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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Akama-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Rouk Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US5299Not updated
2Mysticfour WarpathAkama-US4593Not updated
3Xi Midnight IllusionAkama-US3983Not updated
4Cobrabauce PhenomAkama-US3890Not updated
5Blâckanese Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3882Not updated
6Devilgrandma WarpathAkama-US3789Not updated
7Roukk Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3597Not updated
8Anii Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3499Not updated
9Exotixs Simple MechanicsAkama-US3498Not updated
10Anto  Akama-US3398Not updated
11Kaeroz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3398Not updated
12Huntinger Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3392Not updated
13Kynar Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US3386Not updated
14Corpsethree Under PressureAkama-US3385Not updated
15Antorus  Akama-US3287Not updated
16Janeä PhenomAkama-US3278Not updated
17Iceshott WorldEaterAkama-US3000Not updated
18Novîus EulogyAkama-US2898Not updated
19Dirtydoc Seriously CasualAkama-US2598Not updated
20Fearoftdark WarpathAkama-US2369Not updated
21Elytz PhenomAkama-US1897Not updated
22Rên Always DTFAkama-US1891Not updated
23Chykó GeezersAkama-US1794Not updated
24Lylbrook Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1495Not updated
25Exenorate The Dark Side ClubAkama-US1493Not updated
26Falir Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1398Not updated
27Caynee Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1387Not updated
28Thewarriior Midnight IllusionAkama-US1298Not updated
29Dragex Life SentenceAkama-US1191Not updated
30Rytndaface Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US998Not updated
31Lorky Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US989Not updated
32Youmirinbrah  Akama-US897Not updated
33Letan Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US897Not updated
34Bellor Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US894Not updated
35Kamin  Akama-US890Not updated
36Droidz PhenomAkama-US883Not updated
37Tarå AbsôlutiônAkama-US881Not updated
38Tåzzy Spiteful TitansAkama-US796Not updated
39Assargency  Akama-US795Not updated
40Rickxrolled Seriously CasualAkama-US791Not updated
41Rickxxrolled  Akama-US790Not updated
42Cobrasauce WarpathAkama-US782Not updated
43North Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US697Not updated
44Ulizek  Akama-US696Not updated
45Wamba Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US695Not updated
46Xaser WarpathAkama-US690Not updated
47Blutrot  Akama-US688Not updated
48Barrîck Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US688Not updated
49Khaoimon Midnight IllusionAkama-US684Not updated
50Burlis Honor CodeAkama-US683Not updated
51Conz PhenomAkama-US682Not updated
52Taurenswag  Akama-US681Not updated
53Quigly Life SentenceAkama-US598Not updated
54Octane  Akama-US598Not updated
55Pokester Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US594Not updated
56Yurice Enigma of SteelAkama-US585Not updated
57Varlu Catalina Wine MixerAkama-US497Not updated
58Ardrangous Honor CodeAkama-US495Not updated
59Justpeachy  Akama-US491Not updated
60Colexn Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US488Not updated
61Drakeblade Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US482Not updated
62Smiip ChupathingyAkama-US471Not updated
63Duskowl Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US416Not updated
64Rezzink WorldEaterAkama-US399Not updated
65Booton FlaccidAkama-US399Not updated
66Brigaedus  Akama-US385Not updated
67Azurë  Akama-US385Not updated
68Bredadegho Catalina Wine MixerAkama-US384Not updated
69Necroticz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US384Not updated
70Idiotfrmbhnd Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US381Not updated
71Persess Midnight IllusionAkama-US380Not updated
72Captnmorganx Crimson WolvesAkama-US373Not updated
73Dreadsey Kind of a Big DealAkama-US365Not updated
74Ulfenstigr  Akama-US364Not updated
75Sindollia  Akama-US359Not updated
76Dotted Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US344Not updated
77Briunt Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US299Not updated
78Maho Closet GamersAkama-US298Not updated
79Kottonbud  Akama-US298Not updated
80Händbanana  Akama-US298Not updated
81Bearlyluved Midnight IllusionAkama-US297Not updated
82Atrollallure  Akama-US297Not updated
83Allenwalker Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US296Not updated
84Alighieris HúbrisAkama-US296Not updated
85Enakhra Always DTFAkama-US295Not updated
86Drmeaty Life SentenceAkama-US294Not updated
87Zedonia Midnight IllusionAkama-US293Not updated
88Shiroon WorldEaterAkama-US292Not updated
89Tibarn Midnight IllusionAkama-US292Not updated
90Xuz  Akama-US291Not updated
91Rolak  Akama-US283Not updated
92Jacox Body Massage MachineAkama-US279Not updated
93Shanwoww Moar DeterminationAkama-US277Not updated
94Dorst  Akama-US271Not updated
95Quickflex  Akama-US200Not updated
96Demus averagejoesAkama-US199Not updated
97Lawren PhenomAkama-US192Not updated
98Acratis  Akama-US184Not updated
99Cynnea Midnight IllusionAkama-US173Not updated
100Mixofthemeow Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US97Not updated

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