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Terenas-US Faction Only Mounts
1Akiihisa The UnresolvedTerenas-US278
2Orphic LegendTerenas-US262
3Giggitee VortexTerenas-US261
4Xol LegendTerenas-US252
5Janeway LegendTerenas-US250
5Tipz LegendTerenas-US250
7Biopsy Giddy Up And GoTerenas-US247Not updated
8Faeliana  Terenas-US241
9Justtrollin Warlords of DraenorTerenas-US239Not updated
10Menghuo Warlords of DraenorTerenas-US231Not updated
11Moomilk SkyShatterTerenas-US230
12Lunuria VortexTerenas-US228
13Archaon Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US220
14Belmaris Opera non VerbaTerenas-US219
14Lysi Gnome RavagersTerenas-US219
14Yourwöwisfat Crimson RetributionTerenas-US219
14Osh  Terenas-US219Not updated
18Grenmoor Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US217
18Holyjoe Opera non VerbaTerenas-US217
20Badeaux The UnresolvedTerenas-US215
21Rana VortexTerenas-US214
22Crowan The UnresolvedTerenas-US212
23Línk Praeco UmbraTerenas-US211Not updated
24Shamizan Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US209
25Chuutriit Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US208
25Balst Opera non VerbaTerenas-US208
27Orlandeau SkyShatterTerenas-US207
27Etgnomehome Gladius de DeusTerenas-US207
27Darthillex Gladius de DeusTerenas-US207
27Milkthisbull Thírd ÐegreeTerenas-US207
27Gráyskull The UnresolvedTerenas-US207
32Whaleshark Dire LegionTerenas-US206Not updated
32Gobligamishi HordestarzTerenas-US206Not updated
34Graywulfe  Terenas-US205Not updated
35Alloevera Gnome RavagersTerenas-US204Not updated
36Anarchei Upside DownTerenas-US203
36Bubblebobble ResurgenceTerenas-US203
36Phaewyn Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US203
36Murathis Opera non VerbaTerenas-US203Not updated
40Cuddlepuddle Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US201
40Porscheman SkyShatterTerenas-US201
40Lucidian  Terenas-US201
40Phorm On FireTerenas-US201Not updated
40Toguk  Terenas-US201
40Casidy Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US201
40Wyatteyrp Crooked XTerenas-US201Not updated
40Larå Upside DownTerenas-US201Not updated
48Magikjohnson Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US200
48Fireboy DarkWatchers LegionTerenas-US200Not updated
50Pwnydanza Eternal KeggersTerenas-US197
51Novere The UnresolvedTerenas-US196
51Odinthor Celestial UprisingTerenas-US196
51Ravensun Eternal KeggersTerenas-US196Not updated
54Lithiuma AscendantsTerenas-US195
55Bluewarblade The Killing DanceTerenas-US194
55Sedation  Terenas-US194Not updated
55Bowniee bowsmineTerenas-US194Not updated
55Cynnaminn  Terenas-US194Not updated
59Nimur Politically IncorrectTerenas-US193
59Kamia Thats How We RollTerenas-US193Not updated
59Bagobeast Eternal KeggersTerenas-US193
62Dendron The UnresolvedTerenas-US192
62Marxis Talon of the PhoenixTerenas-US192Not updated
62Udderdemise Giddy Up And GoTerenas-US192Not updated
65Silverswift Lights RaidersTerenas-US191
66Mellicious Crimson RetributionTerenas-US190
66Shadowmane BlasphemyTerenas-US190
66Vraisang Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US190
69Missmarsha No Gold For YouTerenas-US189
69Elaenyn By Warchiefs CommandTerenas-US189
69Larna BlasphemyTerenas-US189
69Roblocky CrewTerenas-US189Not updated
69Cd  Terenas-US189Not updated
74Mathisda LegendTerenas-US188
74Ardelia Sacred FaithTerenas-US188Not updated
76Roto The UnresolvedTerenas-US187
76Nehorai HavinFunTerenas-US187
76Navee BAND OF THE HAWKSTerenas-US187Not updated
76Ghorr Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US187

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