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Whisperwind-US Faction Only Mounts
1Lampwraith Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US251
2Imchpr Legends of WhisperwindWhisperwind-US243
3Omegathree The OrderWhisperwind-US239
4Asphodele Something WickedWhisperwind-US238
5Calmdownplz Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US237
6Feloupie DisgruntledWhisperwind-US236
7Phillyphil Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US231
8Ameryl CarriedWhisperwind-US230
8Davisprime Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US230
8Galrauga Beta TestingWhisperwind-US230Not updated
11Moonilocks The OrderWhisperwind-US229
12Viágra House of HellfourgeWhisperwind-US227
12Chegmate A Risen DecreeWhisperwind-US227
14Ayalisa ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US225
14Cyordin HarbingerWhisperwind-US225
16Jamaican  Whisperwind-US223Not updated
16Malados UnforgivenWhisperwind-US223
16Zlata Guardians of RhuideanWhisperwind-US223
19Gúts ResurrectíonWhisperwind-US221
20Mutzlock Sol InvictusWhisperwind-US220
21Rhazer Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US219
21Lasorwolf Iron FistWhisperwind-US219
23Thoriss WanderersWhisperwind-US218
23Glenlivett DisgruntledWhisperwind-US218
23Arrol SuperfriendsWhisperwind-US218
23Minxess Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US218
27Rosettechrno ParticleWhisperwind-US217
27Rackesis ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US217
27Oobliterate Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US217
27Rainynites Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US217
27Xzerkzyz Warped WelcomeWhisperwind-US217Not updated
32Merìngue Beta TestingWhisperwind-US216
32Druidabuser The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US216
32Aôba ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US216
32Lysanna Emperium SpiritWhisperwind-US216
32Scottpilgrim Fat Kids Tank CakeWhisperwind-US216Not updated
32Demettra In Vino VeritasWhisperwind-US216
32Calacirya Is Out Of ManaWhisperwind-US216
39Frazle CarriedWhisperwind-US215
39Gelvindine A Risen DecreeWhisperwind-US215
39Neryssa Rocket SurgeryWhisperwind-US215Not updated
42Galluccio Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US214
42Zikitrik League of EliteWhisperwind-US214
42Ashevil HEROWhisperwind-US214Not updated
45Popalicious Sol InvictusWhisperwind-US213
45Iowaamy Epic DisasterWhisperwind-US213
45Davo Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US213Not updated
45Tapanga Lost Soldier of DarknessWhisperwind-US213
45Inkyana Something WickedWhisperwind-US213
50Ribby Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US212
50Vortex Beta TestingWhisperwind-US212
50Grumpygnome ReloadedWhisperwind-US212Not updated
50Hunith Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US212
50Wibby Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US212Not updated
50Pondering Land of Misfit ToysWhisperwind-US212Not updated
56Zeriaa The AftermathWhisperwind-US211
56Iowamike Epic DisasterWhisperwind-US211
56Stuffnstuff Post MortemWhisperwind-US211
59Trex AbyssWhisperwind-US210
59Lumineus Phoenix TearWhisperwind-US210
59Xandon AlphaWhisperwind-US210Not updated
59Daemynia DisgruntledWhisperwind-US210
59Bigdaddynite The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US210
59Wilizan Rude AwakeningWhisperwind-US210
59Phyla Rocket SurgeryWhisperwind-US210Not updated
59Azaela AbyssWhisperwind-US210
59Sarael Post MortemWhisperwind-US210Not updated
59Specialkae  Whisperwind-US210Not updated
69Striker VolatileWhisperwind-US209Not updated
69Zaythan Something WickedWhisperwind-US209
69Amyrillis Legends of WhisperwindWhisperwind-US209
69Zaiki Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US209
69Chastasia Iron FistWhisperwind-US209
69Mannheim ImmortalWhisperwind-US209
69Tchiro Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US209
76Drizm Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US208
76Parox The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US208
76Shadôôm Phoenix TearWhisperwind-US208
76Annibelle Post MortemWhisperwind-US208
76Celebros Hordes of ChaosWhisperwind-US208
76Skylocke  Whisperwind-US208Not updated
76Messam  Whisperwind-US208Not updated
76Lilnukes GenesísWhisperwind-US208
76Amitabuddha ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US208Not updated

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