US3695Not updated
98Magxye  Azralon-US3693Not updated
99Kallex LastOneAzralon-US3692Not updated
100Zumbru Ghøst MenaceAzralon-US3690Not updated

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