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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twisting Nether-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Gabzz MethodTwisting Nether-EU288Not updated
2Iwillbedead KorpenTwisting Nether-EU283Not updated
3Trumpstá The Next StepTwisting Nether-EU274Not updated
4Zronay LottoTwisting Nether-EU267Not updated
5Azogaa MethodTwisting Nether-EU266Not updated
6Avenila NoMTwisting Nether-EU265Not updated
7Crisius NoMTwisting Nether-EU264Not updated
8Elrondd ANGELSTwisting Nether-EU263Not updated
9Rokton Perfectly SaneTwisting Nether-EU261Not updated
10Kelrock InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU260Not updated
11Munkkikana UnbalancedTwisting Nether-EU259Not updated
12Motto MethodTwisting Nether-EU257Not updated
13Grimtor KorpenTwisting Nether-EU255Not updated
14Zapph Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU254Not updated
14Mystrollet OvärdaTwisting Nether-EU254Not updated
14Ctrlalthell Wipe IncTwisting Nether-EU254Not updated
14Wikkan Mindless ZombiesTwisting Nether-EU254Not updated
14Maqqe TalotaikuritTwisting Nether-EU254Not updated
19Llothie ApexTwisting Nether-EU253Not updated
19Glennv SacrilegeTwisting Nether-EU253Not updated
19Sturges Dirty HeroesTwisting Nether-EU253Not updated
19Zharkoon InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU253Not updated
23Blattardos MethodTwisting Nether-EU252Not updated
23Failadina InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU252Not updated
25Menoruna SKYLIGHTTwisting Nether-EU251Not updated
25Tribaltroll OvärdaTwisting Nether-EU251Not updated
25Droven Magister dixitTwisting Nether-EU251Not updated
25Feelréd Heroes of the NorthTwisting Nether-EU251Not updated
29Anakîin  Twisting Nether-EU250Not updated
29Manikith SymbioticTwisting Nether-EU250Not updated
29Bainne InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU250Not updated
29Aizia HellionTwisting Nether-EU250Not updated
29Salashot IndignatioTwisting Nether-EU250Not updated
29Astrotrainn Hellenic HordeTwisting Nether-EU250Not updated
35Xeranja InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU249Not updated
35Deathblossom Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU249Not updated
35Sofarm BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU249Not updated
38Mahfel  Twisting Nether-EU248Not updated
38Lockneess  Twisting Nether-EU248Not updated
38Karaninja Blood And ShadowTwisting Nether-EU248Not updated
41Aralynn Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU247Not updated
41Blackchief TaléntTwisting Nether-EU247Not updated
43Klotski Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU246Not updated
43Trithaitus  Twisting Nether-EU246Not updated
43Roamer Omega PointTwisting Nether-EU246Not updated
43Iruat Omnia ExtinctTwisting Nether-EU246Not updated
43Paladinmcgee TessellateTwisting Nether-EU246Not updated
43Holycava VitalTwisting Nether-EU246Not updated
49Saltytokos ApexTwisting Nether-EU245Not updated
50Sngmtokos ApexTwisting Nether-EU244Not updated
50Felos RenovoTwisting Nether-EU244Not updated
50Drfeelgud NetherTwisting Nether-EU244Not updated
50Valeriu CasaNostraTwisting Nether-EU244Not updated
54Maypop Lycen FélTwisting Nether-EU243Not updated
55Darksens Licentia ProeliatorTwisting Nether-EU242Not updated
55Achronic Eternal EleganceTwisting Nether-EU242Not updated
55Spreech Magister dixitTwisting Nether-EU242Not updated
55Devilstorm Wipe IncTwisting Nether-EU242Not updated
55Lagoig  Twisting Nether-EU242Not updated
60Inarus Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU241Not updated
60Silentwish InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU241Not updated
62Schûtz CATASTROPHETwisting Nether-EU240Not updated
62Scourgelock ResurrectíonTwisting Nether-EU240Not updated
62Taurannus ClarityTwisting Nether-EU240Not updated
65Dånti FAMETwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
65Lorck Like A BossTwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
65Inzeta The AlphamalesTwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
65Löskekona ExactlyTwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
65Kerosine ApexTwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
65Deathgrab TessellateTwisting Nether-EU239Not updated
71Hutan Savage TribeTwisting Nether-EU238Not updated
71Silero BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU238Not updated
71Earthcrawler Why NótTwisting Nether-EU238Not updated
74Smãs Hellenic HordeTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Dangen The AsylumTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Saligkaros The ScumBagsTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Eruo InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Okï the knights templarsTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Arildin Hellenic HordeTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Fearlessheal AntipathyTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Fáctum  Twisting Nether-EU237Not updated
74Matafaka TEMPLARS of DESTRUCTIONTwisting Nether-EU237Not updated
83Glaçius Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU236Not updated
83Rexxgrim OriginTwisting Nether-EU236Not updated

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