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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Mackezie  Thunderhorn-EU247Not updated
1Jobbeh GreatHordeThunderhorn-EU247Not updated
3Cursetouch Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU244Not updated
4Mimose VindicationThunderhorn-EU241Not updated
5Skeeva Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU240Not updated
5Ryan RevexiaThunderhorn-EU240Not updated
7Horymír FantasyThunderhorn-EU239Not updated
8Sasmina Bring Back KillquestsThunderhorn-EU238Not updated
9Jozi FantasyThunderhorn-EU235Not updated
10Bbqboss CorruptionsThunderhorn-EU234Not updated
11Dossina AmbienceThunderhorn-EU233Not updated
12Linocka FantasyThunderhorn-EU232Not updated
12Prepadák Fellowship of the DingThunderhorn-EU232Not updated
14Zetup EpitomeThunderhorn-EU231Not updated
14Nollo Highland WarriorsThunderhorn-EU231Not updated
16Rivermaster FantasyThunderhorn-EU230Not updated
17Kovona Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU229Not updated
17Wydla FantasyThunderhorn-EU229Not updated
19Puubox Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU228Not updated
20Heartwarmer Fallen AngelsThunderhorn-EU227Not updated
20Onegs The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU227Not updated
22Shema Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU226Not updated
22Kllen The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU226Not updated
22Artmoon Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU226Not updated
22Goldmoon The Holy WarriorsThunderhorn-EU226Not updated
26Vixi IridescenceThunderhorn-EU225Not updated
26Theniight Supra Societatem NemoThunderhorn-EU225Not updated
26Kamí Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU225Not updated
26Zhmowy AmbienceThunderhorn-EU225Not updated
26Ozap Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU225Not updated
31Hiphophunter  Thunderhorn-EU224Not updated
31Hebora Danish TrumpstarsThunderhorn-EU224Not updated
31Tirias FantasyThunderhorn-EU224Not updated
34Durbaja Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU223Not updated
35Tjänstefel  Thunderhorn-EU222Not updated
35Mongas The Elite GuardThunderhorn-EU222Not updated
35Askalin Pro KillersThunderhorn-EU222Not updated
38Mageofdavodo  Thunderhorn-EU221Not updated
39Crushx Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU220Not updated
39Nemuka Silk n SteelThunderhorn-EU220Not updated
39Talrasja The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU220Not updated
39Finex The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU220Not updated
39Hebore Danish TrumpstarsThunderhorn-EU220Not updated
44Kofii IridescenceThunderhorn-EU219Not updated
44Mouka Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU219Not updated
44Orihimeinóue Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU219Not updated
44Sylvi TeamworkDKThunderhorn-EU219Not updated
48Flopen We all love FlopThunderhorn-EU218Not updated
48Gdekdo Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU218Not updated
48Icylock RevelationsThunderhorn-EU218Not updated
48Hërö  Thunderhorn-EU218Not updated
52Buclik ChrochtThunderhorn-EU217Not updated
52Atakdale World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU217Not updated
52Vracas FantasyThunderhorn-EU217Not updated
55Kujja Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU216Not updated
55Ðevil TuomaritThunderhorn-EU216Not updated
55Ensabahnur NemesisThunderhorn-EU216Not updated
55Hotshots The Orgrimmar MassiveThunderhorn-EU216Not updated
59Choseell World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU215Not updated
59Gromero Banana RevolutionThunderhorn-EU215Not updated
61Durandalas WolfGrowls CompanyThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
61Monisek World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
61Leaa Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
61Sehnik The HavenThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
61Fedora The Lost SoulsThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
61Trínia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU214Not updated
67Leella World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Lucumo FantasyThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Akcope Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Phecter Lucky LosersThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Deathwang Non Stop DiscoThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Monclaire Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Phobos The Nab PoliceThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Hoptam Endless AgonyThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Robík Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Retbull CorruptionsThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
67Simia IridescenceThunderhorn-EU213Not updated
78Ewan Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Esorimr World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Aistan Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Dromesis ChrochtThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Lilioo FantasyThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Eastman Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Sangoma WolfGrowls CompanyThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Stormhorn ChrochtThunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Enrich  Thunderhorn-EU212Not updated
78Depreciation  Thunderhorn-EU212Not updated
88Fejlfyrre Eye of the PantherThunderhorn-EU211Not updated
88Marysiue Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU211Not updated
88Uhluhtc Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU211Not updated

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