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US Challenge Mode Rating
1Såsha  Area 52-US19707Not updated
2Valyric InciteStormrage-US19530Not updated
3Vonrot  Vek'nilash-US19466Not updated
4Gnomerlin Silent ElitesSargeras-US19428Not updated
5Lucente Get Well SoonSargeras-US19338Not updated
6Alexiah IntentKel'Thuzad-US19225Not updated
7Urtzert Twisted WarriorsBurning Legion-US18795Not updated
8Mardix CrescendoGarrosh-US18533Not updated
9Twd The Corrupt CarebearsSargeras-US18417Not updated
10Butterballs AnxietyPerenolde-US18412Not updated
11Terrastorm ShunMaelstrom-US18323Not updated
12Mazwa Big DealLothar-US18319Not updated
13Soverycold  Stormrage-US18283Not updated
14Tankinator House VerniusBlackrock-US18281Not updated
15Fixie InsomniaUther-US18275Not updated
16Ramen Something WickedWhisperwind-US18263Not updated
16Ambrossia Something WickedWhisperwind-US18263Not updated
18Rentrenus LeviathanStormrage-US18060Not updated
19Riptidedaho  Tichondrius-US16149Not updated
20Cainbo ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US16138Not updated
21Dom  Cho'gall-US14616Not updated
22Pretending Federal ReserveMal'Ganis-US14508Not updated
23Carbonic DisconnectedProudmoore-US12606Not updated
24Brusilov  Mal'Ganis-US12441Not updated
25Barroxyz  Mal'Ganis-US12036Not updated
26Ôv  Tichondrius-US10938Not updated
27Sayshaman  Blackrock-US10050Not updated
28Aeoniel Openly AggressiveMal'Ganis-US7195Not updated
29Catalase For ScienceTwisting Nether-US7091Not updated
30Moõnfang  Shattered Hand-US6570Not updated
31Azusä Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US6538Not updated
32Eeco FocusThunderlord-US6419Not updated
33Mapuzoiu InsuredFrostmourne-US6237Not updated
34Enthusiasts  Arthas-US5854Not updated
35Raerre  Arthas-US5265Not updated
36Thedavesan MarshmallowsMoonrunner-US5111Not updated
37Enux  Dragonmaw-US5095Not updated
38Ultranumb StormGilneas-US4983Not updated
39Tenaciousj Core ThreeArathor-US4888Not updated
40Sizureirl Gym LeaderTichondrius-US4027Not updated
41Valwyn OBSCURE REFERENCEZuluhed-US3533Not updated
42Suni Elite ChaosHaomarush-US3322Not updated
43Yours RemainsBaelgun-US3307Not updated
44Marmy  Arthas-US2899Not updated
45Matteo BadScarlet Crusade-US2895Not updated
46Manapaws  Greymane-US2392Not updated
47Luigii  Draka-US2382Not updated
48Syrrius B Plus TeamFeathermoon-US2376Not updated
49Ellui  Ner'zhul-US2350Not updated
50Dramid Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US2247Not updated
51Starrysky  Azralon-US2207Not updated
52Methian ObsessiveTrollbane-US2169Not updated
53Hubér The AfflictedGreymane-US2168Not updated
54Gðliath LegendarySpirestone-US2163Not updated
55Arias  Bonechewer-US1976Not updated
55Hausan  Bonechewer-US1976Not updated
57Zorsaris  Moon Guard-US1971Not updated
58Arathog  Lightbringer-US1961Not updated
58Jeffréy RakicideTuralyon-US1961Not updated
60Kagz Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US1958Not updated
61Marvoo Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US1951Not updated
62Revya Dunder MifflinProudmoore-US1949Not updated
63Kuga  Blade's Edge-US1941Not updated
64Wuzetian TFHyjal-US1939Not updated
65Stencil  Kel'Thuzad-US1900Not updated
66Silverhatred  Rexxar-US1819Not updated
67Stormyn Umbro PactumGoldrinn-US1818Not updated
68Zemi ShunMaelstrom-US1700Not updated
69Xaphusxyz DivinityKel'Thuzad-US1491Not updated
69Norcalhott GrimDaggerspine-US1491Not updated
71Ranauggon Where we goinSilvermoon-US1490Not updated
72Soteryo  Lightning's Blade-US1443Not updated
73Mattz  Frostmourne-US1431Not updated
74Bloodglas Slow DanceMaiev-US1398Not updated
75Relice RemainsBaelgun-US1389Not updated
76Snotball Elite allianceAman'Thul-US1373Not updated
77Karg Out of AshesDunemaul-US1270Not updated
78Denori DisenchantedMalfurion-US1261Not updated
79Typri MiteeDoomhammer-US1147Not updated
80Tabana The AngrydomeKhaz Modan-US856Not updated
81Sìllva  Steamwheedle Cartel-US573Not updated
82Drubearymore  Silvermoon-US555Not updated
83Alanaria AegisGalakrond-US464Not updated
84Gelivash Sanctus VoragoTanaris-US384Not updated
85Xfailure  Blackwater Raiders-US287Not updated
86Whitenuzzle The Riddle of SteelAlleria-US125Not updated
87Takashix  Kil'jaeden-US36Not updated

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