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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alexstrasza-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ragdas KineticAlexstrasza-US5889Not updated
2Judecca Fragrance for MenAlexstrasza-US4490Not updated
3Brokenshadow ContingencyAlexstrasza-US4398Not updated
4Ikarius Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US4381Not updated
5Pudnpopz  Alexstrasza-US3893Not updated
6Melaroi KineticAlexstrasza-US3795Not updated
7Xcruiser LogicalAlexstrasza-US3794Not updated
8Fearnot  Alexstrasza-US3793Not updated
9Nekiday ContingencyAlexstrasza-US3791Not updated
10Deegle KineticAlexstrasza-US3788Not updated
11Hildegarde Mana And RageAlexstrasza-US3591Not updated
12Longbay KineticAlexstrasza-US3494Not updated
13Chaosborne The Ninth LegionAlexstrasza-US3381Not updated
14Pothëpanda KineticAlexstrasza-US3295Not updated
15Iroddox ContingencyAlexstrasza-US3200Not updated
16Aryeth KineticAlexstrasza-US2397Not updated
17Roughhouse Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US1973Not updated
18Capnkrunch KineticAlexstrasza-US1894Not updated
19Rynorulz ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US1870Not updated
20Mofojar CipherAlexstrasza-US1798Not updated
21Tyrion LogicalAlexstrasza-US1794Not updated
22Niakall The Axis of AnarchyAlexstrasza-US1793Not updated
23Pouljikhan KineticAlexstrasza-US1690Not updated
24Trumon Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US1393Not updated
25Shneakums Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1387Not updated
26Zinthas KineticAlexstrasza-US1359Not updated
27Kassandros  Alexstrasza-US1299Not updated
28Túrran Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US1294Not updated
29Tritum Visceral OrderAlexstrasza-US998Not updated
30Momentous Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US997Not updated
31Lambbrain Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US981Not updated
32Brainfreeze KineticAlexstrasza-US979Not updated
33Alphachino KineticAlexstrasza-US896Not updated
34Wowdk Gypsies of DraenorAlexstrasza-US893Not updated
35Sykhotic Misfit RaidersAlexstrasza-US886Not updated
36Sundershock LegionnairesAlexstrasza-US880Not updated
37Kiwipooh InvíctusAlexstrasza-US799Not updated
38Saviourself KineticAlexstrasza-US797Not updated
39Shaittans The Ninth LegionAlexstrasza-US795Not updated
40Archangell ContingencyAlexstrasza-US793Not updated
41Metsastys LogicalAlexstrasza-US793Not updated
42Usaforlife SeraphimAlexstrasza-US789Not updated
43Evelo Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US775Not updated
44Viron Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US698Not updated
45Clever PhoenixAlexstrasza-US698Not updated
46Ghostmõnk Tainted DawnAlexstrasza-US698Not updated
47Ochi KineticAlexstrasza-US696Not updated
48Wardonelock PhoenixAlexstrasza-US695Not updated
49Cleaveage Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US695Not updated
50Irawk PhoenixAlexstrasza-US693Not updated
51Superunknown Rage and ManaAlexstrasza-US688Not updated
52Holyjorole  Alexstrasza-US682Not updated
53Mortuo The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US682Not updated
54Clothie Scions of EternityAlexstrasza-US682Not updated
55Keffkka  Alexstrasza-US681Not updated
56Stont FacepalmAlexstrasza-US673Not updated
57Castos Impending DarknessAlexstrasza-US672Not updated
58Illness The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US670Not updated
59Huffingpaint Mana And RageAlexstrasza-US669Not updated
60Nude InvíctusAlexstrasza-US668Not updated
61Onemanaleft ContingencyAlexstrasza-US499Not updated
62Kikoken Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US499Not updated
63Drakim Darkshore DozenAlexstrasza-US496Not updated
64Finalrequìem High SoÇietyAlexstrasza-US494Not updated
65Shamrok KineticAlexstrasza-US489Not updated
66Encolioquest PhoenixAlexstrasza-US467Not updated
67Azar KineticAlexstrasza-US432Not updated
68Greatrack Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US424Not updated
69Romeolock The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US423Not updated
70Slamnasty Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US417Not updated
71Posthaste LogicalAlexstrasza-US399Not updated
72Shakazoombah Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US397Not updated
73Praxos All BUSINESSAlexstrasza-US397Not updated
74Wispqt Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US396Not updated
75Tenybash  Alexstrasza-US396Not updated
76Norio Mana And RageAlexstrasza-US394Not updated
77Rósîë The Ninth LegionAlexstrasza-US393Not updated
78Zarius Peace KeepersAlexstrasza-US392Not updated
79Implantz  Alexstrasza-US391Not updated
80Lohix X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US391Not updated
81Mcluvvin InvíctusAlexstrasza-US391Not updated
82Potatodemon Lords of AlexstraszaAlexstrasza-US388Not updated
83Disãster LogicalAlexstrasza-US388Not updated
84Khaameleon KineticAlexstrasza-US388Not updated
85Dragneel Visigoth AllegianceAlexstrasza-US386Not updated
86Dimmuborger Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US384Not updated
87Teremett One Last TryAlexstrasza-US382Not updated
88Unknighted Arisen PhoenixAlexstrasza-US381Not updated
89Delak Dark TideAlexstrasza-US381Not updated
90Cabbagemoon Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US380Not updated
91Slayeryodâ The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US380Not updated
92Brokearse Dark TideAlexstrasza-US379Not updated
93Wrathlore Shadow BladesAlexstrasza-US379Not updated
94Yukiri  Alexstrasza-US378Not updated
95Frozt Dead Mans PartyAlexstrasza-US376Not updated
96Windfuryz The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US374Not updated
97Grendeel TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US373Not updated
98Psychodrama Axis of EvilAlexstrasza-US371Not updated
99Wickedsoul ContingencyAlexstrasza-US370Not updated
100Dõlamite  Alexstrasza-US369Not updated

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