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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mandrith RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU6797Not updated
2Jyue PretenseArgent Dawn-EU6795Not updated
3Nèó  Argent Dawn-EU6390Not updated
4Fantasies LightArgent Dawn-EU5898Not updated
5Zootz The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU5881Not updated
6Lionlegs OrionArgent Dawn-EU5795Not updated
7Ikelos Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU5399Not updated
8Cinará LightArgent Dawn-EU5298Not updated
9Fuzzyfists ViralArgent Dawn-EU4993Not updated
10Nophez Raiders IncArgent Dawn-EU4898Not updated
11Flissa The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU4888Not updated
12Qysc RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU4686Not updated
13Me KhalasarArgent Dawn-EU4495Not updated
14Lidaiya The UnbrandedArgent Dawn-EU4494Not updated
15Talkui The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU4493Not updated
16Kailaani LightArgent Dawn-EU4423Not updated
17Naelyi Audacious AngelsArgent Dawn-EU4397Not updated
18Icarus LightArgent Dawn-EU4393Not updated
19Saradain The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU4392Not updated
20Alori  Argent Dawn-EU4299Not updated
21Shilmerinn The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU4296Not updated
22Fleshling MedicatedArgent Dawn-EU4000Not updated
23Saberos The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU3999Not updated
24Valyncia LightArgent Dawn-EU3992Not updated
25Exxacus MistfallArgent Dawn-EU3984Not updated
26Viraaj VerdictArgent Dawn-EU3953Not updated
27Soru ValiojoukkoArgent Dawn-EU3899Not updated
28Azjia Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU3898Not updated
29Isalith CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU3896Not updated
30Astró  Argent Dawn-EU3894Not updated
31Orcad ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU3893Not updated
32Nemisys  Argent Dawn-EU3891Not updated
33Duniates  Argent Dawn-EU3888Not updated
34Drezik PretenseArgent Dawn-EU3888Not updated
35Ahrgy Ulduar Mechanics CrewArgent Dawn-EU3885Not updated
36Rothvory CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU3877Not updated
37Arehn Guardians of TimeArgent Dawn-EU3877Not updated
38Sinthaba ViralArgent Dawn-EU3798Not updated
39Hairira Bites When Picked UpArgent Dawn-EU3798Not updated
40Nimtak  Argent Dawn-EU3795Not updated
41Fanerion VerdictArgent Dawn-EU3793Not updated
42Ciar ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU3793Not updated
43Gweiniel KatlaArgent Dawn-EU3791Not updated
44Zaliya InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3778Not updated
45Irving House of RobertsArgent Dawn-EU3698Not updated
46Draev Charlottes FamiliarsArgent Dawn-EU3698Not updated
47Domidic RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3697Not updated
48Reuterios Crows and RaptorsArgent Dawn-EU3697Not updated
49Kraeppeh CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU3696Not updated
50Elevor Charlottes FamiliarsArgent Dawn-EU3695Not updated
51Adonlea Ashen Rose ConspiracyArgent Dawn-EU3694Not updated
52Nynthi NagaArgent Dawn-EU3693Not updated
53Gichinho The Flaming RubyArgent Dawn-EU3692Not updated
54Bóúnty The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU3692Not updated
55Kemorus PerseveranceArgent Dawn-EU3692Not updated
56Cabbagera CoJArgent Dawn-EU3690Not updated
57Tarit InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3662Not updated
58Turmiotar The PrecariatArgent Dawn-EU3599Not updated
59Dafty Eternitys EndArgent Dawn-EU3599Not updated
60Creimos Dragons of the FlameArgent Dawn-EU3598Not updated
61Tagatha  Argent Dawn-EU3598Not updated
62Tagatharn Eternitys EndArgent Dawn-EU3598Not updated
63Cadence LightArgent Dawn-EU3597Not updated
64Melkorius MistfallArgent Dawn-EU3591Not updated
65Hazè DestinyArgent Dawn-EU3590Not updated
66Áshira Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU3586Not updated
67Zalun Empty PromisesArgent Dawn-EU3500Not updated
68Asaki ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU3498Not updated
69Draniari Walkers of the WindArgent Dawn-EU3496Not updated
70Avachu  Argent Dawn-EU3494Not updated
71Volan Seventh FlightArgent Dawn-EU3494Not updated
72Hotncold RóttenArgent Dawn-EU3486Not updated
73Thestas The Sanguine EyeArgent Dawn-EU3424Not updated
74Whîteknight MistfallArgent Dawn-EU3402Not updated
75Pinka VerdictArgent Dawn-EU3398Not updated
76Staltar Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3398Not updated
77Arangast LightArgent Dawn-EU3397Not updated
78Glamiator LightArgent Dawn-EU3397Not updated
79Stasiaqq HeliosArgent Dawn-EU3397Not updated
80Razori HangoverArgent Dawn-EU3396Not updated
81Kda Crows and RaptorsArgent Dawn-EU3396Not updated
82Helion  Argent Dawn-EU3396Not updated
83Castrian Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU3395Not updated
84Vendraxul DominionArgent Dawn-EU3395Not updated
85Zeike The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU3394Not updated
86Nozari  Argent Dawn-EU3394Not updated
87Enerdhil Dorei Shan ThalasArgent Dawn-EU3391Not updated
88Hemfe Theramore VanguardArgent Dawn-EU3389Not updated
89Njang VerdictArgent Dawn-EU3388Not updated
90Aristía The Secret SocietyArgent Dawn-EU3387Not updated
91Virility Perky PeopleArgent Dawn-EU3386Not updated
92Varenta Salty TearsArgent Dawn-EU3385Not updated
93Iskage CakeArgent Dawn-EU3384Not updated
94Avyin FaedrunArgent Dawn-EU3379Not updated
95Tinkypinkyy RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3379Not updated
96Iltharen Sin BeloreArgent Dawn-EU3372Not updated
97Deamoncles Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3371Not updated
98Fuzzyears InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3370Not updated
99Adamska The RotgardeArgent Dawn-EU3367Not updated
100Dreampaws LoreseekersArgent Dawn-EU3367Not updated

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