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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysondre-US Faction Only Mounts
1Dasati  Ysondre-US255Not updated
2Minzy ReportedYsondre-US217Not updated
3Stigian Get Rich or Die GrindingYsondre-US216Not updated
4Kùjin HorsemenYsondre-US214Not updated
5Ghazgull HorsemenYsondre-US211Not updated
6Harrowmont Friends FirstYsondre-US209Not updated
6Yenwon ReportedYsondre-US209Not updated
8Sneakyay Get Rich or Die GrindingYsondre-US208Not updated
9Warcrimes  Ysondre-US206Not updated
10Tirreyn JoneztownYsondre-US204Not updated
11Ulua Limit BreaksYsondre-US202Not updated
12Codus AcrossYsondre-US201Not updated
13Milarose  Ysondre-US196Not updated
14Likeafrost  Ysondre-US194Not updated
15Altosk AcrossYsondre-US193Not updated
15Deadsharkk JoneztownYsondre-US193Not updated
17Bbiggdaddy LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US192Not updated
17Adrani Foundation StonesYsondre-US192Not updated
19Star Total AnnihilationYsondre-US191Not updated
20Uern Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US190Not updated
21Kreuznick Nuke Attack DeathweaponYsondre-US189Not updated
21Doodah Warriors of UnforgivenYsondre-US189Not updated
23Mystyna Foundation StonesYsondre-US188Not updated
24Thelliona LethalYsondre-US187Not updated
25Aélla VixensYsondre-US186Not updated
26Pendulous Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US185Not updated
27Furcas Get Rich or Die GrindingYsondre-US184Not updated
28Jarvieri  Ysondre-US182Not updated
28Steadiest UdogsYsondre-US182Not updated
30Elbereth VixensYsondre-US181Not updated
31Saffy Dawgs of WarYsondre-US179Not updated
31Catniss ApollyonYsondre-US179Not updated
31Shadowmane Novus VicisYsondre-US179Not updated
34Slimshadey Z Brothers IncYsondre-US178Not updated
35Wapeka WOW FellowshipYsondre-US177Not updated
36Tìme RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US176Not updated
36Vowels  Ysondre-US176Not updated
38Lilbread HorsemenYsondre-US175Not updated
38Rìddik Crayons taste lyk PurpleYsondre-US175Not updated
40Zembâ Its Just A Game PeopleYsondre-US174Not updated
40Raziell Its Just A Game PeopleYsondre-US174Not updated
40Nexrender  Ysondre-US174Not updated
43Pepo AltruisticYsondre-US173Not updated
43Åshúr Crayons taste lyk PurpleYsondre-US173Not updated
43Kìtty The Russian MafiaYsondre-US173Not updated
46Dusana  Ysondre-US172Not updated
46Glymm Dawgs of WarYsondre-US172Not updated
46Xeria  Ysondre-US172Not updated
46Usee LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US172Not updated
46Sands  Ysondre-US172Not updated
46Alaina HorsemenYsondre-US172Not updated
46Gimlï  Ysondre-US172Not updated
53Neekomata  Ysondre-US171Not updated
53Darrein Novus VicisYsondre-US171Not updated
55Earlofzeus  Ysondre-US170Not updated
56Aldafir Friends FirstYsondre-US169Not updated
56Mate  Ysondre-US169Not updated
58Carpntrybuny UnityYsondre-US168Not updated
58Tammi Remnant SocietyYsondre-US168Not updated
60Shamrolly LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US167Not updated
60Ritznabisco AcrossYsondre-US167Not updated
62Palaos  Ysondre-US166Not updated
62Phrankfurt Its Just A Game PeopleYsondre-US166Not updated
62Rõcky HorsemenYsondre-US166Not updated
65Spackledorf Vertically ChallengedYsondre-US165Not updated
65Keranna HorsemenYsondre-US165Not updated
65Lummpy Mizfits of MiseryYsondre-US165Not updated
65Galaren LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US165Not updated
65Bereft Automata InfinitumYsondre-US165Not updated
65Keeyaah REVÊNGEYsondre-US165Not updated
65Midboss Novus VicisYsondre-US165Not updated
72Jamshetfield The BanishedYsondre-US164Not updated
72Unclethomas  Ysondre-US164Not updated
72Wickedfury Sxy and I Know ItYsondre-US164Not updated
75Elion Automata InfinitumYsondre-US163Not updated
75Tyze Toiletbowl TerroristsYsondre-US163Not updated
75Hameson LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US163Not updated
75Ephryz  Ysondre-US163Not updated
75Maeris UnityYsondre-US163Not updated
75Morrigen Pretty Pink PwnysYsondre-US163Not updated
75Hmmrtme Pretty Pink PwnysYsondre-US163Not updated
82Gothrallsdee  Ysondre-US162Not updated
82Demoncaller  Ysondre-US162Not updated
84Qik HorsemenYsondre-US161Not updated
84Kurthnaga Kryptonian Knights of ELYsondre-US161Not updated
84Chô  Ysondre-US161Not updated
84Mzbehavin Crayons taste lyk PurpleYsondre-US161Not updated
84Ahg Task Force AllianceYsondre-US161Not updated
84Friedpumpkin  Ysondre-US161Not updated
90Amaterasu  Ysondre-US160Not updated
90Fichdich UdogsYsondre-US160Not updated
90Bulltastich  Ysondre-US160Not updated
93Koyy Lethal ExodusYsondre-US159Not updated
93Elewyn Celestal EmpireYsondre-US159Not updated
93Fenixstorm Miley CyrusYsondre-US159Not updated
93Railtracer RebørnYsondre-US159Not updated
93Sallyn VixensYsondre-US159Not updated
98Babak  Ysondre-US158Not updated

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