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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zangarmarsh-US Faction Only Mounts
1Jacob MartyrsZangarmarsh-US252Not updated
1Pathora The UnspokenZangarmarsh-US252Not updated
3Trafalgarlàw Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US236Not updated
4Oldia The VoidZangarmarsh-US229Not updated
5Orcala Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US228Not updated
5Softserve MartyrsZangarmarsh-US228Not updated
7Diannia DiscordZangarmarsh-US226Not updated
8Dranathor MartyrsZangarmarsh-US225Not updated
9Feast Legion of LightZangarmarsh-US224Not updated
10Joehex Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US221Not updated
10Frigidblades Broken VeteransZangarmarsh-US221Not updated
12Hellslinger Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US219Not updated
12Sargrath Lagoon CompanyZangarmarsh-US219Not updated
14Vugowulf Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US218Not updated
15Tzcy No RemorseZangarmarsh-US217Not updated
15Taizia Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US217Not updated
17Kacela Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US216Not updated
18Swagman The Left BehindZangarmarsh-US215Not updated
18Rokdawnaxe  Zangarmarsh-US215Not updated
18Nitsi Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US215Not updated
18Zarraenia Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US215Not updated
22Khandemned RefridgeraidersZangarmarsh-US214Not updated
22Lykara Military IntelligenceZangarmarsh-US214Not updated
22Bräshu Sad PandaZangarmarsh-US214Not updated
22Nymue Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US214Not updated
22Haliani Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US214Not updated
27Tygralya Head HuntersZangarmarsh-US213Not updated
27Tmage LegendäryZangarmarsh-US213Not updated
27Brige Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US213Not updated
27Nadda SanctifyZangarmarsh-US213Not updated
31Misscitti Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US212Not updated
32Crall DreamweaverZangarmarsh-US211Not updated
33Williamboone  Zangarmarsh-US210Not updated
33Cremdelacrem Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US210Not updated
33Vik NapalmZangarmarsh-US210Not updated
33Thumbeleena SanctifyZangarmarsh-US210Not updated
33Koefod Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US210Not updated
38Hallan Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US208Not updated
38Talethea Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US208Not updated
38Groginator  Zangarmarsh-US208Not updated
38Leversa Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US208Not updated
38Marimar For The CheeseZangarmarsh-US208Not updated
38Kastrina  Zangarmarsh-US208Not updated
44Celladore The UnspokenZangarmarsh-US207Not updated
44Zambria The Left BehindZangarmarsh-US207Not updated
44Babyhelm Rinse and RepeatZangarmarsh-US207Not updated
44Dragonlore League of ShadowsZangarmarsh-US207Not updated
44Atomfarmer Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US207Not updated
49Lanluasu Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US206Not updated
49Choloe  Zangarmarsh-US206Not updated
49Cerdeath cookies pleaseZangarmarsh-US206Not updated
52Cakefarts The Many Paths of PainZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
52Butterscup Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
52Betonit Knights of GoodZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
52Zurgah Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
52Sur NapalmZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
52Acorn NapalmZangarmarsh-US205Not updated
58Jakkartz DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US204Not updated
58Vince NapalmZangarmarsh-US204Not updated
58Bambam NapalmZangarmarsh-US204Not updated
58Aminà  Zangarmarsh-US204Not updated
62Thoragnar Armored JusticeZangarmarsh-US203Not updated
62Filburt MartyrsZangarmarsh-US203Not updated
62Felsyra No RemorseZangarmarsh-US203Not updated
62Hidensneak Death StalkersZangarmarsh-US203Not updated
66Krillitane Apocalypse PwniesZangarmarsh-US202Not updated
66Warløck EnthronedZangarmarsh-US202Not updated
66Beverage  Zangarmarsh-US202Not updated
66Tcsh Mission of MercyZangarmarsh-US202Not updated
66Sammuel Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US202Not updated
71Nadvan Beyond the ShadowsZangarmarsh-US201Not updated
72Gnosea Fear ItselfZangarmarsh-US200Not updated
73Lono Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US199Not updated
73Jeneya Six DegreesZangarmarsh-US199Not updated
73Sprïnkles  Zangarmarsh-US199Not updated
76Cherish Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US198Not updated
76Orihimee Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US198Not updated
76Peppersue Gummy Bear GangZangarmarsh-US198Not updated
76Mcholyhammer PétrosZangarmarsh-US198Not updated
80Celyris HammerZangarmarsh-US197Not updated

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