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The Maelstrom-EU Challenge Mode Rating
1Kayflinngs ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU19167Not updated
2Gloôm InfiniteThe Maelstrom-EU18785Not updated
3Bôomshot InfiniteThe Maelstrom-EU18455Not updated
4Swaftylol LOL GANKEDThe Maelstrom-EU18354Not updated
5Farshunt SPELThe Maelstrom-EU16572Not updated
6Revixqt The TugboatThe Maelstrom-EU14612Not updated
7Fluffyshocks  The Maelstrom-EU14581Not updated
8Jeolina  The Maelstrom-EU14251Not updated
9Akàyz  The Maelstrom-EU13940Not updated
10Azal  The Maelstrom-EU12669Not updated
11Deky  The Maelstrom-EU12606Not updated
12Flows The TradeThe Maelstrom-EU12192Not updated
13Totammaster  The Maelstrom-EU10796Not updated
14Vachir HoTs DoTs N Kidney ShotsThe Maelstrom-EU10427Not updated
15Thóken  The Maelstrom-EU8376Not updated
16Metalwrath EnvyThe Maelstrom-EU7908Not updated
16Durablé EnvyThe Maelstrom-EU7908Not updated
16Velet EnvyThe Maelstrom-EU7908Not updated
16Berdel EnvyThe Maelstrom-EU7908Not updated
20Rookwórst nosferatuThe Maelstrom-EU7780Not updated
21Mentorita  The Maelstrom-EU6597Not updated
22Sanji GOON SQUADThe Maelstrom-EU6256Not updated
23Casumi ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU6216Not updated
24Lauferser  The Maelstrom-EU6124Not updated
25Towe E V OThe Maelstrom-EU6073Not updated
26Antikz ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU5816Not updated
27Meanmachiny The Inner CircleThe Maelstrom-EU5770Not updated
28Shasca  The Maelstrom-EU5646Not updated
29Faeiiz  The Maelstrom-EU5611Not updated
30Mckraken ReflectThe Maelstrom-EU4574Not updated
31Acythea  The Maelstrom-EU4320Not updated
32Kaassoufflé nosferatuThe Maelstrom-EU4194Not updated
33Kaycee  The Maelstrom-EU4034Not updated
34Revíx The TugboatThe Maelstrom-EU3470Not updated
35Voldrok Get the GlaivesThe Maelstrom-EU2300Not updated
36Kraazilia  The Maelstrom-EU2026Not updated
36Heleniá  The Maelstrom-EU2026Not updated
38Dardej EpícureanThe Maelstrom-EU2000Not updated
39Ultrapala  The Maelstrom-EU1993Not updated
40Bejbî Kazzak Refugee CampThe Maelstrom-EU1973Not updated
41Boxlock InsignificantThe Maelstrom-EU1937Not updated
41Výrr InsignificantThe Maelstrom-EU1937Not updated
43Chiiko Lost My LlamaThe Maelstrom-EU1923Not updated
44Cop  The Maelstrom-EU1734Not updated
45Bananabow KarskdrekkarlagetThe Maelstrom-EU1731Not updated
46Shabbaa  The Maelstrom-EU1730Not updated
47Skrynd ApathyThe Maelstrom-EU1692Not updated
48Balliaen Benelli GroupThe Maelstrom-EU1642Not updated
49Denorskemage  The Maelstrom-EU1584Not updated
49Satanam GrievousThe Maelstrom-EU1584Not updated
51Kurzbooii  The Maelstrom-EU1553Not updated
51Rhøme  The Maelstrom-EU1553Not updated
53Tháya IG PÅ PROVEN BÄSTA MOVENThe Maelstrom-EU1423Not updated
54Elyaan  The Maelstrom-EU1372Not updated
55Kichi The Pendulum of DoomThe Maelstrom-EU1332Not updated
56Cyberjolt TombsThe Maelstrom-EU1293Not updated
57Fluffypaws  The Maelstrom-EU1246Not updated
57Necrolion Mayhem of the ZebrasThe Maelstrom-EU1246Not updated
57Spenectra  The Maelstrom-EU1246Not updated
60Foney Usual SuspectsThe Maelstrom-EU1224Not updated
61Totahat  The Maelstrom-EU1222Not updated
62Rubmytotem  The Maelstrom-EU882Not updated
63Alegolan Enduring allegianceThe Maelstrom-EU869Not updated
63Shaza Enduring allegianceThe Maelstrom-EU869Not updated
63Maral Enduring allegianceThe Maelstrom-EU869Not updated
66Badasshumle A Month More PurchasedThe Maelstrom-EU868Not updated
67Revexz  The Maelstrom-EU808Not updated
68Naclofen  The Maelstrom-EU413Not updated
69Drakares Dev GamingThe Maelstrom-EU298Not updated
70Skyyart ChronicThe Maelstrom-EU258Not updated
71Rakou HarmonyThe Maelstrom-EU119Not updated
72Iskari ObliviumThe Maelstrom-EU86Not updated

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