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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-US Faction Only Mounts
1Xita DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US255Not updated
2Repossess CamelotThunderhorn-US249Not updated
3Diaemus ReverentThunderhorn-US239Not updated
4Worglock Credo NosThunderhorn-US238Not updated
5Zaristu RespectThunderhorn-US236Not updated
6Wickedbert  Thunderhorn-US235Not updated
7Psiserrat ZenThunderhorn-US233Not updated
7Sevan Two Minute WarningThunderhorn-US233Not updated
9Neotoldir VIIThunderhorn-US230Not updated
9Kitomo ResetThunderhorn-US230Not updated
11Kuraeus  Thunderhorn-US229Not updated
12Fritzzy The Squirrel SquadronThunderhorn-US228Not updated
13Vaulder Knights of the BlackroseThunderhorn-US227Not updated
13Agger  Thunderhorn-US227Not updated
15Doxon CamelotThunderhorn-US225Not updated
15Savras Knights of the BlackroseThunderhorn-US225Not updated
15Mctaggart Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US225Not updated
15Fightsalone Crimson Blade ClanThunderhorn-US225Not updated
15Downwbrown The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US225Not updated
15Fluffee LethalThunderhorn-US225Not updated
21Browndeath The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US223Not updated
21Brownnoheals The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US223Not updated
21Whoflungpoö The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US223Not updated
24Grahroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US222Not updated
24Lockroller  Thunderhorn-US222Not updated
26Waffletime ZenThunderhorn-US221Not updated
26Burros DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US221Not updated
26Deathroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US221Not updated
26Ihavefleas The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US221Not updated
30Rollerbank The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US220Not updated
30Itsamemarioo The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US220Not updated
30Steämroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US220Not updated
33Cuvs CamelotThunderhorn-US219Not updated
33Dlbblitz PrototypeThunderhorn-US219Not updated
33Renaroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US219Not updated
36Shockagh FAILMODEThunderhorn-US218Not updated
37Malruil Silverleaf CouncilThunderhorn-US217Not updated
37Browniè The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US217Not updated
37Nothernsleen  Thunderhorn-US217Not updated
37Grimoy CamelotThunderhorn-US217Not updated
37Branwenn WoW Meeting StoneThunderhorn-US217Not updated
37Shamesbrown The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US217Not updated
43Minori Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US216Not updated
44Shadøwbeam RespectThunderhorn-US215Not updated
45Chickensauce LethalThunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Søth Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Protopopov RespectThunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Januel Heroes of LoreThunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Sandtiger Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Åzeroth  Thunderhorn-US214Not updated
45Raithos  Thunderhorn-US214Not updated
52Blindspotwlk Metal MilitiaThunderhorn-US213Not updated
52Sashays LethalThunderhorn-US213Not updated
52Aetreus LethalThunderhorn-US213Not updated
55Kelstath Blood of the ExiledThunderhorn-US212Not updated
55Omorc ReverentThunderhorn-US212Not updated
55Asmoline World FuneralThunderhorn-US212Not updated
55Antiroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US212Not updated
55Palaroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US212Not updated
55Chakram Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US212Not updated
61Vyyndrria Metal MilitiaThunderhorn-US211Not updated
61Canorunhil CamelotThunderhorn-US211Not updated
63Rollinroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US210Not updated
63Stårk The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US210Not updated
63Jessí SabotageThunderhorn-US210Not updated
66Sillon LethalThunderhorn-US209Not updated
66Sellene Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US209Not updated
66Paintchips ReverentThunderhorn-US209Not updated
69Wesdiaz Lights OutThunderhorn-US208Not updated
69Belleboyd DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US208Not updated
69Kandi SabotageThunderhorn-US208Not updated
69Twiiz ResoluteThunderhorn-US208Not updated
69Lucitiana ReverentThunderhorn-US208Not updated
74Kossuth Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US207Not updated
75Våria ReverentThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Varia ReverentThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Typhoidmari TwitchThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Fizzledrith The StormcrowsThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Mortadella Neo AmethystThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Saya Dies IraeThunderhorn-US206Not updated
75Fizfire  Thunderhorn-US206Not updated
82Brenoo DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US205Not updated
82Lynxe ReverentThunderhorn-US205Not updated
82Obestun Valhalla DoormenThunderhorn-US205Not updated
82Bacardii  Thunderhorn-US205Not updated
82Tehssa Narrow PathThunderhorn-US205Not updated
82Rurapenthe RespectThunderhorn-US205Not updated
88Happychick Dies IraeThunderhorn-US204Not updated
88Desden Dies IraeThunderhorn-US204Not updated
88Belista Dies IraeThunderhorn-US204Not updated
88Vercina FAILMODEThunderhorn-US204Not updated
88Camorc Dies IraeThunderhorn-US204Not updated
93Yarlock The Nights WatchThunderhorn-US203Not updated
93Asmodel Narrow PathThunderhorn-US203Not updated
93Stefania Narrow PathThunderhorn-US203Not updated

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