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Barthilas-US Challenge Mode Rating
1Effectivedps  Barthilas-US20329Not updated
2Catastrophe EventideBarthilas-US19775Not updated
3Synris Hit ListBarthilas-US19613Not updated
4Kiereinator  Barthilas-US19115Not updated
5Neykist  Barthilas-US19060Not updated
6Aiy  Barthilas-US18838Not updated
7Bleedzfloofy Soldiers of the BetrayedBarthilas-US18736Not updated
8Mintou Reckless änd RelentlessBarthilas-US18722Not updated
9Juniperus H O M EBarthilas-US18663Not updated
10Gulrok  Barthilas-US18509Not updated
11Myzraél Fury of the ExiledBarthilas-US18477Not updated
12Junuu AscensionBarthilas-US18417Not updated
13Dotdispencer Soldiers of the BetrayedBarthilas-US18410Not updated
14Gagigagi DevilBarthilas-US18409Not updated
15Kiseii DevilBarthilas-US18347Not updated
16Qnmlgb QIANGUIBarthilas-US18121Not updated
17Xty  Barthilas-US17656Not updated
18Inflatejuni H O M EBarthilas-US17004Not updated
19Porkonurfork Australia MateBarthilas-US16813Not updated
20Bitaiyr ROHBarthilas-US16779Not updated
21Haibaratyan H O M EBarthilas-US16641Not updated
22Dargoth  Barthilas-US16458Not updated
23Feinted  Barthilas-US15389Not updated
24Muzzing Dragon Gate EscortBarthilas-US15157Not updated
25Kirinoxy CelestialBeingBarthilas-US14633Not updated
26Àimbot EscortsBarthilas-US14559Not updated
27Quist  Barthilas-US14172Not updated
28Sourshoes KalashnikovaBarthilas-US12951Not updated
29Boonboonfatt Fury of the ExiledBarthilas-US12827Not updated
30Ælìte  Barthilas-US12516Not updated
31Skream  Barthilas-US12514Not updated
32Farbs SPARTANBarthilas-US12273Not updated
33Bennz  Barthilas-US11526Not updated
34Darkflubba Three Six NineBarthilas-US11016Not updated
35Qoocoo DanteBarthilas-US10290Not updated
36Ringsx M I CBarthilas-US10039Not updated
37Goobmage  Barthilas-US7114Not updated
38Tyrwin  Barthilas-US6115Not updated
39Alisiur  Barthilas-US5794Not updated
40Werzlok ROHBarthilas-US4344Not updated
41Protas  Barthilas-US4250Not updated
42Slig  Barthilas-US4119Not updated
43Haloknight DanteBarthilas-US3954Not updated
44Peanutbeards  Barthilas-US3927Not updated
45Întegrity  Barthilas-US3809Not updated
46Twex  Barthilas-US3523Not updated
47Jinsilverz Red ShiftBarthilas-US3003Not updated
48Reapersrus  Barthilas-US2806Not updated
49Beezzle ManifestBarthilas-US2382Not updated
50Råin  Barthilas-US2380Not updated
51Pulsèr Pop CultureBarthilas-US2319Not updated
52Idpower  Barthilas-US2019Not updated
53Kodii  Barthilas-US2008Not updated
54Strawberrý The Guardians of AzerothBarthilas-US2007Not updated
55Minimilker NewbeeBarthilas-US1999Not updated
56Sixshadow NewbeeBarthilas-US1913Not updated
57Chestless ReVoBarthilas-US1843Not updated
58Metabolics The Guardians of AzerothBarthilas-US1812Not updated
59Puffalo NewbeeBarthilas-US1385Not updated
60Aderes Evil Bears AnonymousBarthilas-US1265Not updated
61Grigirl  Barthilas-US833Not updated
61Chubbaguts Festergut and FriendsBarthilas-US833Not updated
63Silvaras Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US578Not updated

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