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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

KR Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1부스팅 혼자있고싶어요나가주세요Zul'jin-KR8696Not updated
2등킨드나쓰 비 누Azshara-KR8390Not updated
3Smileforyou 비 누Azshara-KR7498Not updated
4짱짱걸 혼자있고싶어요나가주세요Zul'jin-KR7494Not updated
5Nueji EvgeniaAzshara-KR6997Not updated
6이뽀님 수 산 물Azshara-KR6996Not updated
7악마악마악마 SuddenlyDurotan-KR6685Not updated
8Haagendaz Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR6382Not updated
9찌실 D A R TDurotan-KR5983Not updated
10렌판다 Clan WantedHyjal-KR5899Not updated
11세르디엔 Against All AuthorityCenarius-KR5887Not updated
12솔플왕 간짬뽕에 사천짜장 비벼봤냐Durotan-KR5795Not updated
13스토리라이터 Mission ImpossibleDurotan-KR5794Not updated
14폭엘죽기 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR5759Not updated
15Michella 난 독Durotan-KR5688Not updated
16와망 혼자있고싶어요나가주세요Zul'jin-KR5493Not updated
17레매 새우깡Cenarius-KR5399Not updated
18Froyo  Burning Legion-KR5398Not updated
19래오파트 E C ODurotan-KR5392Not updated
20은승 GunnersAzshara-KR5339Not updated
21Fello  Burning Legion-KR5298Not updated
22잘난케로로  Hellscream-KR5283Not updated
23스코쳐 RecallAzshara-KR5000Not updated
24상야 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Azshara-KR4995Not updated
25개쳐맞는다 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR4994Not updated
26퓨어딜 혼자있고싶어요나가주세요Zul'jin-KR4897Not updated
27비의일격 집중해서 원트가요Azshara-KR4893Not updated
28Rengar 카오스Deathwing-KR4892Not updated
29Smilesu 사랑과 전쟁Zul'jin-KR4889Not updated
30Myungeun EternalHyjal-KR4887Not updated
31Nightbreak  Cenarius-KR4798Not updated
32김민규 XebecAzshara-KR4798Not updated
33Cpen plutocratsAzshara-KR4798Not updated
34도도한냥꾼 Eternal OutsidersBurning Legion-KR4792Not updated
35Recklessnes Zenith ClanAzshara-KR4792Not updated
36흑배 여러분을사랑해연Azshara-KR4781Not updated
37서리법사 객기Hyjal-KR4780Not updated
38Gizelle LoveHolicsZul'jin-KR4699Not updated
39맛나수제비 The Return of NewYorkerAzshara-KR4699Not updated
40Suzin 사랑과 전쟁Zul'jin-KR4696Not updated
41닝겔혼 BlossomHyjal-KR4695Not updated
42Sloanez 카오스Deathwing-KR4695Not updated
43시험범위 멋진Hyjal-KR4693Not updated
44으잇짜아 Team RosicrucianAzshara-KR4692Not updated
45최승남 승부Durotan-KR4692Not updated
46흑법사레조 서버가 줄진인데 얼라를 왜 하니Zul'jin-KR4688Not updated
47법사다음주 New OrderHellscream-KR4664Not updated
48Snafu ShamelessAzshara-KR4594Not updated
49Sequencer ACross This New DivideHellscream-KR4593Not updated
50피해의식 연 가Durotan-KR4591Not updated
51윈드포우 Storm Earth N FireDurotan-KR4499Not updated
52휘구쨩 아즈샤라 도끼단Azshara-KR4495Not updated
53Azmodan The EternityZul'jin-KR4487Not updated
54Melynx 길마님 올해는 시집가셔야죠Deathwing-KR4399Not updated
55법사진온 와정원Azshara-KR4399Not updated
56물바라기 레드문Deathwing-KR4399Not updated
57Westfield MomentumHellscream-KR4398Not updated
58대형바지 Hunters HHyjal-KR4398Not updated
59밤쿤 비밀인데요 사실 저는 게임을 발과 혀로 해요Hyjal-KR4397Not updated
60Nunn Lunatic HaiCenarius-KR4396Not updated
61Devour EvgeniaAzshara-KR4396Not updated
62마구돈클 아제로스Durotan-KR4395Not updated
63잔치국수 행복학개론Azshara-KR4393Not updated
64사쳐먹어이새끼야 Over TimeAzshara-KR4393Not updated
65댑뽕  Azshara-KR4393Not updated
66데아로어 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR4392Not updated
67케나린 Art Of DarknessHellscream-KR4392Not updated
68에올리안 드레노어Azshara-KR4389Not updated
69룬격 CheckMateAzshara-KR4388Not updated
70Donda 좋은친구Hellscream-KR4388Not updated
71토지에르 E C ODurotan-KR4384Not updated
72도트종결자 공략은 확고 회사에선 해고Hellscream-KR4384Not updated
73아테네의활 감자밭에갔는데등에흙이왜묻어Windrunner-KR4380Not updated
74퐁롱롤 나는 와우저다Hellscream-KR4376Not updated
75Nungesser PET SHOPAzshara-KR4369Not updated
76아퀴르 EclipseZul'jin-KR4362Not updated
77머랭몽블랑 aaHyjal-KR4362Not updated
78파소에 부릉 부릉Hellscream-KR4358Not updated
79제잘못은아닌듯함 와우와 관련된 사진내용제목이 있어야 합니다Azshara-KR4348Not updated
80김준수삽니다 서프라이즈Azshara-KR4299Not updated
81네메시스 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR4299Not updated
82Bloodangelba 우리 길마는 유부녀Burning Legion-KR4296Not updated
83메리홀리데이 MerryHellscream-KR4294Not updated
84나는냥꾼해요 넌 나에게 목욕값을 줬어Deathwing-KR4293Not updated
85진혈 Crimson CrusaderDeathwing-KR4198Not updated
86Cainus Heroes of the StormAzshara-KR4198Not updated
87레인스트레인지 Hero Of WarDurotan-KR4194Not updated
88Petu OakmontAzshara-KR4100Not updated
89유시아  Azshara-KR4089Not updated
90Dotdai 방구석 개망나늬Azshara-KR4070Not updated
91솔이다 갓 구운 빵Windrunner-KR4054Not updated
92최강격 혼자있고싶어요Azshara-KR3999Not updated
93소문난야식 사실 저는 공대원을 믿지 않습니다Azshara-KR3998Not updated
94바포링 Art Of DarknessHellscream-KR3998Not updated
95Giancolli 호드 척살단Deathwing-KR3998Not updated
96갓자 비 누Azshara-KR3997Not updated
97팔괘 R e n d e z v o u sHellscream-KR3997Not updated
98드레스로사 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR3997Not updated
99Chromatik No NameHyjal-KR3995Not updated
100Topgay 풉 풉Cenarius-KR3995Not updated

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