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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Schmandmann Punishers of UranusArthas-EU6395Not updated
2Vaince NoxiousArthas-EU5897Not updated
3Cptquit ToXic GamingArthas-EU4895Not updated
4Asisterion DefianceArthas-EU4891Not updated
5Edoromulus  Arthas-EU4795Not updated
6Lîsera ElysionArthas-EU4593Not updated
7Tsubaku MAINArthas-EU3994Not updated
8Henril PlänemacherArthas-EU3898Not updated
9Zuluz  Arthas-EU3889Not updated
10Skillezz inFlamezArthas-EU3799Not updated
11Bacadri ToXic GamingArthas-EU3798Not updated
12Adèron Haus MoriturusArthas-EU3793Not updated
13Dârkar StyxArthas-EU3791Not updated
14Longaria Punishers of UranusArthas-EU3776Not updated
15Sintwins phrArthas-EU3696Not updated
16Schugginator neidischArthas-EU3695Not updated
17Nahkaz  Arthas-EU3691Not updated
18Evalena StyxArthas-EU3490Not updated
19Sweeatz Dunkle AbsichtenArthas-EU3489Not updated
20Marluxïa  Arthas-EU3381Not updated
21Pirna ImpactArthas-EU3376Not updated
22Cravenia Punishers of UranusArthas-EU3370Not updated
23Etérnìty I Soylent Green IArthas-EU3365Not updated
24Regamus HelixArthas-EU3300Not updated
25Sunnÿ Punishers of UranusArthas-EU3200Not updated
26Chaani StyxArthas-EU3198Not updated
27Draconis ImpactArthas-EU3198Not updated
28Sanczy Ignis DraconisArthas-EU3099Not updated
29Yailan Punishers of UranusArthas-EU3000Not updated
30Æßææäææäææä StyxArthas-EU2983Not updated
31Rênôvâtîo Independent GamingArthas-EU2893Not updated
32Turpek ImpactArthas-EU2892Not updated
33Azghula Ignis DraconisArthas-EU2889Not updated
34Donflamingo ImpactArthas-EU2798Not updated
35Akreá  Arthas-EU2796Not updated
36Serený  Arthas-EU2393Not updated
37Alzhou ElysionArthas-EU2374Not updated
38Hämatom NoxiousArthas-EU1998Not updated
39Furzjesicht SWAnTArthas-EU1996Not updated
40Shâyô NoxiousArthas-EU1970Not updated
41Dhoulmagus ImpactArthas-EU1898Not updated
42Xanth ToXic GamingArthas-EU1880Not updated
43Cústos Eternal InfinityArthas-EU1793Not updated
44Laurira Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU1698Not updated
45Gensø SubwayArthas-EU1697Not updated
46Dierunde Solis DefectioArthas-EU1695Not updated
47Vaínce NoxiousArthas-EU1695Not updated
48Tarîk Two and a half DDArthas-EU1694Not updated
49Greddô  Arthas-EU1686Not updated
50Highteak Immortal InfinityArthas-EU1682Not updated
51Toboriba Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1667Not updated
52Mishuro Knight of DivineArthas-EU1599Not updated
53Darutarn ImpactArthas-EU1488Not updated
54Limeyø  Arthas-EU1397Not updated
55Zòra Wrynns Garde EliteArthas-EU1397Not updated
56Szuru SquishyArthas-EU1397Not updated
57Chillaxo Arthas PvP WarriorsArthas-EU1394Not updated
58Aggrodikey  Arthas-EU1391Not updated
59Cptice ToXic GamingArthas-EU1391Not updated
60Xeras inFlamezArthas-EU1387Not updated
61Yôru Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1385Not updated
62Osilia ImpactArthas-EU1383Not updated
63Shalindrix  Arthas-EU1380Not updated
64Alvari träumt vom RumArthas-EU1375Not updated
65Kerathul ElysionArthas-EU1299Not updated
66Boonur I Soylent Green IArthas-EU1298Not updated
67Harsch  Arthas-EU1293Not updated
68Iân you got owned srslyArthas-EU1292Not updated
69Noomix Punishers of UranusArthas-EU997Not updated
70Primos inFlamezArthas-EU997Not updated
71Triarier  Arthas-EU992Not updated
72Siberia phrArthas-EU989Not updated
73Vîdel inFlamezArthas-EU981Not updated
74Grimnir NoxiousArthas-EU977Not updated
75Utherr AustriaConnectionArthas-EU899Not updated
76Yololzlol SchlappeseppelsArthas-EU899Not updated
77Fruchttiger Punishers of UranusArthas-EU898Not updated
78Endbozz MAINArthas-EU898Not updated
79Lucian Die DunkelzifferArthas-EU897Not updated
80Sturmilol Rebell ohne GrundArthas-EU897Not updated
81Shíana Lost SoulsArthas-EU896Not updated
82Keulevier Challenge AcceptedArthas-EU896Not updated
83Adysha Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU893Not updated
84Kayte QUICK TO THE BATCAVEArthas-EU891Not updated
85Cóyó H E L I O SArthas-EU889Not updated
86Crucify gold cappedArthas-EU889Not updated
87Iaratarwen Last TryArthas-EU887Not updated
88Raonis Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU883Not updated
89Noxxaro  Arthas-EU880Not updated
90Draxxel Punishers of UranusArthas-EU880Not updated
91Vasilipupkin NoxiousArthas-EU799Not updated
92Quanty Haus MoriturusArthas-EU799Not updated
93Æragon Eternal InfinityArthas-EU796Not updated
94Sînori Two and a half DDArthas-EU795Not updated
95Nazraya ParadoxumArthas-EU795Not updated
96Gnomatik neidischArthas-EU795Not updated
97Gündää SpaceballsArthas-EU795Not updated
98Balthaser we da businessArthas-EU793Not updated
99Epinephrin Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU793Not updated
100Agrippîna THGArthas-EU792Not updated

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