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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ruther Ladies OnlyArea 52-US6796Not updated
2Drdeatherino InfluenceArea 52-US6699Not updated
3Pastaface GiggityArea 52-US6389Not updated
4Jwilla Natural SelectionArea 52-US5796Not updated
5Billyboi Ladies OnlyArea 52-US5794Not updated
6Mitsaharu Natural SelectionArea 52-US5493Not updated
7Reminiscent RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US5295Not updated
8Flìte Common AfflictionArea 52-US4994Not updated
9Luffy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US4985Not updated
10Afkudps  Area 52-US4899Not updated
11Kyefong  Area 52-US4890Not updated
12Danedrad CovënantArea 52-US4880Not updated
13Booreck  Area 52-US4787Not updated
14Mcgranee Aggressive OppositionArea 52-US4684Not updated
15Chillskillz We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US4597Not updated
16Animeheroine AnimusArea 52-US4593Not updated
17Abednego Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US4588Not updated
18Revolvebro The DawnbringerArea 52-US4569Not updated
19Rìce New is always betterArea 52-US4397Not updated
20Zoomen Six Beers DeepArea 52-US4384Not updated
21Honak ScornArea 52-US4379Not updated
22Kirikae High FiveArea 52-US4371Not updated
23Chiwillikers We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US4368Not updated
24Fz  Area 52-US4366Not updated
25Chìcken Natural SelectionArea 52-US4180Not updated
26Zekora  Area 52-US4178Not updated
27Tanee ExodusArea 52-US3998Not updated
28Kottun ToastyArea 52-US3998Not updated
29Saegyn UntoldArea 52-US3991Not updated
30Rhenji Delicious CakeArea 52-US3991Not updated
31Bloodshred We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3990Not updated
32Pewpewmonies Lincoln Wìped On OperaArea 52-US3899Not updated
33Dookmariott Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3896Not updated
34Corezin Tired of DragonsArea 52-US3896Not updated
35Eckbok CausticArea 52-US3896Not updated
36Thedotfather We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3895Not updated
37Eclipserz KarmaArea 52-US3895Not updated
38Ixz ScornArea 52-US3895Not updated
39Estrago Chain ReactionArea 52-US3894Not updated
40Grãy RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US3894Not updated
41Teerian ScornArea 52-US3894Not updated
42Prevost PotentArea 52-US3893Not updated
43Heater CausticArea 52-US3893Not updated
44Laslen Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3893Not updated
45Johker FightArea 52-US3882Not updated
46Frag  Area 52-US3870Not updated
47Lindroye Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3799Not updated
48Illumed Siege the DayArea 52-US3799Not updated
49Untamable GiggityArea 52-US3799Not updated
50Purr GiggityArea 52-US3799Not updated
51Apathyx FreakshowArea 52-US3796Not updated
52Xantheris Six Beers DeepArea 52-US3796Not updated
53Kuramikaze Heralds of RuinArea 52-US3795Not updated
54Snugelz  Area 52-US3795Not updated
55Ummon Team Umi ZumiArea 52-US3794Not updated
56Acedog Sippy Cup DisasterArea 52-US3794Not updated
57Koruk Natural SelectionArea 52-US3793Not updated
58Elvenine UnRestrainableArea 52-US3793Not updated
59Yizzle Mixed SignalsArea 52-US3792Not updated
60Bigsurly Stolen HonorArea 52-US3792Not updated
61Unfadable Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3792Not updated
62Milly Chain ReactionArea 52-US3790Not updated
63Jijii Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3790Not updated
64Kibobae ImminentArea 52-US3790Not updated
65Panzeronti CitadelArea 52-US3786Not updated
66Blackwarhoof We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3784Not updated
67Sevrina  Area 52-US3784Not updated
68Sïnnïs ArtificeArea 52-US3783Not updated
69Matutol Natural SelectionArea 52-US3777Not updated
70Drhorriblè Chaos OrderArea 52-US3775Not updated
71Midvalley Order of the Fallen CoinArea 52-US3699Not updated
72Littlemask Defiant UnityArea 52-US3698Not updated
73Pyledriva CausticArea 52-US3698Not updated
74Chronoreaper Five Minute BreakArea 52-US3698Not updated
75Roggendorf GiggityArea 52-US3697Not updated
76Jazz Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3697Not updated
77Wapol Natural SelectionArea 52-US3695Not updated
78Volcan Novus ChalybsArea 52-US3695Not updated
79Malithius Defiant UnityArea 52-US3695Not updated
80Belten Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US3694Not updated
81Sàuce ScornArea 52-US3692Not updated
82Apphrodite FreakshowArea 52-US3691Not updated
83Soggymuffin High FiveArea 52-US3690Not updated
84Arcanith VolatìleArea 52-US3687Not updated
85Leîja We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US3685Not updated
86Chäostheory Natural SelectionArea 52-US3681Not updated
87Elvenite CausticArea 52-US3678Not updated
88Reexposed RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US3675Not updated
89Zathrien Only HumanArea 52-US3674Not updated
90Wicce Natural SelectionArea 52-US3671Not updated
91Elemnia GiggityArea 52-US3655Not updated
92Juri Hi FriendsArea 52-US3617Not updated
93Bleeck  Area 52-US3599Not updated
94Cyber Chain ReactionArea 52-US3599Not updated
95Hobokitty DamagedArea 52-US3599Not updated
96Craptakular Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeArea 52-US3599Not updated
97Power CultArea 52-US3598Not updated
98Shockology We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3598Not updated
99Cinged ScornArea 52-US3598Not updated
100Ariados Fractured GamingArea 52-US3598Not updated

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