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Aerie Peak-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Glaive Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US5895
2Rafikimon  Aerie Peak-US5892Not updated
3Naps ArcticAerie Peak-US5797
4Syncrø InsanityAerie Peak-US4799Not updated
5Omgapanda InsanityAerie Peak-US4498
6Lawli AloneAerie Peak-US3983
7Torage Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3983
8Celwin  Aerie Peak-US3982Not updated
9Drelocke Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3895
10Jacksavage  Aerie Peak-US3895Not updated
11Goldführer Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US3895
12Eckzun AloneAerie Peak-US3892
13Xaberier My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US3892
14Uxas Metal Wielding ManiacsAerie Peak-US3798
15Hellgoddess InsanityAerie Peak-US3793
16Leone Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3793
17Kiyala Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3791
18Evarg Convert to Raid OrdosAerie Peak-US3697
19Sage ArcticAerie Peak-US3694
20Rank AloneAerie Peak-US3689
21Sophia Wandering SoulsAerie Peak-US3663
22Fizzl Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US3598
23Tyrael Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US3595
24Turpantine Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3592
25Genesïs  Aerie Peak-US3591Not updated
26Codex Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3496
27Pudkud Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3492
28Allesta Short Bus RidersAerie Peak-US3399
29Cloveresque AloneAerie Peak-US3398
30Flixy UnrivaledAerie Peak-US3397
31Kaitaria Unknown InfluenceAerie Peak-US3393Not updated
32Prema Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US3391
33Valhalic Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US3391
34Stoup InsanityAerie Peak-US3375
35Bigzakje Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US3374
36Bigalbundy Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US3365
37Ramayana InvictusAerie Peak-US3299
38Vkong The Horde MasonryAerie Peak-US3296
39Hiyun Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3180
40Klydasaurus AloneAerie Peak-US3113
41Hiricine AloneAerie Peak-US3000
42Shpadoink Devils AsylumAerie Peak-US3000
43Devil Devils AsylumAerie Peak-US3000
44Sunletters Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US3000
45Aerothenà Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US3000Not updated
46Nalfyk Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US2999
47Darts ArcticAerie Peak-US2893
48Icybane InsanityAerie Peak-US2797
49Babycrafting ArcticAerie Peak-US2797
50Primehunter Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US2795
51Galaxyrise  Aerie Peak-US2790Not updated
52Goldenpearl Evil League O EvilAerie Peak-US2783
53Advo AloneAerie Peak-US2694
54Ardevan Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US2687
55Doomice Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US2491
56Letharie AloneAerie Peak-US2444
57Alassind Band of MisfitsAerie Peak-US2424
58Lembar InsanityAerie Peak-US1998
59Kardiiac Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US1997
60Apples AloneAerie Peak-US1992
61Treid AloneAerie Peak-US1973
62Hialeah Unknown InfluenceAerie Peak-US1896Not updated
63Rikà Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US1895
64Liuv EndureAerie Peak-US1894
65Rivenna Dìe TryìngAerie Peak-US1891
66Sagartus Gear GrindAerie Peak-US1799
67Kaeotic  Aerie Peak-US1797Not updated
68Luthair ArcticAerie Peak-US1699
69Tacomage CarbonAerie Peak-US1699Not updated
70Haegan Convert to Raid AzuregosAerie Peak-US1698
71Durendal InsanityAerie Peak-US1696Not updated
72Fistysticks InsanityAerie Peak-US1696
73Raythe DEFIÄNCEAerie Peak-US1685
74Abuginzorg Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US1671
75Jebediaha Moms Basement GamingAerie Peak-US1597
76Derfon UnrivaledAerie Peak-US1480
77Xsel  Aerie Peak-US1400Not updated
78Urza Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US1399
79Amplifier Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US1397
80Qamm Realm FirstAerie Peak-US1396
81Tiarix  Aerie Peak-US1394Not updated
82Svk Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US1391Not updated
83Mellon Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US1388
84Jamesnicol Unstable MentalityAerie Peak-US1388
85Homesauce  Aerie Peak-US1387Not updated
86Ducalioñ Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US1386
87Glaived Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US1379
88Ranikotar AloneAerie Peak-US1360
89Illeyna  Aerie Peak-US1353Not updated
90Odeira Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US1332
91Raidenwins  Aerie Peak-US1299Not updated
92Story ArcticAerie Peak-US1299
93Elbleino InsanityAerie Peak-US1296
94Notahealer AdelphiaAerie Peak-US1295
95Túrran Mall SecurityAerie Peak-US1294
96Lockandot EndureAerie Peak-US1292
97Hotndot Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US999Not updated
98Lethiaa AloneAerie Peak-US996
99Frostfall Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US994
100Ayr Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US990

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