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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Nyuhki Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU10597Not updated
2Schoreg  Aegwynn-EU8995Not updated
3Malakodd Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU8896Not updated
4Nikkiqt Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU8396Not updated
5Mortivore CyneticAegwynn-EU7949Not updated
6Bhunjimko GemüseeintopfAegwynn-EU6497Not updated
7Serinor ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU5977Not updated
8Skizer go for goldAegwynn-EU5898Not updated
9Venía Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU5895Not updated
10Rammbob ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU5895Not updated
11Crisiscore EODEMAegwynn-EU5889Not updated
12Acemi pandoras boxAegwynn-EU5885Not updated
13Hq Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU5699Not updated
14Démn ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU5498Not updated
15Screezyo  Aegwynn-EU5399Not updated
16Vêstara Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU5388Not updated
17Ricster In flagrantìAegwynn-EU5387Not updated
18Darkwarriorx U CANT PWN USAegwynn-EU4992Not updated
19Megasn  Aegwynn-EU4899Not updated
20Huntemall ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU4895Not updated
21Tumix Zero Gravity Elite PVPAegwynn-EU4892Not updated
22Ishiyda ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU4786Not updated
23Roxy pandoras boxAegwynn-EU4774Not updated
24Vendredpew ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU4696Not updated
25Valbøna The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU4695Not updated
26Yári NvMAegwynn-EU4691Not updated
27Tyodan Last InstanceAegwynn-EU4639Not updated
28Morty CyneticAegwynn-EU4599Not updated
29Vengyr I Undying IAegwynn-EU4596Not updated
30Yanny StriveAegwynn-EU4593Not updated
31Setesch In flagrantìAegwynn-EU4498Not updated
32Elnordecay ResilientAegwynn-EU4398Not updated
33Yiru I Undying IAegwynn-EU4397Not updated
34Fîsheye neXXtAegwynn-EU4392Not updated
35Nebrathos InsertRandomNameHereAegwynn-EU4388Not updated
36Accursia WE GOT BC RANK ONEAegwynn-EU4382Not updated
37Zaprinah Good GameAegwynn-EU4381Not updated
38Tikenium Allys WonderlandAegwynn-EU4370Not updated
39Nanochan inLøveAegwynn-EU4299Not updated
40Hardcorè CyneticAegwynn-EU4294Not updated
41Diseasedyo CyneticAegwynn-EU3999Not updated
42Huntérr Last InstanceAegwynn-EU3999Not updated
43Esri Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU3997Not updated
44Lascul Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU3995Not updated
45Whatamellown TwitchTVBattletaureAegwynn-EU3993Not updated
46Haze ResilientAegwynn-EU3982Not updated
47Shroomee CyneticAegwynn-EU3980Not updated
48Râgnaras  Aegwynn-EU3980Not updated
49Shylastylex  Aegwynn-EU3979Not updated
50Teabreak Custos de LumineAegwynn-EU3974Not updated
51Dástrá AlternativeAegwynn-EU3967Not updated
52Vetras  Aegwynn-EU3899Not updated
53Ichbinsnuri DarKnightzAegwynn-EU3899Not updated
54Amoenya Last InstanceAegwynn-EU3898Not updated
55Ksiti  Aegwynn-EU3897Not updated
56Xòóni Lá FamiliaAegwynn-EU3897Not updated
57Neyron incinerateAegwynn-EU3897Not updated
58Cuculine ResilientAegwynn-EU3896Not updated
59Zoophobie The IlluminatedAegwynn-EU3895Not updated
60Vendred ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU3894Not updated
61Rynx NachtschwärmerAegwynn-EU3894Not updated
62Wooty CyneticAegwynn-EU3891Not updated
63Feitan Last ExileAegwynn-EU3891Not updated
64Cøîla Wipe OutAegwynn-EU3888Not updated
65Yanjie RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU3888Not updated
66Runch ZincAegwynn-EU3888Not updated
67Míyû Error Thirty SevenAegwynn-EU3885Not updated
68Meigram Last InstanceAegwynn-EU3871Not updated
69Spéctral  Aegwynn-EU3799Not updated
70Intinera Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU3797Not updated
71Silvershine Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU3795Not updated
72Grorgonn JokersAegwynn-EU3793Not updated
73Skrimir incinerateAegwynn-EU3793Not updated
74Owndowndownd HAT DEN LETZTEN GENOMMENAegwynn-EU3792Not updated
75Måddin FinesTAegwynn-EU3790Not updated
76Ahma WE ARE PRIMEAegwynn-EU3790Not updated
77Paddels ResilientAegwynn-EU3788Not updated
78Heathér Higher StandardAegwynn-EU3786Not updated
79Hoquz  Aegwynn-EU3785Not updated
80Hocuz ResilientAegwynn-EU3785Not updated
81Blodon certified beastAegwynn-EU3775Not updated
82Maylined Bruce LeeAegwynn-EU3699Not updated
83Certina CyneticAegwynn-EU3699Not updated
84Legadriel no returnAegwynn-EU3699Not updated
85Valennta  Aegwynn-EU3698Not updated
86Lijany  Aegwynn-EU3697Not updated
87Opfipieps banishedAegwynn-EU3697Not updated
88Morfidio Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU3696Not updated
89Yoloshattêr certified beastAegwynn-EU3696Not updated
90Karzet Lá FamiliaAegwynn-EU3695Not updated
91Nenokyo CyneticAegwynn-EU3694Not updated
92Shikorá ResilientAegwynn-EU3694Not updated
93Tÿrel  Aegwynn-EU3693Not updated
94Calene In flagrantìAegwynn-EU3692Not updated
95Ashîtaka brabazzAegwynn-EU3686Not updated
96Pallanea In flagrantìAegwynn-EU3682Not updated
97Nurulak Last ExileAegwynn-EU3675Not updated
98Xeroxania CyneticAegwynn-EU3599Not updated
99Jansn In flagrantìAegwynn-EU3599Not updated
100Valashu Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU3598Not updated

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