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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1夜月火龍 五木路海七海八北中南縱貫大本營Arthas-TW5398Not updated
2偽神人 JudgementArthas-TW4877Not updated
3Vantinmers 凜風兄弟會Arthas-TW4799Not updated
4亡者在現 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW4693Not updated
5未來領域 dangue fireArthas-TW4593Not updated
6Elmocc  Arthas-TW4392Not updated
7毒舌 MUSEArthas-TW3899Not updated
8妖妖苹果 末之未央Arthas-TW3898Not updated
9深紫銫 ROOMArthas-TW3898Not updated
10Aphroditea Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3897Not updated
11就叫我笨蛋 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3892Not updated
12Extinction MythologyArthas-TW3795Not updated
13Superiore 現代啟示錄Arthas-TW3754Not updated
14Sivvi Peace of FormosaArthas-TW3698Not updated
15鎔寶貝  Arthas-TW3694Not updated
16Alianovna  Arthas-TW3692Not updated
17林贛  Arthas-TW3685Not updated
18忘記了密碼 白色狂想曲Arthas-TW3683Not updated
19熱狗拉茲 Time of our LivesArthas-TW3599Not updated
20暴走阿李 dangue fireArthas-TW3597Not updated
21Lubbit  Arthas-TW3591Not updated
22一口吞天 我要我們永遠宅一起Arthas-TW3495Not updated
23阿緒  Arthas-TW3491Not updated
24Bonnielee 空谷幽蘭Arthas-TW3489Not updated
25銀色極光 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3398Not updated
26泰蘭德一語風 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW3395Not updated
27Scissors Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3387Not updated
28春路秋途  Arthas-TW3386Not updated
29拉茲硬了 旅行的意義Arthas-TW3382Not updated
30挫天使 風花雪月殿堂Arthas-TW3363Not updated
31啪打莉雅之謎 Fishing with YouArthas-TW3290Not updated
32Plexxi  Arthas-TW3232Not updated
33Chloride 我還有點餓Arthas-TW3230Not updated
34Ancalagon Pact of ShadowArthas-TW3226Not updated
35開怪就爆炸 龍之逆鱗Arthas-TW3163Not updated
36Pepper JudgementArthas-TW3115Not updated
37侵蝕之黑翼 Void JokerArthas-TW3100Not updated
38嫣嵐 我還有點餓Arthas-TW3100Not updated
39戀戀瀦 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW3097Not updated
40瑪琳鼠 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW3095Not updated
41Fatdudu 我還有點餓Arthas-TW3072Not updated
42基紐夫人 TreasureArthas-TW3029Not updated
43十六夜燕林  Arthas-TW3014Not updated
44Inori Pact of ShadowArthas-TW3009Not updated
45Nirvanna  Arthas-TW3006Not updated
46柔瑜 旅行的意義Arthas-TW3000Not updated
47幻丨時之熵 休閒者之灣Arthas-TW3000Not updated
48丹羽灰燐 Bounty huntersArthas-TW3000Not updated
49鮪魚蛋 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3000Not updated
50Holychip Finding NeverlandArthas-TW3000Not updated
51瓦里安嫂子 MURLOCArthas-TW3000Not updated
52Chablies Lost ParadiseArthas-TW2992Not updated
53Gau Finding NeverlandArthas-TW2797Not updated
54雪亂春秋 KamikazeArthas-TW2795Not updated
55永夏 MythologyArthas-TW2785Not updated
56阿忒密斯 Lost ParadiseArthas-TW2599Not updated
57火痕 Death InvitationArthas-TW2491Not updated
58但丁必須死 ROOMArthas-TW2397Not updated
59好運包哥 喵喵的異想世界Arthas-TW2397Not updated
60小蠻牙  Arthas-TW2394Not updated
61狩琖冰蕾  Arthas-TW2393Not updated
62來一針血清 dangue fireArthas-TW2385Not updated
63小曉酥 Dream of eternalArthas-TW1992Not updated
64梅魯海默 TreasureArthas-TW1978Not updated
65吉安麗娜 五木路海七海八北中南縱貫大本營Arthas-TW1897Not updated
66牛腩佛 TempliersArthas-TW1897Not updated
67慕蓉櫻雪 龍之逆鱗Arthas-TW1896Not updated
68Gonnadied NeverSayNeverArthas-TW1894Not updated
69白銀月夜 Death InvitationArthas-TW1889Not updated
70Sesshoumaru 空谷幽蘭Arthas-TW1883Not updated
71夜之幽璃 A F KArthas-TW1799Not updated
72Glaucus Finding NeverlandArthas-TW1798Not updated
73Deams Void JokerArthas-TW1797Not updated
74墮落的瓦雷特 海尼根俱樂部Arthas-TW1796Not updated
75妖魅夜影 巧克力夢想莊園Arthas-TW1796Not updated
76雷歐趴魯特 所羅門Arthas-TW1793Not updated
77姚鼐兒 NeverSayNeverArthas-TW1791Not updated
78目分目分 NeverSayNeverArthas-TW1776Not updated
79死者復甦 Death InvitationArthas-TW1699Not updated
80英勇的糖果  Arthas-TW1679Not updated
81陽光背包客 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1677Not updated
82燄狩 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW1599Not updated
83顆顆法 十年樹木百年樹袋熊Arthas-TW1499Not updated
84尤麗亞 女神的嘆息Arthas-TW1485Not updated
85斬無月 MUSEArthas-TW1399Not updated
86柔荑 旅行的意義Arthas-TW1396Not updated
87Peacesk 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1395Not updated
88柳橙綠茶 MythologyArthas-TW1395Not updated
89味噌拉麵 殘兵Arthas-TW1383Not updated
90赤果果的三千  Arthas-TW1382Not updated
91Blackshadows MUSEArthas-TW1366Not updated
92星空中的小豬  Arthas-TW1365Not updated
93卍黑暗帝王卍 Dream of eternalArthas-TW1356Not updated
94帥氣小內褲 AllianceArthas-TW1298Not updated
95熊天使 所羅門Arthas-TW1294Not updated
96雨天放晴 所羅門Arthas-TW1239Not updated
97卍圈圈兒卍 Piece of CakeArthas-TW1198Not updated
98大獸逼 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW1195Not updated
99黑暗大髮濕 郭嘉門前有張郃之張飛蹲完夏侯惇Arthas-TW1098Not updated
100泌寶  Arthas-TW999Not updated

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