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Burning Legion-EU Challenge Mode Rating
1Pôlo Stormwind incBurning Legion-EU19984Not updated
2Hawäii Stormwind incBurning Legion-EU19978Not updated
3Superkoza Stormwind incBurning Legion-EU19969Not updated
4Fanvare I Circus IBurning Legion-EU19285Not updated
4Krago I Circus IBurning Legion-EU19285Not updated
6Majinzenzen  Burning Legion-EU19167Not updated
6Demíre  Burning Legion-EU19167Not updated
8Blowjab  Burning Legion-EU19099Not updated
9Ateea  Burning Legion-EU18489Not updated
10Prystka I Circus IBurning Legion-EU18386Not updated
10Kímì I Circus IBurning Legion-EU18386Not updated
12Morlom InnominateBurning Legion-EU18328Not updated
13Sebuk  Burning Legion-EU16689Not updated
14Rzozef  Burning Legion-EU16318Not updated
15Sepedeus Crying HeartsBurning Legion-EU16199Not updated
16Elienai Story of my lifeBurning Legion-EU12544Not updated
17Hitox  Burning Legion-EU10203Not updated
18Tugath  Burning Legion-EU8033Not updated
19Delsauro  Burning Legion-EU7769Not updated
20Matroxis  Burning Legion-EU6700Not updated
21Biopresti PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU4259Not updated
22Bðb StrawberryBurning Legion-EU4174Not updated
23Psihar SupernaturalSBurning Legion-EU4004Not updated
24Cadavrus  Burning Legion-EU3988Not updated
25Ketharà Soul Of FireBurning Legion-EU3968Not updated
26Newrøn Order of Iron FistBurning Legion-EU3789Not updated
27Radyance MayContainNutsBurning Legion-EU3681Not updated
28Coldmen  Burning Legion-EU2978Not updated
29Ihatefire The SentencedBurning Legion-EU2582Not updated
30Zielonyluk Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU2166Not updated
31Shìver MayContainNutsBurning Legion-EU2099Not updated
32Akû  Burning Legion-EU2081Not updated
33Genorea  Burning Legion-EU2064Not updated
34Xertíon SignumBurning Legion-EU2051Not updated
35Soulstealér InsidiousBurning Legion-EU1985Not updated
36Nieogarnieta Servants of FireBurning Legion-EU1963Not updated
37Elajha  Burning Legion-EU1953Not updated
38Aima ExsulBurning Legion-EU1941Not updated
39Kurash BulletproofBurning Legion-EU1937Not updated
40Airvyn AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU1832Not updated
41Astrae FunRaidersBurning Legion-EU1749Not updated
42Dairish  Burning Legion-EU1604Not updated
43Aernin  Burning Legion-EU1596Not updated
44Fezrum OffensiveBurning Legion-EU1589Not updated
45Sandles  Burning Legion-EU1505Not updated
45Hatillus Aern MaraBurning Legion-EU1505Not updated
45Rassitter Aern MaraBurning Legion-EU1505Not updated
48Pugarr  Burning Legion-EU1489Not updated
49Rok  Burning Legion-EU1342Not updated
50Sherllock ExsulBurning Legion-EU1321Not updated
51Razzek Aern MaraBurning Legion-EU1097Not updated
52Eeto FunRaidersBurning Legion-EU663Not updated
53Remembered  Burning Legion-EU301Not updated

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