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Turalyon-US Faction Only Mounts
1Nexsa UnprovokedTuralyon-US268
2Distortia  Turalyon-US263
3Hulawk UnprovokedTuralyon-US262
3Noudle UnprovokedTuralyon-US262
3Sapstun UnprovokedTuralyon-US262
3Shanaw UnprovokedTuralyon-US262
7Oximor UnprovokedTuralyon-US257
8Nouta  Turalyon-US251Not updated
9Grayson FusionTuralyon-US246
9Anakinra ÀbsolutionTuralyon-US246Not updated
11Thecheat MelioraTuralyon-US244
12Labyrinthe Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US241Not updated
13Kerathos Relinquished LifeTuralyon-US240
14Luzifer Fat Dragons Cant FlyTuralyon-US239Not updated
15Theolis The Beard of ZeusTuralyon-US238
16Kayliah SupermassiveTuralyon-US237
17Unicrøn Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US236
17Raspathe The Mortal GuardiansTuralyon-US236Not updated
17Roheryn Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US236Not updated
20Pizzr BurialTuralyon-US235
20Zyzilla The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US235
22Curves only the gnomelyTuralyon-US234
22Kns SupermassiveTuralyon-US234
22Pudge Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US234Not updated
25Dulcet FusionTuralyon-US233
26Munkbob Forbidden LegionTuralyon-US232Not updated
26Besame A Life CorruptTuralyon-US232Not updated
28Nepally Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US231
29Jushi Higher EvolutionTuralyon-US230
30Fincayra In the MountainsTuralyon-US229
30Weathernight Death of EverybodyTuralyon-US229
30Recyclabull CriticalMassTuralyon-US229Not updated
30Plunkett CriticalMassTuralyon-US229Not updated
30Pizzy  Turalyon-US229Not updated
35Idari Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US228
36Duration BurialTuralyon-US227
36Báltházár Bad InfluenceTuralyon-US227
36Wylord Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US227
39Noxa InsidiousTuralyon-US226
39Mutedsilence UnprovokedTuralyon-US226
39Shaydee Blood of VengeanceTuralyon-US226
39Drocon LochModanYachtClubTuralyon-US226
39Aphex MassacreTuralyon-US226
39Summa RampageTuralyon-US226
45Azados Bench SquadTuralyon-US225
45Tuesdays SWCTuralyon-US225
45Saevia FusionTuralyon-US225
45Shelladra LochModanYachtClubTuralyon-US225
49Ggrinderr AeonTuralyon-US224
49Blazeitup Bitterness and PainTuralyon-US224Not updated
49Thuggiê Ex Cinis CinerisTuralyon-US224
49Murlocsr Silvermoon MafiaTuralyon-US224Not updated
49Grinderr AeonTuralyon-US224Not updated
54Girado SupermassiveTuralyon-US223
55Decessusdeus InsidiousTuralyon-US222
55Illforok The Casual KnightsTuralyon-US222
55Piz Death Not DishonorTuralyon-US222
55Réllikk Death of EverybodyTuralyon-US222Not updated
59Jasonbouurne Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US221
59Grrinder AeonTuralyon-US221Not updated
61Voltshot PortalTuralyon-US220
61Tsukuyomiz NeolutumTuralyon-US220
61Ironsaint DaybreakTuralyon-US220
61Píck The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US220
61Rolán  Turalyon-US220Not updated
61Empath Slash WinTuralyon-US220
61Jacques RampageTuralyon-US220
61Getsúga  Turalyon-US220Not updated
61Chillmon Euphoric MadnessTuralyon-US220
61Lockpiz  Turalyon-US220Not updated
71Sodomight DaybreakTuralyon-US219
71Silversage Lavatory LovemachineTuralyon-US219
71Loosekanon  Turalyon-US219
74Taliya ImpetusTuralyon-US218
74Kilika  Turalyon-US218Not updated
74Sareenya BeyondTuralyon-US218Not updated
74Dkpiz  Turalyon-US218Not updated
78Jimmyvrr The ESPADASTuralyon-US217
78Oxnot CrowTuralyon-US217
78Jenroz  Turalyon-US217Not updated
78Lancerot  Turalyon-US217Not updated
78Jixxie RampageTuralyon-US217

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