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Magtheridon-US Challenge Mode Rating
1Fatbear  Magtheridon-US19190Not updated
2Dissatisfied  Magtheridon-US18836Not updated
3Guyzug WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US18630Not updated
4Shïfted  Magtheridon-US18567Not updated
4Kaelmistu  Magtheridon-US18567Not updated
6Nátsuki Guiles Theme SongMagtheridon-US18333Not updated
7Fazthedruid ApexMagtheridon-US18256Not updated
8Likkin DATS MEDICINALMagtheridon-US18241Not updated
9Nervsbakbaby WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US18178Not updated
10Seczfiend  Magtheridon-US16558Not updated
11Jayhanez Superiority ComplexMagtheridon-US16396Not updated
12Romitin what doMagtheridon-US16260Not updated
13Gonaluvuhard  Magtheridon-US14762Not updated
14Gonjuhh  Magtheridon-US14322Not updated
15Draintrainjr  Magtheridon-US14240Not updated
16Rerun WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US13882Not updated
17Jeremyhealz  Magtheridon-US8130Not updated
18Stankeleg  Magtheridon-US4842Not updated
19Pouncekite  Magtheridon-US4135Not updated
20Gocrazy Conclave of ShadowsMagtheridon-US3070Not updated
21Vuxiq  Magtheridon-US2012Not updated
22Truedot WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1990Not updated
23Shakaroth PariahMagtheridon-US1979Not updated
24Boodah Superiority ComplexMagtheridon-US1970Not updated
24Jaynez Superiority ComplexMagtheridon-US1970Not updated
26Whatashock WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1969Not updated
27Gamoric Guildless NoobsMagtheridon-US1965Not updated
28Graddoc The Late ShiftMagtheridon-US1919Not updated
29Lagerburst Pew Pew KachooMagtheridon-US1913Not updated
30Airvio DO YOU EVEN LIFTMagtheridon-US1840Not updated
31Bogaburger  Magtheridon-US1677Not updated
32Burritostorm  Magtheridon-US1638Not updated
33Sparkledink Conclave of ShadowsMagtheridon-US1519Not updated
34Aurohz Hint of InsanityMagtheridon-US1488Not updated
35Guppies ResonanceMagtheridon-US1440Not updated
36Liable Dont Feed the BearsMagtheridon-US1361Not updated
37Tomahawkem MythicMagtheridon-US1277Not updated
38Sevenflavors  Magtheridon-US1256Not updated
39Misharu Pew Pew KachooMagtheridon-US1135Not updated
40Sojupanda Superiority ComplexMagtheridon-US834Not updated
41Automat  Magtheridon-US789Not updated
42Tinctorius  Magtheridon-US591Not updated
42Relâpse  Magtheridon-US591Not updated
44Lazycrow Haunting EchoesMagtheridon-US514Not updated
45Edgwinette ArtifactMagtheridon-US318Not updated
46Agler  Magtheridon-US249Not updated
47Nebarkanezer Pew Pew KachooMagtheridon-US110Not updated
47Shamandris Pew Pew KachooMagtheridon-US110Not updated

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