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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

US Faction Only Mounts
1Vaffral PathogenLightbringer-US288
2Bogeymann DeliriumIllidan-US287Not updated
3Tigerladyirl MidwinterSargeras-US286
4Ataxus Blood LegionIllidan-US283
5Rabid TempestBleeding Hollow-US282Not updated
5Eldaria Weekend WarriorDragonmaw-US282Not updated
7Iapeto Blood LegionIllidan-US281
7Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US281
7Ryken Southern ComfortStormrage-US281Not updated
7Wojitek Team Big DogsMal'Ganis-US281
7Lethalock  Nagrand-US281Not updated
12Saza  Antonidas-US280Not updated
12Drizzi Into the FrayThrall-US280Not updated
14Creator Drunken ProphetsMug'thol-US279Not updated
14Carcin Zug ZugGarona-US279Not updated
14Reichel Legiãø dø ApøcalipseAzralon-US279
17Gammstein From ChaosSuramar-US278Not updated
17Turbine ApotheosisGnomeregan-US278
17Gongala Play SchoolBarthilas-US278Not updated
17Evani DistortionCaelestrasz-US278Not updated
17Katopal VintageMal'Ganis-US278
17Terranoize DamnationAzralon-US278Not updated
17Tirion AloneAerie Peak-US278Not updated
24Rosera VortexBarthilas-US277
24Babyjace Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US277Not updated
24Lyricaa From ChaosSuramar-US277
24Dodge  Malygos-US277Not updated
24Irenikus Sanguine ProphecyMal'Ganis-US277Not updated
24Stríke Last PullHyjal-US277Not updated
24Deathonwheat IconoclastSargeras-US277Not updated
24Holyshoc A Violent ReactionMalorne-US277Not updated
24Coldwind ModestKilrogg-US277
24Abolish  Kel'Thuzad-US277Not updated
24Blackmario Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US277Not updated
24Spinalreaper Death AngelsTichondrius-US277Not updated
36Seras Keep CalmSpirestone-US276
36Yukio AngryIllidan-US276Not updated
36Ninluv PoisonedThe Underbog-US276Not updated
36Yukimi SublimeDrenden-US276
36Sinwalker Last WordNer'zhul-US276Not updated
36Arclited basement dwellersIllidan-US276Not updated
36Slcbubba  Baelgun-US276Not updated
36Ñihilist OmnipotentSargeras-US276Not updated
44Demin BizarroKhaz'goroth-US275
44Hellfrost  Anub'arak-US275Not updated
44Lionelmessi Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US275
44Deform Brute LoopsCrushridge-US275Not updated
44Marsold Tang DynastyIllidan-US275Not updated
44Phizix DamnationAzralon-US275Not updated
50Zulkiar Impending Doom IIYsera-US274
50Evali DistortionCaelestrasz-US274Not updated
50Terranoise DamnationAzralon-US274
50Faeld SanctuaryDraka-US274Not updated
54Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US273Not updated
54Conjor DualityZul'jin-US273
54Azglok HellBlackrock-US273Not updated
54Wahnsinn TherapySkywall-US273
54Nexsa UnprovokedTuralyon-US273Not updated
54Hades The AbandonedCho'gall-US273Not updated
54Amique Darn the GoatsMalygos-US273Not updated
54Retre FaithNemesis-US273Not updated
54Zersetzen GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US273Not updated
54Glown Blood LegionIllidan-US273Not updated
54Drimien Blood LegionIllidan-US273Not updated
65Mylene The SanctifiedKhaz'goroth-US272Not updated
65Jrammy LividEmerald Dream-US272Not updated
65Shamboo Molten Core Swim TeamCaelestrasz-US272Not updated
65Yodii SymbioticBlackrock-US272
65Yablik DedicatedMoon Guard-US272
65Lioon WOW BrasilGoldrinn-US272Not updated
65Shrinez Shake MiracleIllidan-US272Not updated
65Astalon ValhallaWyrmrest Accord-US272
73Arcangon EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US271Not updated
73Minko InfinityMannoroth-US271Not updated
73Runiq FablesAntonidas-US271
73Terix  Antonidas-US271Not updated
73Best ValhallaWyrmrest Accord-US271Not updated
73Bodofraggins  Tichondrius-US271Not updated
73Shazzame Basement WizardsKel'Thuzad-US271Not updated
73Nerealu Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US271
73Naughtytoo Pulp FactionNagrand-US271Not updated
82Livetoplay NarcoticUrsin-US270
82Cebrelas  Aggramar-US270Not updated
82Takuya  Kilrogg-US270Not updated
82Quintus ValhallaWyrmrest Accord-US270
82Pudgeywudgey Slash HugMannoroth-US270Not updated
82Doflamingoss Shake MiracleIllidan-US270Not updated
82Mowdown Youve Got to B Kiting MeStormrage-US270Not updated
82Figemini TemerityWindrunner-US270
82Valandra ValhallaWyrmrest Accord-US270
82Ayami BallsSuramar-US270Not updated
82Bodhi AmbivalenceArygos-US270Not updated
82Bloodyangel Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US270Not updated
82Dpsgodz WORLDSTARHIPHOPKel'Thuzad-US270Not updated
82Pinkie Murloc n RollAzralon-US270Not updated
82Cayennee UnscarreDAzralon-US270Not updated
97Dolsen illestKil'jaeden-US269Not updated
97Axphyxiate huehuehueFrostmourne-US269Not updated
97Ariano VindicationElune-US269
97Wexzial New DawnRunetotem-US269

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