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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Caron Die Krieger des LichtsYsera-EU280Not updated
2Mangole easYplaYYsera-EU276Not updated
3Pixxil LacrimosaYsera-EU273Not updated
4Valone Die FeuerprobeYsera-EU270Not updated
5Duderino  Ysera-EU264Not updated
6Amamöka Fandu TalahYsera-EU243Not updated
7Tseng easYplaYYsera-EU242Not updated
8Panicky easYplaYYsera-EU238Not updated
9Thúnder TE UnitedYsera-EU237Not updated
10Amador ElementarwächterYsera-EU230Not updated
11Highdi easYplaYYsera-EU227Not updated
11Rumpleteazer  Ysera-EU227Not updated
13Leelalein LacrimosaYsera-EU226Not updated
14Abbygail  Ysera-EU225Not updated
15Samisher easYplaYYsera-EU223Not updated
16Sceletor Nordic FrostYsera-EU222Not updated
16Xedille easYplaYYsera-EU222Not updated
16Carryý GummizelleYsera-EU222Not updated
16Fertignudel In Nomine PatrisYsera-EU222Not updated
20Edinger Barfuß bis zum HalsYsera-EU221Not updated
21Toralk HonestusYsera-EU219Not updated
21Çhaí  Ysera-EU219Not updated
23Rialda just dont failYsera-EU218Not updated
23Flasher easYplaYYsera-EU218Not updated
23Meðjana Fandu TalahYsera-EU218Not updated
23Coriem EuphoriaYsera-EU218Not updated
27Zoyah easYplaYYsera-EU217Not updated
27Áragon  Ysera-EU217Not updated
29Ðémon Bewahrer von KalimdorYsera-EU216Not updated
29Neto Red DawnYsera-EU216Not updated
29Débbie Durus NucleusYsera-EU216Not updated
32Smashi easYplaYYsera-EU213Not updated
32Ysann Durus MentiriYsera-EU213Not updated
32Banshie SneakyYsera-EU213Not updated
32Lazura GummizelleYsera-EU213Not updated
32Wasserbauch ElementarwächterYsera-EU213Not updated
32Alwaysultra Allianz im SchaafspelzYsera-EU213Not updated
38Tresdin Fandu TalahYsera-EU212Not updated
38Emberstorm  Ysera-EU212Not updated
38Skrìnyr BierschaumengelYsera-EU212Not updated
41Lyuri easYplaYYsera-EU209Not updated
41Falk easYplaYYsera-EU209Not updated
41Isabeau ElementarwächterYsera-EU209Not updated
41Saromarn Die Elfen AllianzYsera-EU209Not updated
41Klarot JanitcharenYsera-EU209Not updated
41Raioxiya easYplaYYsera-EU209Not updated
41Krautfee  Ysera-EU209Not updated
41Hexoral TephraYsera-EU209Not updated
49Avlys Without OnusYsera-EU208Not updated
49Hagarth Die letzten MohikanerYsera-EU208Not updated
49Lennus Zin AzshariYsera-EU208Not updated
49Mulgryn GummizelleYsera-EU208Not updated
49Blackviper Lost DragonsYsera-EU208Not updated
49Zerhäcksler Exilium NoctisYsera-EU208Not updated
49Nêphilim Die SchwarzdrachenritterYsera-EU208Not updated
49Tóon SchneesturmYsera-EU208Not updated
49Shanî The ElementsYsera-EU208Not updated
49Hellbreed Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU208Not updated
59Kronkol Revenge of the WolvesYsera-EU207Not updated
60Po easYplaYYsera-EU206Not updated
60Mabuse The Shadow UnitYsera-EU206Not updated
60Steinklaue Die TempelRitterYsera-EU206Not updated
60Zaitrøx Demnächst im KinoYsera-EU206Not updated
60Rpavc just dont failYsera-EU206Not updated
60Safieria Durus MentiriYsera-EU206Not updated
60Cayrøx Demnächst im KinoYsera-EU206Not updated
60Merunâ GummizelleYsera-EU206Not updated
60Arandea  Ysera-EU206Not updated
60Sack EquitatusYsera-EU206Not updated
70Petrolag Ritter des GralsYsera-EU205Not updated
70Makadi For FunYsera-EU205Not updated
70Rokk Die letzten MohikanerYsera-EU205Not updated
70Amisthar Bel EthilYsera-EU205Not updated
70Gârnet  Ysera-EU205Not updated
70Zetsu  Ysera-EU205Not updated
70Attilâ LacrimosaYsera-EU205Not updated
77Myxín Nordic FrostYsera-EU204Not updated
77Skardel Plan BYsera-EU204Not updated
77Drajl VendettaYsera-EU204Not updated
77Reddeath PariaYsera-EU204Not updated
77Rafzulk GummizelleYsera-EU204Not updated
77Diwa ElementarwächterYsera-EU204Not updated
77Lootmefree SlowhàndsYsera-EU204Not updated
84Hoppe Fandu TalahYsera-EU203Not updated
84Raiun Legati CaeliYsera-EU203Not updated
84Pebbles IndeclinabilisYsera-EU203Not updated
84Dràkonia ThalionYsera-EU203Not updated
84Sändmän BildschirmgebräuntYsera-EU203Not updated
89Windkind SneakyYsera-EU202Not updated
89Itharion IndeclinabilisYsera-EU202Not updated
89Impurus MortiferusYsera-EU202Not updated
89Sandocania ThalionYsera-EU202Not updated
89Manolina Plan BYsera-EU202Not updated

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