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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twilight's Hammer-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Salamance Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU255Not updated
2Herrig Outland AsylumTwilight's Hammer-EU253Not updated
3Niamee SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU252Not updated
4Shew Team KickassTwilight's Hammer-EU251Not updated
5Fedemormor ArbetslösTwilight's Hammer-EU244Not updated
6Obito Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU242Not updated
7Irinna Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU241Not updated
8Damastria Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU239Not updated
8Nuugar Divided We FallTwilight's Hammer-EU239Not updated
8Naturalpower GenesisTwilight's Hammer-EU239Not updated
11Aïslyn ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU237Not updated
12Windle Mustalainen MCTwilight's Hammer-EU234Not updated
12Tuskgarr SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU234Not updated
14Rawkstrider MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU233Not updated
15Sjugé Intortus SomniaTwilight's Hammer-EU231Not updated
15Ziwax Cursed GuardiansTwilight's Hammer-EU231Not updated
17Vereesä DepravedTwilight's Hammer-EU230Not updated
18Pistachios Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU229Not updated
19Solensi gank and ill get my mainTwilight's Hammer-EU228Not updated
19Ballines We Have Varians WifeTwilight's Hammer-EU228Not updated
19Madalynne Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU228Not updated
22Jout Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU227Not updated
23Swiftshroud SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU226Not updated
23Khesanna Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU226Not updated
25Bütcher OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU225Not updated
25Szalona NIETYKALNITwilight's Hammer-EU225Not updated
27Luphunt  Twilight's Hammer-EU224Not updated
27Emilianna Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU224Not updated
29Splifmiester Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU223Not updated
29Cis No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU223Not updated
29Rwaished FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU223Not updated
29Eawing No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU223Not updated
33Amarul MelvinsTwilight's Hammer-EU222Not updated
33Custardx No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU222Not updated
35Syanna Rise of DawnTwilight's Hammer-EU221Not updated
35Natash The Spectral TigerTwilight's Hammer-EU221Not updated
37Justbeiber The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU220Not updated
37Dastigo AwakeningTwilight's Hammer-EU220Not updated
37Glokta SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU220Not updated
40Pour The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU219Not updated
40Bloodrien  Twilight's Hammer-EU219Not updated
42Trolliaris InfernumTwilight's Hammer-EU218Not updated
42Cuthulu SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU218Not updated
42Rhay No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU218Not updated
45Quantumleapr AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU217Not updated
45Xbig MalpracticeTwilight's Hammer-EU217Not updated
45Aramoro Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU217Not updated
45Barbatoylos Crazy WatersTwilight's Hammer-EU217Not updated
45Powermilk No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU217Not updated
50Mtw Dark TearsTwilight's Hammer-EU216Not updated
50Scarpa ALTSRUSTwilight's Hammer-EU216Not updated
52Nimor Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
52Palzór Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
52Shimrra NeverÐiezTwilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
52Buuney No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
52Ghrim uMaDTwilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
52Laskuvarjo  Twilight's Hammer-EU215Not updated
58Nirë MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU214Not updated
58Koprogatos Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU214Not updated
58Asida Project XTwilight's Hammer-EU214Not updated
58Babløg Danish ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU214Not updated
62Monoroth SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Principle ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Metaldaze Cylon RulesTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Kazehiro Azure LuminumTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Wratch AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Tedschmosby uMaDTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
62Sostratos Cause We CanTwilight's Hammer-EU213Not updated
69Yunå Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Scíon The MyrmidonesTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Zómby OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Zuos Team BloodLustTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Rathy  Twilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Amaethorn NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
69Mybabyy brothers of the hordeTwilight's Hammer-EU212Not updated
76Deisdaimona Azure LuminumTwilight's Hammer-EU211Not updated
76Czarina NeedjaZTwilight's Hammer-EU211Not updated
76Sacredhorn FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU211Not updated
76Hildaheick Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU211Not updated
80Heligahanden FörbannadTwilight's Hammer-EU210Not updated
80Blythe Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU210Not updated
80Socordia DepravedTwilight's Hammer-EU210Not updated
83Infernô  Twilight's Hammer-EU209Not updated
83Izigame  Twilight's Hammer-EU209Not updated
83Fanten Durotar HardcoreTwilight's Hammer-EU209Not updated
83Fooladin  Twilight's Hammer-EU209Not updated
87Smrdex Crazy CroatsTwilight's Hammer-EU208Not updated

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