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Nemesis-EU Challenge Mode Rating
1Totemica  Nemesis-EU19593Not updated
2Chùcky IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU19219Not updated
3Liara  Nemesis-EU18865Not updated
4Bingols  Nemesis-EU18859Not updated
5Kiljaden IS BADNemesis-EU18790Not updated
6Alenko  Nemesis-EU18724Not updated
7Shockðlate Perfidi ScagnozziNemesis-EU18440Not updated
8Anesthetist  Nemesis-EU16766Not updated
9Døck  Nemesis-EU16594Not updated
10Polymorphine Perfidi ScagnozziNemesis-EU16563Not updated
11Estarriol No Way ØutNemesis-EU16503Not updated
12Shevchenko  Nemesis-EU16437Not updated
13Sneijder Il PraimsNemesis-EU14806Not updated
14Earywell  Nemesis-EU14766Not updated
15Arthës  Nemesis-EU14738Not updated
16Shenqi  Nemesis-EU14600Not updated
17Dreâm  Nemesis-EU14564Not updated
18Sôft Perfidi ScagnozziNemesis-EU14509Not updated
19Fullness  Nemesis-EU14245Not updated
20Rej Ciao ciaoNemesis-EU14189Not updated
21Usuck Dedicated FewNemesis-EU14118Not updated
22Zénit Kamikaze YOLONemesis-EU10789Not updated
23Estre UnisonNemesis-EU10777Not updated
24Morgarw  Nemesis-EU10393Not updated
25Shyriù One Night StandNemesis-EU10288Not updated
26Devína  Nemesis-EU10194Not updated
27Sheldør  Nemesis-EU10097Not updated
28Kundalini  Nemesis-EU10041Not updated
29Roboute  Nemesis-EU9011Not updated
30Wìzardry  Nemesis-EU8695Not updated
31Veryhot Zero ToleranceNemesis-EU7720Not updated
32Majìnßu  Nemesis-EU6412Not updated
33Iperion  Nemesis-EU6248Not updated
34Nexæs TNTNemesis-EU6021Not updated
35Pìro IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU5988Not updated
36Naìle EngageNemesis-EU4911Not updated
37Sewo  Nemesis-EU4749Not updated
38Himos  Nemesis-EU4522Not updated
39Fentions Zar LegendNemesis-EU4388Not updated
40Syringa KillerzNemesis-EU4281Not updated
41Akhuji Sushi TimeNemesis-EU4261Not updated
42Zarkos UnisonNemesis-EU4252Not updated
43Shpalmon  Nemesis-EU4124Not updated
44Sëd Perfidi ScagnozziNemesis-EU4068Not updated
45Iceangel ExordiumNemesis-EU3980Not updated
46Karadhor  Nemesis-EU3952Not updated
47Meneguz The Horde Forgotten SonsNemesis-EU3900Not updated
48Hyuna  Nemesis-EU3470Not updated
49Moxxi Emerald DreamNemesis-EU3322Not updated
50Sèktor  Nemesis-EU3149Not updated
51Hèlioss AdrenalineNemesis-EU2744Not updated
52Tènderly FrènzyNemesis-EU2557Not updated
52Ðarkængel FrènzyNemesis-EU2557Not updated
54Kunzl  Nemesis-EU2468Not updated
55Tìfa Blood PromiseNemesis-EU2324Not updated
55Netski Blood PromiseNemesis-EU2324Not updated
57Stárk  Nemesis-EU2201Not updated
58Fiammø Emerald DreamNemesis-EU2163Not updated
59Sniperwolf  Nemesis-EU2019Not updated
60Wiggler  Nemesis-EU2018Not updated
61Zhelthan No Way ØutNemesis-EU2017Not updated
62Dorf No Way ØutNemesis-EU2013Not updated
63Ryukai UnisonNemesis-EU2007Not updated
64Proventus Ðeus lo vultNemesis-EU1994Not updated
65Garrus  Nemesis-EU1974Not updated
66Ixcel  Nemesis-EU1940Not updated
67Ilock  Nemesis-EU1924Not updated
68Trao  Nemesis-EU1780Not updated
69Lizarale No Way ØutNemesis-EU1777Not updated
70Helpless Hawk Tailed RedNemesis-EU1590Not updated
71Unrealistic  Nemesis-EU1501Not updated
72Vash EngageNemesis-EU1460Not updated
73Nolan FrènzyNemesis-EU1354Not updated
74Hekso The Italian JobNemesis-EU1263Not updated
74Lexus The Italian JobNemesis-EU1263Not updated
76Mjo The Holy DragonsNemesis-EU776Not updated
77Jarnagan Enraged DegenerationNemesis-EU656Not updated
78Metalyupp ToroLocoNemesis-EU626Not updated
79Emilyenko Signa InferoNemesis-EU578Not updated
79Kefren  Nemesis-EU578Not updated
81Ikkilol Semper EademNemesis-EU526Not updated
82Marchius  Nemesis-EU513Not updated
83Kitastramori SurvivorsNemesis-EU341Not updated
84Necrodeathh  Nemesis-EU121Not updated
85Kylua The Italian JobNemesis-EU117Not updated
85Souldark  Nemesis-EU117Not updated

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