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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Faction Only Mounts
1Tigerlady  Tichondrius-US280Not updated
2Spinalreaper Death AngelsTichondrius-US277Not updated
3Bodofraggins  Tichondrius-US271Not updated
4Nightsongz C NTichondrius-US269Not updated
5Babyhealz Forced EntryTichondrius-US267Not updated
6Kolodion  Tichondrius-US265Not updated
7Aspirix CadenzaTichondrius-US263Not updated
7Kdog InsomniaTichondrius-US263Not updated
7Bowbforhoes Forced EntryTichondrius-US263Not updated
10Funjei Kronic ForceTichondrius-US262Not updated
10Halfassin StunningTichondrius-US262Not updated
12Dungbeetle InsomniaTichondrius-US259Not updated
12Neddy Endgame TheoryTichondrius-US259Not updated
14Zapdos  Tichondrius-US257Not updated
14Nedstradamus Endgame TheoryTichondrius-US257Not updated
14Tomorrow EvolutionTichondrius-US257Not updated
14Phydra  Tichondrius-US257Not updated
18Neile  Tichondrius-US255Not updated
19Happybunny HarmoniumTichondrius-US254Not updated
20Hewty  Tichondrius-US253Not updated
20Niilo TopTichondrius-US253Not updated
22Rainbowmezx SmilesTichondrius-US252Not updated
23Haul Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US251Not updated
24Agwyne CadenzaTichondrius-US250Not updated
24Sense NurfedTichondrius-US250Not updated
24Nocturnol SlackTichondrius-US250Not updated
27Elyerìth SlackTichondrius-US249Not updated
28Spatular ProfaneTichondrius-US248Not updated
28Discopapa Eminent ElitistTichondrius-US248Not updated
30Stikkman BadaclysmTichondrius-US246Not updated
31Superpudd RBG HEROTichondrius-US244Not updated
31Privs The AftermáthTichondrius-US244Not updated
31Nídalee  Tichondrius-US244Not updated
34Tob NurfedTichondrius-US243Not updated
34Stickystan In The CloudsTichondrius-US243Not updated
34Thuglifé A S Y L U MTichondrius-US243Not updated
34Doryfish The IncrediblesTichondrius-US243Not updated
38Hexadus Big TimeTichondrius-US242Not updated
38Him  Tichondrius-US242Not updated
38Gohzthunder Gohzt LegionTichondrius-US242Not updated
38Jaxxitz Pants OptionalTichondrius-US242Not updated
42Mappr NurfedTichondrius-US241Not updated
42Omnya FoundationTichondrius-US241Not updated
44Artnouveaux Wolf PackTichondrius-US238Not updated
44Kawaii  Tichondrius-US238Not updated
44Spacekittens fight me irlTichondrius-US238Not updated
47Cecon Monkey ClustersTichondrius-US237Not updated
47Kizmysexiass  Tichondrius-US237Not updated
49Rusp youre momTichondrius-US235Not updated
49Aevd NurfedTichondrius-US235Not updated
51Proxy  Tichondrius-US234Not updated
51Clamshells  Tichondrius-US234Not updated
53Isaî THE LAWTichondrius-US233Not updated
53Daydreamerr AJTichondrius-US233Not updated
53Tyrosa cutebabyelephantsTichondrius-US233Not updated
53Betaverse Lord Xerxus and the BadsTichondrius-US233Not updated
53Ekel The Muffin KrewTichondrius-US233Not updated
53Atramp NocturnalTichondrius-US233Not updated
59Bawl EvolutionTichondrius-US232Not updated
59Sapmasterx Silverwing SentinelsTichondrius-US232Not updated
59Tränsfer  Tichondrius-US232Not updated
62Pelenthius NurfedTichondrius-US231Not updated
62Kazmar ProfaneTichondrius-US231Not updated
62Starfish World of GirlcraftTichondrius-US231Not updated
62Phobolsaa ProfaneTichondrius-US231Not updated
62Sneasel cute asian girlsTichondrius-US231Not updated
62Southkoreá  Tichondrius-US231Not updated
62Chauxxchau CarnifexTichondrius-US231Not updated
69Bearverse Lord Xerxus and the BadsTichondrius-US230Not updated
70Slygar InsomniaTichondrius-US229Not updated
70Xenostorm ParallaxTichondrius-US229Not updated
70Demotron  Tichondrius-US229Not updated
73Roliko Evil LegendTichondrius-US228Not updated
73Warfuzed Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US228Not updated
73Plop The NerdslayerTichondrius-US228Not updated
73Slowbro  Tichondrius-US228Not updated
77Aus NurfedTichondrius-US227Not updated
77Seifre Should of Pulled OutTichondrius-US227Not updated
77Holýców The VindictiveTichondrius-US227Not updated
77Izanámi NurfedTichondrius-US227Not updated
77Praypal  Tichondrius-US227Not updated
77Ishield DestroyedTichondrius-US227Not updated
83Chooky DamnataTichondrius-US226Not updated
83Sciençe  Tichondrius-US226Not updated
83Ivainel Fox HoundTichondrius-US226Not updated
83Rage Most dominant everTichondrius-US226Not updated
87Boodizzle Ariana GrandeTichondrius-US225Not updated
87Alphaverse Lord Xerxus and the BadsTichondrius-US225Not updated
87Breath Tough BusinessTichondrius-US225Not updated
87Djtoilet Up in SmokeTichondrius-US225Not updated
87Comatos  Tichondrius-US225Not updated
92Minroten AcuityTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Xerta SonghammerTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Malvenia bang bang expressTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Waraholic ThreatTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Amorfirion Up in SmokeTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Diabetesx Not Amazing Just KoreanTichondrius-US224Not updated
92Gooddrick DiscreteTichondrius-US224Not updated
99Hâvøk Gingers Do Have SoulsTichondrius-US223Not updated
99Wolfsoria  Tichondrius-US223Not updated

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