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Bloodscalp-EU Challenge Mode Rating
1Smokíng  Bloodscalp-EU19070Not updated
2Littledevil InfectionBloodscalp-EU18635Not updated
3Artwor InfectionBloodscalp-EU18317Not updated
4Valtiel RenesisBloodscalp-EU18281Not updated
5Espeira DiscønnectedBloodscalp-EU18249Not updated
5Anaxorion WipefestBloodscalp-EU18249Not updated
7Pzr eyes closedBloodscalp-EU7993Not updated
8Firefair RenesisBloodscalp-EU7691Not updated
9Akashé WipefestBloodscalp-EU6091Not updated
10Daçhande Beyond HopeBloodscalp-EU5587Not updated
11Alley RenesisBloodscalp-EU4494Not updated
12Kispoko YoU GoT KoPóWNDBloodscalp-EU3845Not updated
13Altiahna CrusadersBloodscalp-EU3467Not updated
14Nezil Beyond HopeBloodscalp-EU3094Not updated
15Sylith Eternal DimensionBloodscalp-EU2744Not updated
16Hypercaine WipefestBloodscalp-EU2234Not updated
17Lädry  Bloodscalp-EU2166Not updated
18Çx  Bloodscalp-EU1997Not updated
19Bäger WipefestBloodscalp-EU1879Not updated
20Pennicilin  Bloodscalp-EU1734Not updated
21Ahrizone Beyond HopeBloodscalp-EU1531Not updated
22Fearoshiima  Bloodscalp-EU1515Not updated
23Enorkfalder  Bloodscalp-EU1453Not updated
24Oryhime WipefestBloodscalp-EU1418Not updated
25Horina  Bloodscalp-EU1392Not updated
26Dardus No Pain No GainBloodscalp-EU1347Not updated
27Nefaghor NosferatusBloodscalp-EU1334Not updated
28Ashorath  Bloodscalp-EU1285Not updated
29Amiee ComaBloodscalp-EU1271Not updated
29Honeypaw ComaBloodscalp-EU1271Not updated
31Hunterpower Damned SoulsBloodscalp-EU1253Not updated
32Sinerchi RampageBloodscalp-EU1233Not updated
33Karness Eternal SunriseBloodscalp-EU1217Not updated
34Dizin Iron FistBloodscalp-EU1063Not updated
34Kvantor Iron FistBloodscalp-EU1063Not updated
36Tioval Keepers Of EternityBloodscalp-EU1045Not updated
37Keskin Vén KecskékBloodscalp-EU960Not updated
38Picúrka A Zöld TündérBloodscalp-EU721Not updated
39Healmár JusticeBloodscalp-EU604Not updated
40Trinitty Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU565Not updated
41Quixotic SubstanceBloodscalp-EU554Not updated
41Krasús  Bloodscalp-EU554Not updated
43Mersan  Bloodscalp-EU461Not updated
43Oldshutter ExecutorsBloodscalp-EU461Not updated
45Corynne CrusadersBloodscalp-EU451Not updated
46Ongi Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU407Not updated
47Scheris CrusadersBloodscalp-EU405Not updated
47Halszazfix CrusadersBloodscalp-EU405Not updated
49Funkspot Tears Of The DragonBloodscalp-EU368Not updated
50Avelion The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU365Not updated
51Kurgan Fönix RendjeBloodscalp-EU286Not updated
52Greathorn HunHordaBloodscalp-EU241Not updated
53Aggromágnes The New GenerationBloodscalp-EU111Not updated

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