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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-US Faction Only Mounts
1Conjor DualityZul'jin-US273Not updated
2Thelynth ImminentZul'jin-US265Not updated
3Zennshi ImminentZul'jin-US263Not updated
4Czerr MightZul'jin-US261Not updated
5Marshy Going HamZul'jin-US260Not updated
6Meì  Zul'jin-US258Not updated
7Obtain  Zul'jin-US257Not updated
7Fabulicious ImminentZul'jin-US257Not updated
9Pornek Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US256Not updated
9Hotiimcbotii Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US256Not updated
9Greenteax  Zul'jin-US256Not updated
9Phoebë IgniteZul'jin-US256Not updated
13Domemeup DivideZul'jin-US255Not updated
13Uglypanda Abusement ParkZul'jin-US255Not updated
13Rawa T R A U M AZul'jin-US255Not updated
16Bumboclotz Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US254Not updated
16Psychosócial EterniumZul'jin-US254Not updated
16Renmault Sons of AzerothZul'jin-US254Not updated
16Kittyleap Exiled LegionZul'jin-US254Not updated
20Cleoboltra Exiled LegionZul'jin-US253Not updated
20Korasu KharmaZul'jin-US253Not updated
22Yata Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US252Not updated
22Maximum DualityZul'jin-US252Not updated
22Spadafora Eternal RequiemZul'jin-US252Not updated
25Viper HalcyonZul'jin-US251Not updated
25Vols K Bec KoiZul'jin-US251Not updated
25Apes Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US251Not updated
25Hafsól EclipsëZul'jin-US251Not updated
29Smio K Bec KoiZul'jin-US250Not updated
29Lewcifer Thats What She SaídZul'jin-US250Not updated
31Vasala Misfit ToysZul'jin-US249Not updated
31Mortalyse  Zul'jin-US249Not updated
33Absèý  Zul'jin-US245Not updated
34Seaza Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US244Not updated
34Melíssa AspectsZul'jin-US244Not updated
36Melua EruditeZul'jin-US243Not updated
36Synrazor ObsessionsZul'jin-US243Not updated
38Jalopy DualityZul'jin-US242Not updated
38Iceburg AspectsZul'jin-US242Not updated
38Krobek Marche ou CrèveZul'jin-US242Not updated
38Ångström Challenge AcceptedZul'jin-US242Not updated
38Porestarr DualityZul'jin-US242Not updated
43Moosky Mirrored ReasoningZul'jin-US241Not updated
43Jadei AspectsZul'jin-US241Not updated
43Alexshandra InsanitastyZul'jin-US241Not updated
43Smionîx Behind UZul'jin-US241Not updated
47Varená Mirrored ReasoningZul'jin-US240Not updated
47Zodek EntropiZul'jin-US240Not updated
47Hazuro Aberrant BehaviorZul'jin-US240Not updated
50Rossania SagLac FightersZul'jin-US239Not updated
50Knyghtraven Order of The Ebon CrossZul'jin-US239Not updated
50Buraki  Zul'jin-US239Not updated
50Förçêdréñåmè  Zul'jin-US239Not updated
50Âizen In For The KillZul'jin-US239Not updated
50Latias Exiled LegionZul'jin-US239Not updated
50Bobbijo Insufficient FundsZul'jin-US239Not updated
57Recidivist Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Gallatea EntropiZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Edge MightZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Charlywafles WardanceZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Høtaku  Zul'jin-US238Not updated
57Vespara Meus Vita Pro VestriZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Syrena  Zul'jin-US238Not updated
57Morseque Mass CasualtyZul'jin-US238Not updated
57Loopzy Perfect InsanityZul'jin-US238Not updated
66Finity TacticsZul'jin-US237Not updated
66Bobsal MightZul'jin-US237Not updated
66Memorize Novus InfinitasZul'jin-US237Not updated
66Selah Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US237Not updated
66Pustull SagLac FightersZul'jin-US237Not updated
71Wigs ImmortalisZul'jin-US236Not updated
71Kyrna The CofferZul'jin-US236Not updated
73Thauronus MultibeastZul'jin-US235Not updated
73Sebastiien  Zul'jin-US235Not updated
73Insanity Only Fear Of DeathZul'jin-US235Not updated
73Kurkul Légion Du QuébecZul'jin-US235Not updated
73Maximusmage EntropiZul'jin-US235Not updated
73Sigurður Holy OrderZul'jin-US235Not updated
73Murph SystematicZul'jin-US235Not updated
80Kamslock DualityZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Faifel ObsessionsZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Kolnevar I I IZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Spluncy ImmortalisZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Cassioepia OceansZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Aryxon Pet PeevesZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Mogleezock Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Quenali AspectsZul'jin-US234Not updated
80Shikomizue Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US234Not updated
89Pigzee Thats What She SaídZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Deyth An SheZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Pwrwordmoo CatalystZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Rhinoleum Exiled LegionZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Raiev ReverieZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Tarheels  Zul'jin-US233Not updated
89Feardotca DumpstersZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Mouette AspectsZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Zarrax SalvationZul'jin-US233Not updated
89Lifeform  Zul'jin-US233Not updated
99Devyra Vintage MiseryZul'jin-US232Not updated
99Tyrlit EntropiZul'jin-US232Not updated

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