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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zuluhed-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Ìsîs  Zuluhed-EU262Not updated
2Noctali DownfallZuluhed-EU249Not updated
3Eshki easYplaYZuluhed-EU247Not updated
4Blacknurse Gilde von ZayneZuluhed-EU246Not updated
5Døømhammer Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU244Not updated
6Hektatè Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU243Not updated
7Kratov easYplaYZuluhed-EU242Not updated
8Æon  Zuluhed-EU239Not updated
9Batu in yah faceZuluhed-EU238Not updated
10Komet DownfallZuluhed-EU236Not updated
11Âeterna Very easy plaYZuluhed-EU232Not updated
12Shinthar UprisingZuluhed-EU231Not updated
12Pénney HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU231Not updated
12Farana Zuluhed WacheZuluhed-EU231Not updated
12Chrisdina easYplaYZuluhed-EU231Not updated
12Øpi Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU231Not updated
17Menezor UprisingZuluhed-EU230Not updated
18Nagun RevolutiønZuluhed-EU229Not updated
19Moocoo Little WhoopZuluhed-EU228Not updated
19Nashoba HeartsFearZuluhed-EU228Not updated
19Chogan HeartsFearZuluhed-EU228Not updated
19Salfenia DownfallZuluhed-EU228Not updated
23Klappstúhl easYplaYZuluhed-EU227Not updated
24Agénor UprisingZuluhed-EU226Not updated
24Tike Young GunsZuluhed-EU226Not updated
24Wattan HeartsFearZuluhed-EU226Not updated
27Berlox HTIZuluhed-EU225Not updated
28Undertâkerx UprisingZuluhed-EU223Not updated
28Kuhhausen illusion of timeZuluhed-EU223Not updated
30Kahwum GloriousZuluhed-EU222Not updated
30Malûga UprisingZuluhed-EU222Not updated
30Taîga easYplaYZuluhed-EU222Not updated
33Pumpenheini DownfallZuluhed-EU221Not updated
34Aklis Little WhoopZuluhed-EU218Not updated
34Zalazzar Wings of GodZuluhed-EU218Not updated
36Leatrice styxZuluhed-EU217Not updated
37Ðrac UprisingZuluhed-EU216Not updated
37Talkiløl styxZuluhed-EU216Not updated
39Linorellvin Die BlutRacheZuluhed-EU215Not updated
40Gallor Little WhoopZuluhed-EU214Not updated
40Candyblade UprisingZuluhed-EU214Not updated
42Iriusk GloriousZuluhed-EU213Not updated
43Unbrôken Dunkles BlutZuluhed-EU212Not updated
44Bêngel Ticket to HeavenZuluhed-EU211Not updated
44Minalcar UnitedZuluhed-EU211Not updated
44Kijahra Schergen des SchreckensZuluhed-EU211Not updated
47Kaouro UprisingZuluhed-EU210Not updated
47Iryal UprisingZuluhed-EU210Not updated
47Lhucy whatZuluhed-EU210Not updated
47Lilee Little WhoopZuluhed-EU210Not updated
47Gattsu FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU210Not updated
52Luun First LadiesZuluhed-EU209Not updated
52Ôllum UprisingZuluhed-EU209Not updated
52Lialuu  Zuluhed-EU209Not updated
52Arkanius Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU209Not updated
56Grimser aggressiveZuluhed-EU207Not updated
56Yusaku Necronomicon ex mortisZuluhed-EU207Not updated
56Noír Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU207Not updated
56Stratosphere Wings of GodZuluhed-EU207Not updated
56Limee TwixZuluhed-EU207Not updated
61Pinacopanda GloriousZuluhed-EU206Not updated
61Joânna DownfallZuluhed-EU206Not updated
61Makutos Little WhoopZuluhed-EU206Not updated
61Vollnoobso Aufstieg des BösenZuluhed-EU206Not updated
65Traviatá Ticket to HeavenZuluhed-EU205Not updated
66Blueprint Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU204Not updated
66Castorfelix Zorn der Toten ArmeeZuluhed-EU204Not updated
66Fraysi infinityZuluhed-EU204Not updated
66Yeetan WicKedZuluhed-EU204Not updated
70Nirthak ParadigmaZuluhed-EU203Not updated
70Huntil  Zuluhed-EU203Not updated
70Märrox UprisingZuluhed-EU203Not updated
70Jêezy  Zuluhed-EU203Not updated
74Ánjastar Semper FidelisZuluhed-EU202Not updated
74Karizton DownfallZuluhed-EU202Not updated
74Benchî whatZuluhed-EU202Not updated
74Darkstâr Little WhoopZuluhed-EU202Not updated
74Simkel Little WhoopZuluhed-EU202Not updated
79Wuzzog Little WhoopZuluhed-EU201Not updated
79Baleys GloriousZuluhed-EU201Not updated
79Tenamari SchattenvolkZuluhed-EU201Not updated
82Vênoxia Always The Hard WayZuluhed-EU200Not updated
82Vraylinn Launen des SchicksalsZuluhed-EU200Not updated
82Lapislazula Warlords of SinZuluhed-EU200Not updated
82Berightback easYplaYZuluhed-EU200Not updated
86Zendy styxZuluhed-EU199Not updated
87Gudir iRonicZuluhed-EU198Not updated
87Justcute easYplaYZuluhed-EU198Not updated
89Pyvok easYplaYZuluhed-EU197Not updated
90Nihrot UprisingZuluhed-EU196Not updated

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