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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Zazzil  Ravencrest-US13898Not updated
2Rob Duh WinningNer'zhul-US12978Not updated
3Choihonghi FearlessRagnaros-US10797Not updated
4Guac TFHyjal-US10599Not updated
5Dogemonk FateSargeras-US10492Not updated
6Firewatch Project CasualHaomarush-US10165Not updated
7Dendee Reign in PowerThrall-US10000Not updated
8Xlcucumber RebellionGarrosh-US9899Not updated
9Zinnin Blood LegionIllidan-US9797Not updated
10You Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US9795Not updated
11Him Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US9795Not updated
12Arctroni Valor and GloryJubei'Thos-US9693Not updated
13Menger Mile High ClubBurning Blade-US9597Not updated
14Wenzderp Vita ObscuraCaelestrasz-US9498Not updated
15Xes  Zul'jin-US9496Not updated
16Ritademic  Proudmoore-US9389Not updated
17Djlazermoney  Windrunner-US8893Not updated
18Sotasty ResonateBleeding Hollow-US8798Not updated
19Manager FormalityProudmoore-US8699Not updated
20Piecez SolaceIllidan-US8699Not updated
21Jonathan jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US8693Not updated
22Soulcoruptor Ctrl Alt ElitèKhaz'goroth-US8683Not updated
23Kile Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US8678Not updated
24Cerendipityz Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US8594Not updated
25Hemalador Vita ObscuraCaelestrasz-US8585Not updated
26Deathsucked NocturnalTichondrius-US8492Not updated
27Aestela FrenzyFrostmourne-US8485Not updated
28Monaz EnclaveShattered Hand-US8399Not updated
29Taeyeon Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US8396Not updated
30Thamhay CrysisRagnaros-US8395Not updated
31Fountainmage Washed UpBlackrock-US8388Not updated
32Tarin AvalonNemesis-US8373Not updated
33Synergy PixelatedDeathwing-US7999Not updated
34Afflikshin Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US7899Not updated
35Dirtay RefinedThrall-US7897Not updated
36Rettroh OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US7896Not updated
37Stell Mediocre at BestSargeras-US7896Not updated
38Mulafasa OgStormreaver-US7894Not updated
39Moruff Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US7893Not updated
40Giantgoblin Nerfed FishStormreaver-US7891Not updated
41Rhyzoh DivinityKel'Thuzad-US7799Not updated
42Seekandestry DaybreakTuralyon-US7798Not updated
43Civi The ExoticNagrand-US7797Not updated
44Methusael Side ProjectEonar-US7796Not updated
45Kottun VisionKel'Thuzad-US7796Not updated
46Boomsniped Side ProjectEonar-US7794Not updated
47Aethilus PixelatedDeathwing-US7792Not updated
48Aylron ImpetusKorgath-US7785Not updated
49Ghostcraft ParadiseSkullcrusher-US7699Not updated
50Honorax Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US7699Not updated
51Bor  Wyrmrest Accord-US7696Not updated
52Drakyl Last WordNer'zhul-US7696Not updated
53Vaelds Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US7695Not updated
54Stressd Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US7599Not updated
55Coldstreak FormalityProudmoore-US7598Not updated
56Clebane Hells HeroesBlackhand-US7499Not updated
57Elleston Fus Ro DahNemesis-US7417Not updated
58Lockilicious  Bloodhoof-US7395Not updated
59Thinkchair Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US7394Not updated
60Barlenor RefinedThrall-US7393Not updated
61Wenzdinner Vita ObscuraCaelestrasz-US7389Not updated
62Skooby Eternal ReignLightbringer-US7387Not updated
63Hiosa The SourceLaughing Skull-US7386Not updated
64Méssi Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US7380Not updated
65Obsidià Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US7373Not updated
66Zaphron huehuehueFrostmourne-US7360Not updated
67Uze One Last StandMug'thol-US6997Not updated
68Omgomgffs One JobSuramar-US6996Not updated
69Rud  Azralon-US6996Not updated
70Arhariis Good News EveryoneGoldrinn-US6996Not updated
71Grayson RefinedThrall-US6995Not updated
72Jaeyde Terms of EnrampagementMok'Nathal-US6993Not updated
73Nippslol AscensionBarthilas-US6992Not updated
74Rexxagon Nothing But TroubleArthas-US6983Not updated
75Lumiair OutrageousMal'Ganis-US6980Not updated
76Iceyflare Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US6899Not updated
77Brofile VigilMal'Ganis-US6898Not updated
78Criticalhui Bad KarmaRagnaros-US6898Not updated
79Millor HeresiarchDrenden-US6898Not updated
80Rediahallin WarforgedMoon Guard-US6898Not updated
81Teye License and RegistrationMug'thol-US6897Not updated
82Muntstick StartledAman'Thul-US6897Not updated
83Horrendum EndGameAzralon-US6897Not updated
84Phry AdelanteArthas-US6896Not updated
85Delter AwakeningMug'thol-US6896Not updated
86Esoth Something WickedWhisperwind-US6895Not updated
87Miises Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US6894Not updated
88Hecarion RatsBarthilas-US6894Not updated
89Crysil Toca do GoblinAzralon-US6889Not updated
90Tulzurak  Undermine-US6886Not updated
91Erzäscarlet FateSargeras-US6885Not updated
92Smitus Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US6884Not updated
93Minusman Prophecy of the dàmnedSargeras-US6881Not updated
94Quartus TemerityWindrunner-US6799Not updated
95Bellenia  Sargeras-US6799Not updated
96Seidarc Kobayashi Maru ScenarioNorgannon-US6797Not updated
97Zexenn DivinityKel'Thuzad-US6797Not updated
98Ruther Ladies OnlyArea 52-US6796Not updated
99Zagarely  Mal'Ganis-US6796Not updated
100Thefèélz No FuryAntonidas-US6794Not updated

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