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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Rexxagon Nothing But TroubleArthas-US6983Not updated
2Phry AdelanteArthas-US6896Not updated
3Gungrave The Fallen AngelsArthas-US6494Not updated
4Setsun StaticArthas-US6288Not updated
5Aurune Matt DamonArthas-US5983Not updated
6Hastera StaticArthas-US5797Not updated
7Wildholycat M I CArthas-US5373Not updated
8Deamonpaw SurplusArthas-US4994Not updated
9Superbazooka Matt DamonArthas-US4978Not updated
10Gabbynator  Arthas-US4898Not updated
11Wildfantasia M I CArthas-US4896Not updated
12Yolomónk AdelanteArthas-US4797Not updated
13Shotsfired Lusting on TrashArthas-US4778Not updated
14Halistra StaticArthas-US4773Not updated
15Johnossim EFFIN MACH SPEEDArthas-US4694Not updated
16Boredd cool dudesArthas-US4690Not updated
17Kakashi From The InternetArthas-US4399Not updated
18Spoove Standing in FireArthas-US4396Not updated
19Jhumanji  Arthas-US4396Not updated
20Genspec Just RunArthas-US4389Not updated
21Angelness NAMELESS LEGENDSArthas-US4387Not updated
22Ernee The Short BusArthas-US4100Not updated
23Newt InstinctiveArthas-US4077Not updated
24Mfg InitiumArthas-US4031Not updated
25Petergrippin Execution SentenceArthas-US3996Not updated
26Darforce VenomArthas-US3990Not updated
27Raverftw  Arthas-US3987Not updated
28Grawd TGArthas-US3984Not updated
29Lifebløøm ClarityArthas-US3899Not updated
30Mannbèarpig  Arthas-US3899Not updated
31Mokrakh  Arthas-US3897Not updated
32Cipher SkillArthas-US3896Not updated
33Mcgavin Matt DamonArthas-US3895Not updated
34Handheld  Arthas-US3895Not updated
35Sythrenkar DowntimeArthas-US3893Not updated
36Foda SuspectArthas-US3886Not updated
37Yoshinocon RebelArthas-US3885Not updated
38Stormscout  Arthas-US3883Not updated
39Craved ClarityArthas-US3799Not updated
40Heavenstyle M I CArthas-US3799Not updated
41Demandrèd SuspectArthas-US3798Not updated
42Quik Bone BrigadeArthas-US3796Not updated
43Narroww TGArthas-US3796Not updated
44Rockkie  Arthas-US3794Not updated
45Soulsworn ÎnfernumArthas-US3793Not updated
46Angrÿ Fair EnoughArthas-US3788Not updated
47Unkynd The SwornArthas-US3775Not updated
48Fayia  Arthas-US3768Not updated
49Aflictionado DrunkiesArthas-US3695Not updated
50Bluedreamchz ClarityArthas-US3695Not updated
51Fallus Canadian Sweating PrideArthas-US3694Not updated
52Chugnoris Lusting on TrashArthas-US3694Not updated
53Baalrogg Fair EnoughArthas-US3694Not updated
54Azdranax Løst SøulsArthas-US3693Not updated
55Ceifador DrunkiesArthas-US3692Not updated
56Mjollinyr InstinctiveArthas-US3691Not updated
57Dischörd EFFIN MACH SPEEDArthas-US3690Not updated
58Grogmär Deus VultArthas-US3683Not updated
59Xirhas AttritionArthas-US3672Not updated
60Oriion Champions of the HordeArthas-US3599Not updated
61Reptillia Nothing But TroubleArthas-US3599Not updated
62Baruken Take NotesArthas-US3599Not updated
63Magykx  Arthas-US3599Not updated
64Emcsquared Swaglords Of DraenorArthas-US3598Not updated
65Atli RëtributionArthas-US3597Not updated
66Tydiavis Damage ControlArthas-US3597Not updated
67Cathesia M I CArthas-US3597Not updated
68Harabara Short Bus AllstarsArthas-US3596Not updated
69Asuka M I CArthas-US3596Not updated
70Moskau ClarityArthas-US3590Not updated
71Itans CloudArthas-US3577Not updated
72Simplexity  Arthas-US3499Not updated
73Naviira Baby BursArthas-US3498Not updated
74Top M I CArthas-US3497Not updated
75Blutmark Ye Ole HangmenArthas-US3495Not updated
76ßåîîsâckxo The SwornArthas-US3495Not updated
77Riukushin EFFIN MACH SPEEDArthas-US3493Not updated
78Xaephira  Arthas-US3491Not updated
79Gatorjuice Positive EnergyArthas-US3486Not updated
80Omnisupersto Is The Main CharacterArthas-US3399Not updated
81Nklordaeron RandomArthas-US3398Not updated
82Clayman ProzacArthas-US3396Not updated
83Iin The UnderdogsArthas-US3396Not updated
84Krayd VenomArthas-US3395Not updated
85Bloodzerker FlashedArthas-US3395Not updated
86Deeyar  Arthas-US3395Not updated
87Mobilebankc Tea PartyArthas-US3393Not updated
88Trickz StaticArthas-US3391Not updated
89Scota Last PullArthas-US3391Not updated
90Kwepsi The Fallen AngelsArthas-US3386Not updated
91Lemón RagesArthas-US3379Not updated
92Huntelsa The SwornArthas-US3370Not updated
93Lich From The InternetArthas-US3368Not updated
94Giggleflat Fair EnoughArthas-US3360Not updated
95Arori Greetings EarthlingsArthas-US3300Not updated
96Armgolas CloudArthas-US3300Not updated
97Ulrìk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US3299Not updated
98Elimist Bone BrigadeArthas-US3298Not updated
99Affz Baby BunniesArthas-US3297Not updated
100Branimir DowntimeArthas-US3296Not updated

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