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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Velen-US Faction Only Mounts
1Valors Ring of DestinyVelen-US251Not updated
1Slickcircuit VeritasVelen-US251Not updated
1Drpapa  Velen-US251Not updated
4Sangrey Shade of ArrowsVelen-US239Not updated
4Volatilis Apocalypse XVelen-US239Not updated
6Mightyisis Control Alt EliteVelen-US238Not updated
7Maaco  Velen-US236Not updated
8Marquise VeritasVelen-US231Not updated
9Janan VeritasVelen-US230Not updated
9Kualija Shade of ArrowsVelen-US230Not updated
9Junagora Shade of ArrowsVelen-US230Not updated
9Akirá Eventual HeroesVelen-US230Not updated
9Primerib VeritasVelen-US230Not updated
14Stormkñight OutlandishVelen-US228Not updated
15Rinnzler BlacklistedVelen-US227Not updated
15Moony HalcyonVelen-US227Not updated
17Norimason  Velen-US226Not updated
17Katardre Clan of WoeVelen-US226Not updated
17Avella Clan of WoeVelen-US226Not updated
17Spotted Clan of WoeVelen-US226Not updated
17Applerose Legendary RaidersVelen-US226Not updated
22Warlee DestructionVelen-US225Not updated
22Competence Shade of ArrowsVelen-US225Not updated
24Noblesse VeritasVelen-US224Not updated
24Myrolen  Velen-US224Not updated
24Thunk Clan of WoeVelen-US224Not updated
27Shadala InfinityVelen-US222Not updated
27Jinnelise TenacityVelen-US222Not updated
27Katze Clan of WoeVelen-US222Not updated
27Kimbza Shade of ArrowsVelen-US222Not updated
27Umahi Clan of WoeVelen-US222Not updated
27Lemidget Clan of WoeVelen-US222Not updated
33Gazikk Raiders of DestinyVelen-US220Not updated
34Abrahadabra CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US219Not updated
34Parthmakeyo  Velen-US219Not updated
34Stupendous  Velen-US219Not updated
37Blysstia TenacityVelen-US217Not updated
37Bended HarbingerVelen-US217Not updated
39Ruid HarbingerVelen-US216Not updated
39Jiani BlacklistedVelen-US216Not updated
39Fidelcastroy HarbingerVelen-US216Not updated
39Madalchemist Girls Gone WildVelen-US216Not updated
39Sad HarbingerVelen-US216Not updated
39Demenria VeritasVelen-US216Not updated
39Drail  Velen-US216Not updated
39Taproot HarbingerVelen-US216Not updated
39Tanavar Clan of WoeVelen-US216Not updated
39Parixi Clan of WoeVelen-US216Not updated
49Xarferrin LucidityVelen-US215Not updated
49Wotdabny  Velen-US215Not updated
49Plush VeritasVelen-US215Not updated
49Kiev BlacklistedVelen-US215Not updated
49Zarina Chasing PurpleVelen-US215Not updated
49Demoncarnage DegradationVelen-US215Not updated
49Squirrelÿ HarbingerVelen-US215Not updated
49Broked HarbingerVelen-US215Not updated
49Ancles HarbingerVelen-US215Not updated
58Bargrand Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US214Not updated
58Kumbaia Swift JusticeVelen-US214Not updated
58Jblaise  Velen-US214Not updated
58Seed Shock and AweVelen-US214Not updated
62Miztahchipz  Velen-US213Not updated
62Felayn HalcyonVelen-US213Not updated
62Kontrol CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US213Not updated
62Mapz  Velen-US213Not updated
66Angelaura Shade of ArrowsVelen-US212Not updated
67Plumpmelons BlacklistedVelen-US211Not updated
67Tangled HarbingerVelen-US211Not updated
67Papaßear Shock and AweVelen-US211Not updated
67Nox HalcyonVelen-US211Not updated
71Shádyj  Velen-US210Not updated
71Kaiballan Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US210Not updated
71Lokilaufey  Velen-US210Not updated
74Oboron Dark TranquilityVelen-US209Not updated
74Mordrisa Raiders of DestinyVelen-US209Not updated
74Emmersen CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US209Not updated
77Caloiisa VeritasVelen-US208Not updated
77Mahot E M P I R EVelen-US208Not updated
77Rathren Maelstrom LegionVelen-US208Not updated
77Boostedqt  Velen-US208Not updated
77Thirteens HellementaryVelen-US208Not updated
77Lunitoria LucidityVelen-US208Not updated
77Fearcast  Velen-US208Not updated
77Pallypizza LucidityVelen-US208Not updated
85Darkravyn CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US207Not updated
85Schâtten Light of EluneVelen-US207Not updated
87Hearthadin CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US206Not updated
87Asami The Betty Horde ClinicVelen-US206Not updated
87Missaou VeritasVelen-US206Not updated

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